Volume (Issue) 2 (1), December 1998
  1. The acylation kinetics of polystyrene with acetic anhydride 1-12 H. Kara, Y. Çengeloğlu, R. Kurbanlı, M. Ersöz, A. Ayar
  2. Stoichiometry in chemistry education 13-16 İ. Ceyhun, Z. Karagölge, H. Saraç
  3. Liquids from olive husk by using supercritical fluid extraction and thermochemical methods 17-22 F. Akdeniz, M. M. Küçük, A. Demirbaş
  4. Teaching practical chemical kinetics of pyrolysis reactions 23-28 A. Demirbaş
  5. Energy education: Energy concepts and risks of alternative energy resources in Turkey 29-42 A. Demirbaş
  6. Experimental and theoretical investigation of combined solar heat pumpsystem for residential heating in Turkey 43-61 T. Ayhan, K. Kaygusuz