Volume (Issue) 2 (2), March 1999
  1. Supercritical fluid extraction of biomass 62-67 M. M. Küçük, M. Tunç
  2. Fatty acids from erythrocyte membranes of man with and without margarine 69-75 N. Yılmaz, E. Keha, M. Aktaş, A. Demirbaş
  3. Calculation of compressive strengths of concrete from cement with admixture 77-80 A. Demirbaş, N. Yazıcı, A. Şahin
  4. Recovery of boric acid from boronic wastes 83-89 A. Demirbaş
  5. Phospholipids from erythrocyte membranes of margarine users and non-users 91-96 M. Aktaş, E. Keha, N. Yılmaz, A. Demirbaş
  6. Dissolution kinetics of phosphate from calcinated bone in hydrochloric acid solutions 99-106 A. Demirbaş
  7. Supercritical fluid extraction of phenolic acids in snowdrop 107-112 A. Demirbaş, M. Tüzen, M. Özdemir