Volume (Issue) 3 (1), June 1999
  1. A semi-empirical kinetic model for dissolution of ulexite in aqueous acetic acid solutions 1-10 M. Tunç, M. M. Kocakerim, A. Gür, A. Yartaşı
  2. A direct route to the calculation of heating values of alkanes, alcohols and oils by density measurements 11-17 A. Demirbaş, E. Güllü, D. Güllü, N. Yazıcı
  3. Nonlinear finite element buckling analysis of laminated reinforced concrete plates with holes 19-31 M. Elmas, H. Kasak, M. F. Altan
  4. Dissolution of ulexite in sulfuric acid solutions for high solid-to-liquid ratios 32-41 M. Tunç, A. Gür, M. M. Kocakerim, A. Yartaşı
  5. An optimization example for electricity production from geothermal sources by using double stage system 42-47 A. Murathan, A. Alıcılar, İ. Ar
  6. Utilization of industrial boron wastes in cement production for the stabilization 48-54 R. Boncukçuoğlu, M. M. Kocakerim, V. Tosunoğlu