Volume (Issue) 6 (2), March 2001
  1. Membrane potentials of polysulfone cation and anion exchange membranes 47-56 M. Ersöz, A. S. Maverdeler
  2. Hydrogen from solid waste materials 57-66 A. Çağlar
  3. Diffusion dialysis of acids through anion-exchange membranes 67-75 İ. H. Gügül, A. Şahin, M. Koyuncu, M. Ersöz
  4. Fractionation of coal extracts obtained from supercritical gas extraction 77-83 Z. Yazıcıgil, H. Kara
  5. Determination of stability constants of citrate complexes with divalent metal ions (M2+ = Mg, Ca, Ni, Cu and Zn) in aqueous soluttions 85-103 H. Sarı