Volume (Issue) 7 (2), September 2001
  1. Effect of physical and chemical refining methods of sunflower oil on the amounts of some metals 45-51 M. Alpaslan, Ş. Irmak, Ş. Kurultay
  2. Thermal oxidation stability of mixed and interesterified oils at high temperature 53-58 M. Alpaslan, L. İnanç, M. Demirci
  3. Chemistry teaching in Turkey 59-65 A. Ayas, H. Özmen, H. Genç Levels of trace elements in the fruiting bodies of mushrooms growing in the East Black Sea region 67-81 A. Demirbaş
  4. Stratification of two-phase flow in a horizontal pipe system 83-97 S. Karslı, M. Yılmaz, Ö. Çomaklı
  5. Volatile oil constituents of Vitex agnus-castus 99-103 A. Sarı, E. Kocabaş, M. Özcan