Volume (Issue) 9 (1&2), June-September 2002
  1. Comparison of mass transfer rates at rotating helical platinum and gold electrodes 1-7 İ. Ceyhun, Z. Karagölge, H. Saraç
  2. Application of linear programming to particleboard industry 9-15 Selman Karayılmazlar
  3. Occuring of humic substances in aquatic environments and effects on humans 17-27 Ensar Oğuz
  4. Effects of experimental media chemistry on SO2 inhibition of the decomposer fungi 29-42 Şükrü Dursun
  5. Chemical education in Turkey 43-52 M. M. Küçük
  6. The effect of content sequence on students’ achievement in an undergraduate chemistry course 53-58 A. Ayas, T. Y. Şahin, B. Hazer
  7. Pareto Analysis in sales forecasting techniques: A case study 59-68 S. Karayılmazlar
  8. Similarities and differences in electricity and light concepts: Convenient Dimensions Theory 69-74 A. Demirbaş
  9. Combined heat and mass transfer by natural convection at vertical cylinder electrodes 75-85 Ö. Korkut
  10. Research on several physico-mechanical properties of blast furnace slag aggregate concrete 87-94 R. Demirboğa, R. Gül
  11. Experimental investigations of necessary amount of lateral movement for creating active states in sand 95-103 Ö. Tan, B. A. Uzuner