Volume (Issue) 10 (1&2), December-March 2002-2003
  1. Effect of clay content on permeability in granular soil 1-10 S. Akbulut
  2. A mathematical model for elastic strain of high density polyethylene (hdpe) modified asphalt concrete 11-18 S. Hınıslıoğlu, E. Ağar
  3. The Necessity of biomass energy for Turkish economy 19-26 Y. Sürmen
  4. Temperature concept and determination of the temperature at which pressure of gases was zero 27-32 İ. Ceyhun
  5. The improvement of the lightweight aggregate properties with admixture and gradation 33-40 D. Sarı, M. F. Altan
  6. Effects of natural zeolite and fly ash as replacement materials on the properties of Portland cement 41-48 F. Canpolat, K. Yılmaz, M. M. Köse
  7. Adaptation of the readability formulas into the Turkish science textbooks 49-58 S. Çepni, M. Gökdere, M. Küçük
  8. Teaching of the concept of chemical kinetics 59-64 İ. Ceyhun, H. Saraç, Z. Karagölge
  9. Teaching with instructional technology or maintaining the status quo: A qualitative analysis of Turkish preservice teachers’ experiences with instructional technology 65-72 A. Baki
  10. Photocatalytic degradation technology for pesticide elimination from aquatic media available 73-80 N. Balkaya Mole concept in problem solving 81-86 İ. Ceyhun, Z. Karagölge, H. Saraç
  11. Production and use of light weight concrete for economical houses with minimum heat loss and sound 87-90 H. Nohutcu, M. F. Altan, F. Canpolat, M. D. Tekin
  12. Impact of some parameters on the air quality of Erzurum urban center 91-99 F. S. Turalıoğlu, R. Boncukcuoğlu, M. M. Kocakerim, H. Bayraktar
  13. Liquid fuels from biomass and wastes 101-106 F. Akdeniz Gaseous products from solid wastes 107-110 A. Çağlar