Volume (Issue) 11 (1&2), June-September 2003
  1. Turkey’s renewable energy policy: A view to the future 1-6 N. Türedi
  2. The investigation of effect of chain transfer agent in polymerization reactors 7-18 G. Arın, S. Erdoğan
  3. Determination of electrical energy function with chemical components of the steel produced in the a.c. electric arc furnace 12-32 Ü. Çamdalı, M. Tunç
  4. Co-treatability of some industrial and domestic wastewaters by the activated-sludge method 33-43 A.Murathan, E.Yıldırım
  5. Calculation of electric field gradient at the nuclei of halogenic atoms and ions by using the binomial coefficients 45-50 A. Özmen, Y. Yakar, E. Akın, M. Ö. Sezer, A. Karakaş, H. Yüksel
  6. The study of limiting current densities of components in waste effluent of pickle solutions used in leather industry with anion exchange membranes 51-59 E. G. Akgemc, T. Atalay
  7. The calculation of one center coulomb integrals over noninteger–n Slater-type orbitals 61-66 Y. Yakar, M. Ö. Sezer, A. Özmen, H. Şafak, H. Yüksel
  8. Improving of shear strength of natural clay liners (NCLs) 67-74 E. Kalkan, S. Akbulut
  9. Improving of science education curriculum in the world and Turkey: A short view 75-79 O. Karamustafaoğlu, L. Cerrah, S. Sevim
  10. Synthesis and structures of binuclear and mononuclear Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes of 4,4'-bis(aminoisonitrosoacetyl)diphenylthioether derivatives 81-90 A. Coşkun, İ. Karataş
  11. Effects of mineral admixtures on the concrete durability 91-98 A. Demirbaş, R. Bakış