Volume (Issue) 13 (1&2), June-September 2004
  1. Recent advances in waste processing technologies for upgrading of synthetic fuels 1-12 A. Demirbas
  2. Model for fuel cell membrane resistance to proton flow 13-20 B.V. Babu, N. Nair
  3. Hydrogen from lignocellulosic biomass via thermochemical processes 21-30 Rosy Miranda
  4. Contents of detrimental metals mercury, cadmium and lead in wild growing edible mushrooms: a review 31-38 P. Kalač, L. Svoboda, B. Havlíčková
  5. Desulfurization of brown and black coals using sawdust ash 39-46 T. V. Ramachandra
  6. Hydrogen-rich gas production from biomass via thermochemical pathways 47-54 S. Arni Co-firing and fuel properties of coal and bio-waste blends 55-64 J. Liu
  7. Upgrading of biomass and solid wastes as fossil competitive alternative fuels 65-80 S. Bhatia Glycerol delignification of poplar wood chips in aqueous medium 81-88 Z. Adeeb
  8. An experimental investigation for gaseous products from sugarcane by fast pyrolysis 89-96 S. Arni
  9. Determination of trace metal concentrations in ashes from various biomass materials 97-104 K. Pastircakova