Volume (Issue) 15 (1&2), June-September 2005
  1. Studies on biodiesels from transformation of vegetable oils for diesel engines 1-45 B. K. Bala
  2. Evaluation studies of monoethanol amine additive to soda pulping of bagasse 47-58 Z. A. Nagieb, M. A. Nassar, M. El-Sakhawy
  3. Energy utilization and energy efficiency 59-70 S. Dursun
  4. Granular activated carbon from local row materials/surface area determination by adsorption from solution. Part I 71-78 A. B. Fadhil
  5. Activated carbon production from various biomass resources 79-87 A. B. Fadhil
  6. Design of an efficient static sunshade using small-scale modeling technique 89-101 R. V. Ralegaonkar, R. Gupta