Volume (Issue) 16 (1&2), December-March 2005-2006
  1. Granular activated carbon from local raw materials: Surface area determination by adsorption from solution. Part II 1-7 A. B. Fadhil, S. S. Abou, F. S. Saleh
  2. The effects of project-based learning applications on environmental awareness and knowledge 9-19 I. Morgil, S. Yavuz, O. O. Oskay
  3. Technology-assisted problem-based learning sample 21-29 O. O. Oskay, I. Morgil
  4. The role of exothermic and endothermic reactions in the pyrolysis of shrinking biomass particle 31-43 A. S. Chaurasia, B. D. Kulkarni
  5. Bio-diesel from vegetable oils via transesterification in supercritical ethanol 45-52 M. Balat
  6. Energy priorities and new energy strategies 53-109 Ayhan Demirbas