Volume (Issue) 18 (1&2), December-March 2006-2007
  1. System sizing for implementation of sustainable energy plan 1-15 M. K. Deshmukh, S. S. Deshmukh
  2. Infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis of chitosan and its derivatives 17-24 A. M. A. Nada, S. Kamel, E. S. Abd El-Sayed
  3. Preparation and utilization of amidoximated acrylic fiber (AAF) for wastewater treatment 25-36 A. Hashem, M. A. Senousi, H. A. Hussien, M. M. El-Hmmali, H. A. Maauof
  4. Equilibrium isotherm, kinetics and thermodynamic studies of Hg (II) onto amidoximated Alhagi residues 37-58 A. Hashem, M. M. Elhmmali, A. Ghith
  5. Production of biofuels from macroalgae and microalgae 50-65 Ayhan Demirbas
  6. Synthesis, characterization and application of cellulose maleate base on sawdust for Pb (II) removal from aqueous solution 67-83 A. Hashem, R. A. Akasha, D. M. Hussein and A. Ghith
  7. Utilization of some starch hydrogels for cationic dye removal: Equilibrium kinetics and mechanism 85-99 A.Hashem, R. A. Akasha, H. A. Hussein
  8. Solar energy potential assessment using GIS 101-114 T. V. Ramachandra