Volume (Issue) 21 (1&2), June-September 2008
  1. New liquid biofuels from vegetable oils via catalytic pyrolysis 1-59 A. Demirbas
  2. Optimization of bleaching of partially carboxymethylated linen fabric for subsequent dyeing 61-69 M. A. Ramadan, A. Higazy, A. Hebeish
  3. Epoxidation of sunflower oil with peroxoacetic acid in presence of ion exchange resin by various processes 71-82 M.T. Benaniba, N. Belhaneche-Bensemra, G. Gelbard
  4. Photo oxidation of rice starch I. Using hydrogen peroxide as a photo initiator 83-90 M. A. El-Sheikh, M. A. Ramadan, A. El-Shafie
  5. The effect of web-based worksheets usage on students’ academic success, logical thinking skills and attitudes towards chemistry in the teaching of redox topic within chemistry education 91-107 H. G. Seyhan, S. Temel, I. Morgil
  6. Hydrogen from gas hydrate and hydrogen sulfide in the Black Sea 108-115 B. Hacisalihoglu, A. H. Demirbas, S. Hacisalihoglu