An airport noise annoyance model and its application on BCIA 2375-2388 X. Feng, C. Zhang, M. Lu, B. Xu

Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research

2014  Volume (issues) 32(4): 2375-2388



An airport noise annoyance

model and its application on BCIA


Xia Feng1,2, Congying Zhang2,*, Min Lu1,2, Bingyu Xu2


1Civil Aviation University of China, College of Computer Science and Technology, Tianjin 300300, China

2Information Technology Research Base of CAAC, Tianjin 300300, China



Received: 09 Febuary 2014; accepted: 12 April 2014



Noise exposure arising from air traffic has become the main reason of confliction between airports and nearby communities in most major cities around the world. A reasonable noise annoyance model plays an important role in airport planning and designing, airport noise controlling, and urban planning. In this paper we present a study on a model related to noise annoyance caused by aircrafts. The model is based on fuzzy logic and could be considered as a function of noise level, noise occurring period of day, and noise impact zones. It can describe the noise annoyance caused by aircrafts in a quantitative, visual way, and the crisp value can be more convenient for people to understand. In some way, it provides theoretical support for optimizing aircraft trajectories minimizing population annoyance, and suggests an avenue for further research. With the noise data provided by Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), this paper also evaluates the noise annoyance of 13 monitoring sites.


Keywords: Noise annoyance; Airport noise; Annoyance model; Fuzzy logic