Study on the safety criterion to analyze the deep slope with blasting vibration 2307-2312 Q. Li, L. Qiao, G. Dasgupta, Y. Li

Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research

2014  Volume (issues) 32(4): 2307-2312



Study on the safety criterion to analyze

the deep slope with blasting vibration


Qingwen Li1, Lan Qiao1,*, Gautam Dasgupta2, Yuan Li1


1State Key laboratory of High-Efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Ministry of Education, 10083, Beijing, China

2Columbia University in the city of New York, 10027, The Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, New York, USA


Received: 07 Febuary 2014; accepted: 10 April 2014



    The blasting excavation is the main method of the open pit mining, the height of slope increased continually to lead the stability become hard to predict and control. Also, the slope stability can be impacted by adverse effects in blasting. So, it is an urgent problem to analyze the slope stability under the blasting accurately. In this paper, based on the analysis of the blasting pressure change, the blast hole volume expansion, the fracture development and the gas motion, an accurate mathematical dynamic loading model was built. At last, a 3D model in finite element software FLAC3D accepted the constitutive parameters, to predict the velocity curves for calculating safety criterion formulas of horizontal direction and vertical direction, to analyze the slope stability, after verifying well with the in-stiu monitoring data.


Keywords: Slope stability; Blast loading; Numerical simulation; Safety criterion