Evaluation experiments on gas reservoir water-blocking damage in Ke-Yi structural belt 2197-2202 M. Zhang, T. Li, L. Tang

Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research

2014  Volume (issues) 32(4): 2197-2202



 Evaluation experiments on

 gas reservoir water-blocking

damage in Ke-Yi structural belt


Ming Zhang1,2,*, Tiantai Li2, Liping Tang3


1China University of Petroleum, College of Petroleum Engineering, Beijing 102249, China

2Xi’an Shiyou University, College of Petroleum Engineering, Xi’an 710065, China

3CCDC Drilling &Production Engineering Technology Research Institute, Xi’an 710018, China



Received: 02 Febuary 2014; accepted: 05 April 2014



    In gas development process, condensed water, formation water, especially drilling fluid, fracturing fluid and acidizing fluid will cause water-blocking, thereby seriously affecting the permeability of low- permeability reservoirs. Testing indicates that there is a more serious water-blocking problem in Ke-Yi belt, so water-blocking factor analysis and experiments are carried out, which show that there exists a negative relationship between damage degree and original water saturation, the smaller the displacement pressure gradient, the more serious water-blocking; reservoir damage caused by hydroscopicity of rock is determined by absorption depth. This paper put forward specific control measures and suggestions for water-blocking damage, providing a scientific basis for reservoir protection.


Keywords: Prediction Gas reservoir; Water-blocking; Damage; Protection; Ke-Yi structural belt