Policies and practices in education and training for students with disabilities 89-94 B. Y. Horasan

Energy Education Science and Technology Part B: Social and Educational Studies

2018 Volume (issues) 10(2): 89-94



Policies and practices in education and training for students with disabilities


Bilgehan Yabgu Horasan*


Selcuk University, Department of Environmental Protection Technologies, Konya, Turkey



Received: 18 November 2017; accepted: 26 January 2018



     The concept of disability is a concept that varies according to the person, even the situation. Disability is the inability of an individual to fulfill his or her role in society due to inadequacy of life, gender, social and cultural factors. People with disabilities, birth or later illnesses, social, managerial attitudes and preferences due to disabilities are restricted in many areas of life after the end of life. Some movements, senses or functions of the disabled person are restricted due to birth, injury or physical or mental discomfort. It is unavoidable to undertake the necessary work to minimize the adaptation of the disabled individuals. Also, disabled people should be socialized as much as possible so that they do not feel themselves isolated from society. Historically, the problem of disability has been tried to be overcome by the support of individuals and their families. There is an incredible complexity of disabilities for students with special needs in education. In global education, disability education has a different place. For disabled children, many of whom are disabled, the disabled inclination is given priority and the enrollment of these children is guaranteed. Many methods of teaching disabled people are used as teaching methods. However, when choosing the appropriate method for teaching skills, the disability of the disabled person must be considered. The classroom in which the students with orthopedic disabilities are located should be in a place where as far as possible the entrance floor and the places in the classroom are close to the door and they can easily get in and out. For students with disabilities, it is necessary to ramp on stairs or door thresholds in very needful situations.


Keywords: Disability; Education; Training; Disability education