Advantages and disadvantages of technology in education 95-100 A. Acar

Energy Education Science and Technology Part B: Social and Educational Studies

2018 Volume (issues) 10(2): 95-100



Advantages and disadvantages of technology in education


Ayber Acar*

KTO Karatay University,Child Development Department, Konya, Turkey


Received: 26 November 2017; accepted: 31 January 2018


     Any kind of technical process that people use to facilitate their lives using science is described as any kind of technical knowledge application, generally "technology". Generally speaking, technology is the skill and knowledge required to make or produce ancillary tools and tools suitable for people's needs. Technology, in short, is technical know-how. As technology is rapidly developing, the use of these tools in the life of the children born and growing must be investigated and discussed in education. Benefits and harms of technology; it depends on our ability to benefit from technology. While providing access to information quickly in the electronic environment using the Internet, it also creates people who are dependent on the Internet, and cause the disruption of social life.  The use of information technology in education is one of the most important and sustainable trends in the global education system. Currently, computer equipment and other information technologies in education and training are increasingly being used in many of the topics studied. Information technology is a new initiative in the field of education. The computer, which is an educational tool, is not worth every penny for all educational problems. The computer can never be used in place of the traditional book. Computer Aided Instruction is more conscious and therefore successful in the academic period. However, it is not appropriate to have complete reference to Computer Aided Education, especially by ignoring qualitative research studies. Technology can increase the role of the teacher in learning. The student compares his/her teacher with the teacher in the vehicle at any time and affects his/her teacher. This situation constantly leads the teacher to renew his/her knowledge, to develop the teaching method, to prepare the lesson better and to accelerate the competition to make the teaching better than the one among the teachers. The technology teacher cannot take his place. No matter how far advanced the technology is taken, the teacher still has to prepare the lesson and the teacher needs to interpret it again. The ease of using a calculator often pushes children, pastimes, and market clerks into abstracting and mishandling calculus from mathematics. Information on the Internet is often raw or erroneous information that has been prepared by individuals and institutions that have not been identified. It is even misleading because some information is used as an advertising medium.


Keywords: Technology; Education; Information technology; Advantages; Disadvantages