Volume (Issue) 3 (1&2), January-April 2011
  1. How did creatıng a constructivist learning environment influence my graduate students’ views?. 1-13 M. Calik
  2. Consideration output of students of architecture between traditional and digital methods in Iran. 15-28 P. Hanachi, M. Taleghani
  3. The role of teacher in students’ attitudes to and achievement in palaeontology. 29-45 P. Prokop, S. D. Tunnicliffe, M. Kubiatko, A. Hornáčková, M. Usak
  4. Teaching science process skills in kindergarten. 47-64 H. Z. Inan
  5. Project-based learning: characteristic and the experiences with application in the science subjects. 65-74 M. Kubiatko, I. Vaculová
  6. Biology teacher candidates’ misconceptions about surface tension, adhesion and cohesion. 75-85 F. Oztas, E. Bozkurt
  7. The effect of brain based learning biology educationupon the academic success and attitude. 87-98 S. Aydin, M. Yel
  8. How do biology teacher candidates perceive global climatic change?. 99-107 F. Oztas, E. Kalıpcı, E. Bozkurt
  9. Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Energy: Do the learning difficulties in energy concept discovered in the 1990s persist still?. 109-118 A. S. Arslan, M. A. Kurnaz
  10. Assessment of context-based learning in biology: A discussion and analysis of learners' individual differences. 119-130 E. O. Kose
  11. Investigation on the effectiveness of PBL approach in different grouping strategies using multiple-choice test and multi-evaluation techniques. 131-142 S. Yaman
  12. Renewable energy and its university level education in Turkey. 143-152 M. Yumurtaci, A. Kecebas
  13. Grade 8 students’ conceptual patterns of conservation, transformation and types of energy. 153-172 M. S. Kocakulah
  14. Meta-analysis of the computer assisted studies in physics: A sample of Turkey. 173-182 M. Yesilyurt
  15. Identifying mental models in physics. 183-190 O. F. Keser