Developing course package for mobile devices, developing and assessment of the software 381-392 I. Arslan, H. Cakir

Energy Education Science and Technology Part B: Social and Educational Studies

2013 Volume (issue) 5(2): 381-392







Developing course package

for mobile devices, developing

and assessment of the software


                    Ismail Arslan1, Huseyin Cakir2,*


1Yegitek, MEB, Turkey 

2Gazi University,Faculty of Industrial Arts Education, Ankara,Turkey





Received: 05 January 2013; accepted: 12 March 2013



     In this study, the subject of mobile learning and content packaging is handled and mobile content course package editor and a player that shows this content were developed for mobile devices.  Mobile content course package software was used by 114 students who study in secondary schools at ninth grade. After then the forms of satisfaction questionnaire and attitude scale are applied to them. The mobile content lesson package editor was used by 15 teachers who work in secondary schools. It is wanted to buildup course packages according to sceneries given to them. The demographic data’s of teachers were taken. Beside this, interviews are done with them about the usage of software and interview forms are filled out. According to analyses, teachers appreciate the software usage as easy and practical and it is seen that they made the procedures easily and they found the software user friendly, useful and more suitable for oral lessons. The students expressed that mobile course package software is functional and they liked the design. According to analysis of attitude scale that applied to students, the students think that in secondary education they must pass to mobile learning and it will be in urgent and inevitable in the next years. As a result; it is seen that the developed software can be used by students and teachers easily for contributing mobile learning and can be redesigned for tablets for expanding usage field.

Keywords: Mobile education; Mobile; Content developing; Course package; Mobile design ; Smart phone ; Mobile device