Volume (Issue) 22 (2), January 2009
  1. Technical assessment of different biorenewable wastes into energy solutions by briquetting. 97-106 K. Demirbas, A. Demirbas
  2. Preparation and application of algenic acid for the removal of Pb (II) from aqueous solution. ,. 107-115 A. Hashem, H. A. Hussein, M. A. Senousi. E. E. Saad, M. Khoda
  3. Biofuels for internal combustion engines. 117-132 B. Demirbas
  4. Ethanol�gasoline and ethanol�diesel fuel blends. 133-146 S. Hacisalihoglu
  5. New biofuel production technologies. 147-161 M. Balat
  6. Overview of bioethanol from biorenewable feedstocks: technology, economics, policy, and impacts. 163-177 T. Demirbas
  7. The global climate challenge: Recent trends in CO2 emissions from fuel combustion.. 179-186 C. Demirbas
  8. Carbon credits for energy self sufficiency in rural India - A case study. 187-197 A. Humbad, S. Kumar, B. V. Babu