Volume (Issue) 23 (1&2), April-July 2009
  1. Inexpensive oil and fats feedstocks for production of biodiesel. 1-13 A. H. Demirbas
  2. The role of renewable energy sources in meeting Turkey's electrical energy demand. 15-30 E. Kirtay
  3. Currency of district cooling systems and alternative energy sources. 31-53 D. Ulusarslan, Z. Gemici, I. Teke
  4. General characteristics of waste management: A review.. 55-69 A. Kan
  5. Effects of CrN coating of cylinders on engine performance. 71-85 H. Hazar, C. Oner, M. Nursoy
  6. Photo oxidation of rice starch II. Using a water soluble photo initiator.. 87-96 M. A. El-Sheikh, M. A. Ramadan, A. El-Shafie
  7. Bio-oils from corn stover via supercritical water liquefaction. 97-104 M. F. Demirbas
  8. Performance evaluation of a smooth flat plate solar air heater. 105-117 T. Sanjay Kumar, V. Mittal, N. S. Thakur, A. Kumar
  9. Inexpensive activated carbons for the removal of dyes from wastewater. 119-133 A. Caglar
  10. Valorization of tea wastes by pyrolysis. 135-144 A. Caglar
  11. Qualifying of safflower and algae for energy. 142-151 I. Ozturk