Volume (Issue) 25 (1&2), April-July 2010
  1. Energy, economics and environmental analysis for chillers in office buildings. 1-16 R. Saidur
  2. Microalgae as a feedstock for biodiesel. 31-43 M. F. Demirbas
  3. Optimization of dissolution of Zn and Cd metals from Waelz sintering waste by in aqueous (NH4)2SO4 solution. 17-29 M. Copur
  4. Modelling of weather characteristics and wind power density in Elazig-Turkey. 45-57 E. K. Akpinar, S. Akpinar
  5. Rapid climate change problem and wind energy investments for Turkey. 59-67 C. Sevim
  6. Theoretical and experimental analysis of the solar energy gain of transparent insulated external wall in climatic conditions of Izmir. 69-86 T. G. Ozbalta, N. Ozbalta
  7. Catalytic reduction techniques for post-combustion diesel engine exhaust emissions. 87-103 A. Keskin, A. O. Emiroglu
  8. Enhancing functional and dyeing properties of viscose fabric. 105-115 H. E. Gaffer, E. M. El-Khatib, H. M. Fahmy, M. A. Gouda
  9. Effect on optimum insulation thickness, cost and saving of storage design temperature in cold storage in Turkey. 117-127 A. Kecebas, M. Kayfeci