Volume (Issue) 26 (2), January 2011
  1. Nanotechnology in vehicle's weight reduction and associated energy savings. 87-101 R. Saidur, Y. K. Lai
  2. A new energy saving for the determination of mixing temperature in hot mix asphalts. 103-117 E. Yener, S. Hinislioglu
  3. Characterization of the junction capacitance in metal-semiconductor interface states. 119-128 H. Bozkurt
  4. Environmental impacts of biofuels. 129-142 Y. Sahin
  5. Slow pyrolysis of chinaberry (Melia azedarach L.) seeds: Part I. The influence of pyrolysis parameters on the product yields. 143-154 M. Ertas, M. H. Alma
  6. Wind power grid connection characteristics for Turkey. 155-164 C. Sevim, D. Kultur, S. Basak
  7. Fuel properties of biodiesels produced from different feedstocks. 165-174 S. Altun
  8. Energy and economic analyses of insulated exterior walls for four different city in Turkey. 175-188 F. Balo
  9. Thermal simulation of retrofits to existing masshousing in Turkey for energy efficiency. 189-203 Y. Yıldız, Z. D. Arsan
  10. Energetic and exergetic approach to vapor compression refrigeration cycle with two-stage and intercooler for new refrigerants. 205-219 E. Dikmen, A. Sencan, R. Selbas
  11. Forecasting of natural gas consumption with neural network and neuro fuzzy system. 221-238 O. Kaynar, I. Yilmaz, F. Demirkoparan
  12. Performance evaluation of variable speed refrigeration system with artificial neural networks. 239-250 O. Kizilkan
  13. The performance of a cool storage system in various operation conditions and its economic analysis. 251-264 T. Basaran, N. Sumbul