Volume (Issue) 27 (2), July 2011
  1. Energy issues in energy education. 209-220 A. Demirbas
  2. Design of power plant capacity in DC hybrid system and microgrid. 221-232 P. Biczel, M. Koniak, D. D. Rasolomampionona, S. Anwar, P. Favier
  3. Economic and environmental viability analysis for a photovoltaic-powered led system in tunnel illumination. 233-248 D. T. Eliiyi, T. Caylan, U. Eliiyi
  4. The effect of blending methyl tertiary butyl ether with methyl ester on diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions. 249-258 F. Aksoy, H. Bayrakceken, L. Aksoy
  5. A numerical study of total pressure drop in a loop heat pipe. 259-274 F. C. Kilic
  6. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) model for thermophysical properties of new refrigerants. 275-286 A. Sencan, I. Ilke Kose, R. Selbas
  7. Dimension and insulation thickness optimization of circular flat plate solar collectors. 287-294 Z. Argunhan
  8. Production of biodiesel from safflower oil. 295-300 C. Ilkilic, S. Aydin, R. Behcet
  9. Prediction of emissions of a diesel engine fueled with soybean biodiesel using artificial neural Networks. 301-312 T. Ozgur, G. Tuccar, M. Ozcanli, K. Aydin
  10. A comparative study on anchovy fish oil, anchovy fish oil methyl ester and diesel fuels in a diesel engine. 313-322 R. Behcet
  11. Effect of swirl generators with different sized propeller on heat transfer enhancement. 323-330 G. Cakmak, Z. Argunhan, C. Yıldız
  12. Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil) methyl ester as a natural additive for biodiesel fuels. 331-336 M. Ozcanli, H. Serin, K. Aydin, S. Serin
  13. Biodiesel production from canola oil using immobilized lipase. 337-346 Y. Yucel, Y. Tekeli
  14. Determining the potential of solar energy and benefiting from this potential using photovoltaic system in Turkey. 347-358 B. Yelmen, T. Ustuner, M. Ustuner
  15. Process optimization for biodiesel production from Nigella sativa oil. 359-366 L. Aksoy
  16. Experimental analysis of heat transfer coefficient in the plate heat exchanger. 367-374 R. Selbas
  17. Biodiesel production from raw cottonseed oil of Turkish origin and its characterization. 375-382 S. Altun, F. Yasar, C. Oner
  18. Modeling studies on the relation between wind speed and height: Tekirdag sample. 383-388 A. Vardar, B. Eker, M. R. Durgut, E. Okur, F. Kurt
  19. Use of soybean as an energy source. 389-394 T. Demirbas
  20. Importance hydropower resources of Turkey. 395-400 M. Kocaer, A. Ahiskali
  21. Effects of different variables on moisture transfer of household refrigerator-freezer. 401-418 M. Hasanuzzaman, R. Saidur, H. H. Masjuki
  22. The effects of sunflower oil and soybean oil diesel fuel blends on engine performance and emissions. 419-426 F. Aksoy
  23. Challenges and opportunities for large-scale production of biodiesel. 427-434 M. Balat
  24. Viability analysis of 10 mw pv plant in Turkey. 435-446 S. Abbasoglu, E. Nakipoglu, B. Kelesoglu
  25. Estimating the exergy efficiency of engine using nanolubricants. 447-454 M. Mohammadnejad, M. Ghazvini, F. S. Javadi, R. Saidur
  26. Brushless direct current (BLDC) motor driving experimental set. 455-466 Y. Bektas, N. F. Oyman Serteller
  27. High quality water supply for the production of algae. 467-476 A. Demirbas