Volume (Issue) 1 (1) June 1998

  1. False worlds: concept of internal entropy 1-6 A. Demirbaş, A. Sıla

  2. Determination of combustion heat of fuels by using non-calorimetric experimental data 7-12 A. Demirbaş,

  3. Non-aqueous medium titrations of some acidic compounds 13-16 A. Demirbaş, İ. Kula, Y. Erdoğan, A. Aslan, N. Yaylı, S. Karslıoğlu

  4. Energy concepts and energy education in chemistry 17-23 A. Demirbaş, F. Dumanoğlu, A. Ayas

  5. Airborne elements from vehicles in transplanted lichens in Trabzon 25-30 A. Demirbaş, M. Tüzen, K. Yazıcı, S. Baydar

  6. Physical and technological properties of cement admixtures 31-36 A. Demirbaş, Y. Erdoğan, H. Genç, M. Tüfekçi, A. Aslan, A.Ayas, S.Karslıoğlu

  7. Dehydration kinetics of colemanite using thermogravimetric data 37-44 A. Demirbaş

  8. Catalytic steam reforming of biomass and heavy oil residues to hydrogen 45-52 A. Demirba, A. Çağlar

  9. Acetylation of some N,N'-linked biheteroaryls 53-56 H. Yüksek, Ş. Bahçeci

  10. Non-isothermal dissolution kinetics of chromite in alkaline aqueous solution 57-60 A. Demirbaş, Y. Abalı

  11. Optimization of dissolution of calcinated bone in HCl solutions 61-66 Y. Abalı, E. Mert

  12. Dissolution kinetics of calcinated magnesite in acetic acid solutions 67-74 Y. Abalı

  13. Variations of water quality in Lake Kovada and its waterway 75-78 R. Atay, M. Cengiz

  14. New penicillin and ampicillin derivatives 79-82 K. Arısoy Examination of phenols in humic acid by GC-MS hyphenated technique 83-92 A. Okudan, H. Kara, Y. Çengeloğlu, F. Nizamlıoğlu

  15. Solvent fractionation of humic acids from Central Anatolian lignites 93-101 H. Kara, R. Mirzaoğlu

  16. Influences of lignite ash additives on strength, setting, expansion, and hydration properties of cement 102-110 A. Aslan, F. Ö. Karataş, A. Demirbaş

  17. Acetic acid, methanol and acetone from lignocellulosics by pyrolysis 111-115 A. Demirbaş, D. Güllü