Volume (Issue) 8 (2) March 2002

  1. Effect of application containing GA3 on seed germination of different pine special 53-58 E. Kırdar

  2. Modeling of combined heat transfer applied on a solar water collecter 59-66 G. Arın

  3. Investigation of occurring trihalomethanes (THMs) after disinfection with chlorine 67-75 E. Oğuz

  4. Pozzolanic properties of natural pasa 77-84 V. Tosunoğlu, R. Demirboğa, R. Boncukçuoğlu, Ö. Anapalı, Ç. Öztepe

  5. Turkey’s energy overview and recent developments 85-96 G. Arın

  6. Sulfur dioxide precipitation on leaf litter at laboratory condition 97-104 Şükrü Dursun