Volume (Issue) 12 (1&2) December-March 2003-2004

  1. Attitudes and perceptions of academicians in relation with software piracy: Turkey case 1-18 Ü. Özen

  2. The evaluation of phosphogypsum in tile industries 19-26 Y. Abalı, J. Kaymak, K. Arısoy, A. Çelik

  3. Durability of mineral admixtured lightweight aggregate concrete 27-36 R. Demirboğa, R. Gül, H. Uysal, R. Şahin

  4. Science teachers’ in-service needs in the implementation of laboratory activities 37-42 S. Sevim, H. Ş. Ayvacı, H. Genç

  5. Thermochemical conversion of olive cake to fuel and chemicals 43-48 A. Kamira

  6. Calculation of electric field gradient over Slater-type orbitals with noninteger principle quantum numbers 49-54 Y. Yakar, M. Ö. Sezer, B. Çakır, H. Yüksel

  7. Purification and characterization of glutathione-S-transferase from chicken erythrocyte 56-66 T. Aydemir, D. Kavrayan

  8. The synthesise of 1-hydroxyiminoacetyl-4-phenylaminoglyoxime derivatives and their complexes with Ni(II), Co(II) and Cu(II) 67-74 M. A. Özler, İ. Karataş

  9. Determination of removal diffusivity of linseed oil in wood material 75-80 A. Demirbaş

  10. On the geodesic right triangles of the hyperbolic unit sphere at the Lorentzian 3-space 81-88 M. Kazaz, A. Özdemir

  11. Current status of hydropower in the world and Turkey 89-102 R. Bakış, N. Türedi, A. Demirbaş

  12. The inhibition effects of some chemicals and pesticides on human erythrocyte catalase activity in vitro 103-110 T. Aydemir