Volume (Issue) 14 (1&2) December-March 2004-2005

  1. Biomass utilization facilities and biomass processing technologies 1-19 S. R. Tewfik

  2. Partly chemical analysis of biofuel from beech wood via pyrolysis in alkali medium 21-32 A. Effendi

  3. Conversion of vegetable oils to alternative diesel-like fuels 33-42 T. V. Ramachandra

  4. Mathematical modeling for estimating the calorific values of biomass fuels 43-50 Á. S. H. Moreno

  5. Copper(II) ions adsorption onto cationic oxycellulose 51-60 S. Kamel, H. Abou-Yousef, M. El-Sakhawy

  6. WEPA: Wind energy potential assesment-Spatid decision support system 61-80 T. V. Ramachandra, K. J. Rajeev, S. Vamsee Krishna, B. V. Shruthi

  7. Hierarchial approach to evaluation an promotion of parabolic solar cooker in India 81-91 S. D. Pohekar, M. Ramachandran

  8. Evaluation of existing treatment techniques and various problems associated with nuclear waste management 93-101 B.V. Babu, S. Karthik

  9. Physical and chemical characterizations of asphaltenes from various sources 103-108 A. B. Fadhil