Volume (Issue) 31 (2) April 2013

  1. The research of WF-net application on energy construction contract management (1) 677-680 S. Guo, H. Huang

  2. It is time to clean up Taiwan’s nuclear waste stockpile 681-682 G. Agoramoorthy

  3. Flow characteristics of intake port for Diesel Engine under high boosting condition 683-688 X. Li, L.Zhao, X. Wang, F. Liu, Z. Sun

  4. On the evaporation characteristics of diesel droplets: Experimental study and coupling analysis 689-700 Y. Ma, X. Li, F. Liu, L. Su, P. Wang

  5. Integration of renewables for transportation and storage in hydrogen supply chains 701-710 I. A. Gondal

  6. A novel performance study of kiln using long stick wood pyrolytic conversion for charcoal production 711-722 A. Saravanakumar, T. M. Haridasan

  7. Research of energy WF-net application on construction contract management (2)723-728 S. Guo, H. He

  8. Comparison of energy turbulence models in separated-attached diffuser flow 729-732 L. Chen, R. Dai, A. Yang, K. Chen

  9. Research on the energy social appraisal index system of reproduction of media politic to sport events 733-738 Y. Liu, L. Wang, C. Guo

  10. Technology acceptance theory to explore usage behavior of energy-saving depot-logistic information system in Taiwan 739-742 C-H. Tsai, D-S. Zhu, D-L. Li

  11. A new microfluidic driving method based on the liquid energy crystalline backflow effect 743-746 P. Deng, C. Liu

  12. Fuel consumption model of energy-saving light passenger vehicle under typical operating conditions 747-750 H. Lin, Q. Yu, X. Zhang

  13. Analysis of climate change on heating and cooling energy degree-days of typical cities for China 751-754 W. Rong, J. Liu, D. Kong, S. Wu

  14. The analysis of structural strength of welded energy-saving UD clutch Hub assembly based on the experiment 755-760 X. Liu, Y. Wang, H. Guo, Y. Xing, J. Luo

  15. The some labelings of complete energy bipartite graphs 761-765 W. Li, Q. Yan

  16. Design of generic security construction based on energy-saving coding technology 765-768 X. Gao, N. Zhu

  17. An improved carrier frequency offset estimation for energy-saving OFDM systems over time-varying multipath channel 769-772 R. Hu, L. Liu

  18. Energy AAM-based face age estimation 773-776 L. Liu, J. Liu, J. Cheng

  19. The research and design of the oilfield enterprises energy-saving integrated management information platform based on .NET 777-782 J. Liang, S. Zhao

  20. The testing and study on driving cycle and emissions of energy pollutants of Xi’an City 783-788 X-M. Li, Y-L. Zhu, N. Li

  21. Intensive analysis and check of root linkage structure for 1.5MW composite wind turbine blade 789-792 P. Sun, Y. Jiang, L. Zhang, X. Zhao

  22. Reduction in cultivation cost of microalgae by studying the mechanism of light and nutrients 793-804 N. Rashid, M. Saif Ur Rehman, J-I. Han

  23. Multi-spot operation in industrial process 805-810 G. Wang,C. Guan

  24. A method for Swirl Generation during the induction in Diesel Engine: Numerical and experimental research 811-822 Z. Sun, X. Li, W. Du, R. Wei, L. Su, H. Liang

  25. Active chimney device for small combustion installation 823-836 P. Podržaj, B. Pečnik

  26. Reliability and energy efficiency analysis of a two pass shell and tube heat exchanger in a hydraulic driven system 837-846 A. T. Turedi, D. A. Bircan

  27. Factors effective on industrial wood material production yield in Turkey’s natural beech forests 847-860 A. Atik, B. Yilmaz, F. Aslan

  28. Numerical simulation of semi-dry flue gas desulfurization retrofit and operation tests 861-878 J. Katolicky, M. Jicha

  29. A new proposal for optimum energy consumption during the transportation of plants: A case study of Arnica Montana L. 879-884 M. J. Hermida-Castro, Á. Rodríguez-Fernández, G. Roshan

  30. Influence of accumulator on energy recovery of hydraulic electromagnetic shock absorber 885-888 H. Feng, K. Chen, J. Zhou, F. Li, Z. Wang

  31. A new approach to defining the Nu numbers for agitated boiling vessels 889-900 M. Ozdemir, U. Durmaz

  32. The effects of power system expansion on the fault current and reducing without investment 901-910 D. R. Gumeli, M. Bagriyanik

  33. Active ecological construction technology of desert dunes in mining area 911-922 Y. Yongkang, K. Tianhe, J. Chunxu, C. Zhaoyun, C. Jinming, Z. Tongbiao, W. An

  34. The research and design of the oilfield enterprises energy-saving integrated management information platform based on NET 923-928 J. Liang, S. Zhao

  35. A new microfluidic driving method based on the liquid crystalline backflow effect 929-934 P. Deng, C. Liu

  36. The energy-saving testing and study on driving cycle and emissions of pollutants of Xi’an City 935-940 X-M. Li, Y-L Zhu, N. Li

  37. Applying health belief model to explore the adoption of energy telecare 941-944 B-K. Chuang, C-H. Tsai, H-L. Hsieh

  38. Problems and suggestions for the development of unconventional gas field in China 945-948 X. Shen, L. Wang

  39. Parameters optimization of support vector machine using energy-saving cuckoo search 949-954 Z. Ye, Q. Li, C. Wang, W. Liu, H. Chen

  40. Application and effect of a novel surface coating used in thermal manikin 955-958 K. Yang, M. Jiao, H. Liu

  41. Intensive analysis and check of root linkage structure for 1.5MW composite wind turbine blade 959-964 P. Sun, Y. Jiang, L. Zhang, X. Zhao

  42. An improved DV-HOP location algorithm based on anchor node density in energy-saving wireless sensor network 965-970 M. Zhang

  43. Online virtual university energy-efficient life system design and its application 971-976 X. Cai, H. Lu, T. Lei

  44. Research on constant slip frequency field oriented control of linear induction motor at low switching frequency 977-982 K. Liu, H. Tian, J. Shang

  45. Energy-saving measurement of building outline based on image 783-788 H. Jiang

  46. Energy-efficient clustering routing protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks 989-994 X. Tan, H. Zhao, W. Zhang

  47. A service priority clustering algorithm based on residual energy for wireless sensor network 995-1000 W. Zhang, Z Lei, X. Tan, L. Fu

  48. Energy-efficient library website evaluation based on the bijective soft set theory 1001-1008 X. Peng, J. Wang

  49. Energy parameters reduction of bijective soft set based on the significance 1009-1012 X. Hong, X. Ying

  50. The energy-saving LCL model construction and calculation of foreign trade container shipping 1013-1018 X. Hong, J. Liu

  51. Design of water source well and pipe network monitoring system of mine based on configuration software 1019-1024 Y. Gao, B. Jin, H. Zhang

  52. The design of energy-efficient monitoring terminal for power supply and distribution system of enterprise based on STM32 1025-1028 H. Xiao, T. Chen

  53. The algorithm of energy-efficient WSN reliable routing technology based on sybil attacking 1029-1034 H. Jia, W. Wang

  54. Research of function disable energy-saving hardware trojan detection technology 1035-1040 D. Xiao, Y. Zhu, S. Liu, Q. Li

  55. Energy-efficient digital signal processing teaching: A praat based approach 1041-1046 K. Ubul

  56. An energy algorithm of negative emotion compensation in e-learning 1047-1052 J. Qin, Q. Zheng, H. Zhang

  57. FE calculation and analysis of the I type dent size influence on peak cycle stress 1053-1058 Y. Wu, L. Zhang, Y. Yan, R. Wang

  58. An approach to the security of the energy-efficient internet of things 1059-1064 C. Liu, Z. Yan, H. Qin1, B. Li, J. Yang

  59. A discussion of conceptual framework on adoption of telecare – the energy health belief model perspective 1065-1070 B-K. Chuang, C-H. Tsai, H-L. Hsieh, H-Y. Huang

  60. A supply and demand of energy-saving logistics supernetwork optimization model with random demands 1071-1076 Y. Peng, K. Wang, J. Shi, G. Chen

  61. Online real-time visualization system of aluminum production and its application 1077-1082 X. Cai, J. Liu, H. Yu

  62. Design and implementation of fast bias algorithm in embedded energy-efficient GIS navigation system 1083-1088 H. Jia, P. Tang

  63. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for standardization management maturity in energy-saving expressway construction 1089-1092 K. Liu, Y. Lu

  64. Exploration of the promotion path of the energy-efficient agricultural industry cluster 1093-1098 W.i Liu, S-B. Mou

  65. Research on customer clustering for energy network marketing system based on K-means 1099-1104 L. Xinwu

  66. System defects and countermeasures of China energy balance transfer payment 1105-1110 Y. Liu, H. Hu, B-X Zhang

  67. Dynamic resource scheduling in construction project group management based on improved ACO algorithm 1111-1116 Y. Li, L. Liu, S. Zhou, Z. Yang

  68. A new automotive brake test control analysis of mathematical models 1117-1122 C. Yang, E. Ren, J. Dang

  69. Interval iterative method based on hyper-chaos for solving forward displacement of 4SPS-2CCS generalized Stewart-Gough Platform 1123-1128 Y. Luo, Q. Liu, X. Che, Z. He

  70. A model-based development method of embedded software for energy HMPSoC 1129-1134 W. Zhai, Y. Hu

  71. How EO influences energy organizational performance in nonprofit context 1135-1140 M. Li

  72. The energy-saving development and utilization of university cultural resources—based on the investigation of Anhui science and technology university 1141-1144 Z. Xu, R. Chen2

  73. Functions of enterprise learning and practices in energy engineering education 1145-1150 L. Li, D. Zeng, J. Wang

  74. Secondary optical design of US energy-saving traffic signal lamps using TIR and dentate lens 1151-1156 J. Li, K. Wang, H, Dong, S. Wang, S. Zhang

  75. Analysis and simulation of dynamic stray current from rail transit upon buried gas pipeline 1157-1162 Z. Chen, C. Qin, J. Tang, L. Xiao

  76. A intelligent robust control method for variable-speed wind turbine systems 1163-1166 Y. Liu

  77. Research on the energy-saving and economic analysis of wastewater source heat pump 1167-1170 Y. Gu, S. Wang

  78. The role of energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies in Turkish energy policy: A comparative analysis 1171-1184 E. Acuner, S. Onaygil, S. Lechtenböhmer, S. Samadi, A. Durand

  79. A runway for the automotive industry: Strategic human resource management first, then green technology innovation 1185-1198 R. Montazeri Shatouri, R. Omar, K. Igusa