Volume (Issue) 31 (3) July 2013

  1. Effects of blending on biodiesel characteristics and low temperature flow properties 1209-1218 O. M. Ali, R. Mamat, C. K. M. Faizal

  2. An overall discussion on the developmental situation andapplication practice of renewable energy in China 1219-1246 L-Q. Liu, C-X. Liu

  3. Method for research on low frequency oscillation of induction motor in discontinuous power supply mode 1247-1252 X. Zhang, J. Liang, M. Qiao

  4. Energy biological gene inspired trust approach for computer networks 1253-1258 F. Sun, G. Guo

  5. Research on the planning and building of Chinese energy-saving urban community service platform 1259-1264 R. Sun, Y. Chen

  6. Research on process reengineering of waste material reverse logistics 1265-1270 H. Wu, H. Wang, J. Sun, Q. Jin1, R. Li, X. Shi, C. Lv

  7. R&D incentives of energy-saving proprietary software vendor when open source software emerges 1271-1276 M. Xing

  8. 2DOF-IMC for steam temperature process with fractional-order 1277-1282 D. Wang, S. Wang

  9. Low carbon development region planning of resource-based regions - Taking Shanxi Xinzhou Area as an example 1283-1288 Z. Li, H. He

  10. Smelting nickel flue gas purification process automation control based on PLC 1289-1294 S. Ding, W. Li, A. An, S. Yang

  11. Coordinating supply chain with buy-back contract under energy inventory risk-aversion 1295-1300 G. Wei, J. Peng

  12. Secondary energy conservation optical design of US traffic signal lamps using TIR and dentate lens 1301-1306 J. Li, K. Wang, H.Dong, S. Wang, S. Zhang

  13. Revised: Finger print classification based on gray-level fuzzy clustering co-occurrence matrix 1307-1316 N. Topaloglu

  14. Falling film evaporation and the factors affecting heat transfer 1317-1328 H. Pehlivan, M. Ozdemir, U. Durmaz

  15. An approach for the prioritization of wind energy production farms 1329-1340 A. Sagbas

  16. The system of prediction and assessment for land damage in coal mining area base on plug-in technology 1341-1346 Q. Chen

  17. A comparison of single porosity and dual-permeability models for simulating the solute transport in a soil column 1347-1352 Q. Wu, W. Zhang, W. Lin, J. Jiang, F. Zhang, G. Wang

  18. An extended seismic stacking method 1353-1358 G. Liu, M. Xiao

  19. Multi-leg energy pricing strategy research based on revenue management 1359-1364 Z. Qiang, L. Changyou

  20. Study on driving and control system of motor in electric vehicle 1365-1370 Q. Ma, C. Zhang, W. Yu

  21. The ensile properties of carbon fiber reinforced magnesium alloy laminated plates and the interlaminar fracture toughness 1371-1376 M. Zhao, G. Zhu

  22. Study on coordination and profit-sharing of energy supply chain system in fulfilling social responsibility 1377-1382 B. Wang

  23. The impact of futures trading on CSI 300 index and non-index stocks in China energy filed 1383-1388 W. Yu

  24. Sensor, GIS, and local contexts: Mobile energy technology for authentic learning 1389-1394 K-H. Huang, Y-L. Chang, C-C. Cheng

  25. Oil-perforating gun blind holes and body wall thickness design optimization calculation 1395-1400 M. Zhao, G. Zhu

  26. Cold stress on the qinghai-tibet plateau different transplanting period of 4 kinds of rhodiola physiological and biochemical indexes of impact 1401-1406 L. Ma, Y Chen, F. Guo

  27. Research on energy urbanization lags of economic based on model of correlation degree 1407-1412 J. Tao, H. Yu

  28. The analysis of influence factors and the trend prediction of Qingdao carbon emissions based on KAYA model① 1413-1418 L. Qiu, Y. Song

  29. Study on the method of energy distribution area design 1419-1424 J. Sun, H. Wang, H. Wu

  30. Look at the incentive effect of energy corporate culture from perspective of principal-agent 1425-1430 J. Liu, P. Li

  31. Process and product innovation in vertically differentiated energy markets with network externalities 1431-1436 M. Xing

  32. The flow field characteristics in salt caverns with similar experiment 1437-1442 J. Chen, L. Li, L. Yin, Sç Ren, L. Yi

  33. Study on the operation process optimization of energy distribution center in third party logistics company 1443-1448 J. Sun, H. Wu, H. Wang, C. Lv, J. Ding

  34. Risk assessment of Arsenic in geothermal water from Tangchi, China 1449-1456 Y. Zhang, X. Chen, L. Zhu

  35. Energy industrial clusters and its internal network construction 1457-1462 X-A. Li

  36. Influence of structure parameters on torque performance of vertical axis wind turbine at low rotational speed 1463-1468 F. Feng, Y. Li, L. Chen, G. Ding,Q. He, S. Wang

  37. Design of fuzzy PID for electro-hydraulic servo control system based on FPGA 1469-1474 X. Hao, X. Wang

  38. Research of linear induction motor traction system used in urban rail vehicle 1475-1482 K. Liu, H. Tian, J. Shang

  39. The study of vocational students in department of energy food and beverage to experience the workplace on positive thinking, positive emotion and learning motivation 1483-1488 D-H. Huang, K-Y. Li

  40. Research on industry transformation in coal resource-exhausted mining areas 1489-1494 H. Dong, L. Gao, Q. Yang

  41. Research on the light distribution technology of LED pest control light 1495-1500 T. Li, H. Hu

  42. Design of signal generator circuit for three- phase power requency testing power supply based on SOPC 1501-1506 H. Xiao, T. Chen

  43. Application of optimal fuzzy controller in ball and beam system 1507-1512 L. Song, D. Tang

  44. Research on development strategy of China's machinery agricultural machinery insurance 1513-1518 K. Han, B. Chen, J. Ren

  45. Research on energy optimization of multimodal transportation for automobile logistics based on genetic algorithm 1519-1524 J. Luo

  46. A study of energy field vocational high school students’ workplace experience expectation gap and positive thinking 1525-1530 K-Y. Li, D-H. Huang, C-S. Hau

  47. Research on neural network PID control for the wind energy conversion systems based on matlab/simulink 1531-1536 T. Li, X-Y Hou, H-Y. Lin, W-T. Liu, Z. Li

  48. Effect of land supply policy on carbon emissions from energy consumption in labor-intensive industries: An empirical study on Hangzhou, China 1537-1548 H. You

  49. The level of meeting the quality assurance criteria at Firat University 1949-1962 F. Ozmen, D. A. Akdemir

  50. Design of an energy-saving welding robot based on Fischertechnik model 1563-1570 Z. Li, J. Meng, X. Deng, Z. Huang

  51. Analytic solutions of a nonlinear iterative functional differential equation near resonance 1571-1574 L. Liu

  52. Empirical study on Zhejiang Province commercial development based on consumer demand 1575-1580 D. Zhang

  53. Method for research on low frequency oscillation of induction motor in discontinuous power supply mode 1581-1586 X. Zhang, J. Liang, M. Qiao

  54. The construction on mechanisms for coordinated development of cross-regional low-carbon economy 1587-1590 H. Liu, H. Su, Y. Chen

  55. Sink position selection algorithm based on MEXCLP for wireless sensor networks 1591-1596 W. Zhang, D. Wang, X. Tan

  56. A clustering algorithm for satellite network management 1597-1602 W. Zhang, L. Sun, Y. Feng1, X. Tan

  57. Pricing model for inter-city LRT between Guangzhou and Zhuhai 1603-1608 W. Li, C. Chang, Z-Y. Chen, Y-B. Zhang, X-G Lv

  58. Effects of land comprehensive consolidation on regional ecological service value—A case study of DaLu Town 1609-1612 Y. Xiao, K. Yin

  59. Analysis and experimentation research for the dynamic performance and variable speed grinding flutter in high-speed cylindrical grinding 1613-1616 X. Shen, K. Li

  60. Modeling and experiment on thermal performance of vacuum glazing 1617-1628 Z. Zhang, S. Zhang, Z. Wang, T. Su

  61. A novel mathematical model for energy sharing based on synergetic neural network 1629-1624 Z. Huang

  62. Prediction of air quality for sustainable environment by artificial intelligent techniques 1635-1652 O. Taylan

  63. Assessment of rapeseed-based biodiesel potential on winter fallowing fields in the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River, China 1653-1668 Y. Wang, D. Jiang, D. Zhuang, Y. Huang, J. Fu, Y. Mao, H. Ju

  64. Low-carbon assessment of industrial land use using entropy weight method in Hangzhou, China: Based on the perspective of energy consumption 1669-1676 H. You

  65. Elimination of knocking effect in biodiesel operated CI engine with hydrogen as a secondary fuel 1677-1682 C. Jegadheesan, P. Somasundaram, B. Meenakshipriya

  66. Combustion characteristics of direct-injection spark-ignition engine fuelled with producer gas 1683-1698 F. Y. Hagos, A. Rashid A. Aziz, S. A. Sulaiman

  67. Study on the rock-breaking mechanism under three cutters sequential indentation on a vertical comprehensive experimental platform 1699-1708 H. Feng, K. Chen, J. Zhou, F. Li, Z. Wang

  68. Research on estimating methods of coalbed proximate analysis using geophysical log data 1709-1720 Z. Huang, C. Zou, Z. Chen

  69. Study on the low carbon economic development of Chongqing 1721-1728 Z. Wang, T. Cui

  70. Analysis of the thermal performance of a solar water heating system in a high-rise apartment in Yunnan 1729-1736 Z. Wang, Z. Zhou, C. Zhu, X. Zhong, L. Wang

  71. Effect of constructed wetland plants on dissolved oxygen 1737-1744 G. Zhuojin1, M. Zhijie, Z. Zhaopei, H. Lihua, S. Min

  72. Traditional rural house an example of energy efficient building in Fars province of Iran 1745-1756 K. Movahed, K. Fattahi

  73. Prediction of power output by models based on fuzzy systems 1757-1768 S. Misak, L. Prokop, P. Kromer, T. Novosad, V. Snasel

  74. Brittleness simulation of electric power systems based on chart theory 1769-1778 B. Wang, J. Xu, L. Yan

  75. On a GARCH model with normal scale mixture innovations 1779-1786 F. Feng

  76. Research on development factors affecting oil recovery of polymer flooding 1787-1794 G. Qu, Y. Liu, S. Jiang

  77. The brittleness analysis based on cellular automata method and its application 1975-1802 L. Yan, Y. Huang, J. Xu

  78. A novel algorithm for the coverage homogeneity analysis of along-seam boreholes in the coal gas drainage project 1803-1812 S. Hou, Y. Zhang

  79. High energy NiCuZn Ferrite Magnets formed via high-energy ball milling and the influence of CaO doping 1813-1820 Q. Lin, J. Chen, Y. He, L. Liu, R. Wang, H. Chen

  80. Effect of reaction time on hydrocarbon production from deoxygenation of stearic acid 1821-1824 C. Zhang, P. Sun, W. Zhang, Y. Chen, F. Yin,L. Xu, X. Zhao, J. Liu, S. Liu

  81. An empirical study on the relationship between irregular energy-saving flights and passengers’ unsafe behaviors 1825-1828 Y.Lu, J.Guo, X.Liu

  82. Influence of transition way of carbon and chromium on microstructure and thermal fatigue property of Cr5 series deposited metal 1829-1832 Q. Wang, Z. Li, Y. Shi, J. Xiao, X. Li

  83. Development evaluation and long-term mechanism research on low-carbon economy in jiangxi province of China 1883-1844 L. Hua, L. Zhang