Volume (Issue) 31 (4) October 2013

  1. Drag chain pallet transport system design and implementation 1845-1850 M. Ayyildiz, K. Cetinkaya

  2. Design of low-power electronic thermometer 1851-1858 W. C. Wang, G. Q. Zhang

  3. Can remote control wall climbing cleaner robot drive and control circuit design 1859-1866 M. Zhao, G. Li

  4. Numerical simulation is applied in fiber reinforced metal laminates ınterlaminar fracture toughness 1867-1872 M. Zhao, G. Zhu, G. Li

  5. Robust analysis of coal logistics park demand flow network 1873-1880 H. Ge, L. Chen, J. Liang, L. Wu

  6. The Finite local fractional Fourier cosine and sine transforms on fractal space 1881-1890 F. Huang, G. Chen

  7. Optimizing design of truck shroud based on aerodynamic drag reduction mechanism 1891-1900 J. Xu, L. Gu

  8. A class of new self-tuning predictor with variable structure for power system 1901-1910 J. Liu, L. Yan, S. Yang, J. Yu, J. Xu

  9. The research on brittleness source dentification of electric machine system 1911-1918 J. Liu, L. Yan, Y. Duan,S. Yang, J. Yu, J. Xu

  10. Study on forecasting method for precipitation and geological disasters in guangxi province based on BP model 1919-1928 H. Huang, P. Wang

  11. Research on soil erodibility under different land-use conditions in hilly area of purple soil 1929-1938 Y. Zhao, M. Gao, X. Chen, B. Mo

  12. Leveling optimization of resource in construction engineering based on integrated network diagram method and genetic algorithm 1939-1948 X. Bai,H. Xu

  13. A novel tracking method for the auto-correlated data series of coal gas pre-drainage process 1949-1956 S. Hou,Y. Zhang

  14. Numerical simulation of cavitation of bio-fuel and diesel fuel in injection nozzle 1957-1966 Z. Yao, X. Hu

  15. Preparation of polymeric solidified foam materials used in coal mine and its application in the engineering 1967-1976 X. Yang

  16. Research of exhaust gas recirculation control in a LPG automotive engine 1977-1982 H. Cui

  17. Change in heating energy requirements for various interior space temperatures: A case study of Karabuk 1983-1990 M. Erturk, G. Alevay Kocyigit2, Y. Cay, C. Coskun, Z. Oktay

  18. On the tradeoff of Privacy and trusted access in energy internet 1991-2000 Q. Wang

  19. High-energy product NiCuZn Ferrite prepared by high-energy ball milling and the influence of doping CaO and CoO 2001-2008 J. Lin, Q. Lin, J. Chen, Y. He, L. Liu,J. Xu

  20. Palaeoecosystem of the early Cambrian Niutitang Biota in Zunyi of China 2009-2018 T. Cui

  21. Simulation research of batch distillation recycling benzene and chlorobenzene from pharmaceutical waste 2019-2024 X. Wang, Y. Yang

  22. Experimental study on dynamic performance of air source heat pump with an advanced cycle for China’s high-speed trains 2025-2030 W. Cai,L. Zhu,S. Dong,W. Lv

  23. Forecasting of CO2 emissions in China utilizing a improved BP model 2031-2038 W. Li, Q. Ou

  24. Research on the dynamic relationship of economy, energy consumption and urbanization in China based on VECM 2039-2046 W. Li, H. Xie, Y. Wang

  25. A method of energy saving and environmental protection monitoring used in daily-use ceramics production line 2047-2054 R. Zhang

  26. Design of high-density and high-temperature drilling fluids for HTHP gas reservoirs in South China Sea 2055-2062 J. Liu, Z. Qiu, W. Huang, D. Song

  27. The application of 3DGIS in mineral resources assessment 2063-2068 T. Zhang, K. Xiao, F. Liu, N. Li, W. Zou

  28. Research on environmental effect based on BP-GM hybrid model of traffic congestion 2069-2076 H. Ge, L. Chen, J. Liang, L. Wu, L. Chen

  29. Effective resource transfer efficiency of warehouse control system design 2077-2082 M. Zhao, G. Li

  30. Proximate analysis experiments on high rank coal samples and the geophysical logging resonance of CBM 2083-2090 Z. Huang, Z. Chen, N. Wang

  31. Research on brake control strategy based on braking energy minimization 2091-2098 Y. Qian, R. He, C. Dong

  32. Research on association model of petroleum and economy in western region of China 2099-2106 Y. Luo1, Z. Wang, X. Gong, Z. Liao, M. Hu

  33. Effect of flood control water level on deposition of the Three Gorges Reservoir 2107-2114 J. Chen, W. Zhao, Y. Hou, J. Yan

  34. Research on the influence of flood control caused by the flood storage retreated 2115-2120 J. Chen, W. Zhao, Y. Hou, J. Yan

  35. Twi-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for foundation stability of kunming’s newly-built terminal area 2121-2130 J. Dong, C. Chen

  36. Study on the technical innovation capability evaluation of agricultural enterprises in Wuling Mountains 2131-2138 H. Gao, Y. Luo

  37. Reproducing kernel method for solving some kinds of second order partial differential equations 2139-2146 Z. Ma, S. Yue

  38. Improving remote sensing image segmentation for land-cover classification using combining K-medoids and minimum spanning tree algorithm 21147-2154 C. Wang, Z. Guo, S. Wang, C. Ma, J. Chen

  39. Application research of ant colony algorithm in energy supply chain demand prediction 2155-2162 H. Wang

  40. Chinese characters corner matching based on improved Harris and RANSAC 2163-2174 N. Yao, H. Lv, J. Chen

  41. A novel algorithm and its application in energy network marketing performance evaluation 2175-2182 X Li

  42. Effects of nano-sized Al2O3-particle and PEG6000 on performances of CA ultrafiltration membrane 2183-2190 W. Li

  43. Reduction of NO by iron mesh rolls in CO atmosphere 2191-2202 Y. Su, B. Zhao, W. Deng

  44. Analysis on depositional system of bauxite in Northern Guizhou 2203-2210 T. Cui

  45. Analysis of investment in wind power generation listed companies in China 2211-2218 P. Wang,H. Huang

  46. Research of pool fire burning rates and radiation distribution based on CFD simulation 2219-2226 S. Zhang, J. Pu1,D. Li

  47. Research on datacenters energy of big data environment 2227-2234 W. Yu, L. Gan, S. Li, Y. Qin, J. Wang, F. Wang, J. Liu

  48. Experimental study on spark-ignition control system of LPG automotive engine based on RBF neural network 2235-2242 H. Cui

  49. Least squares regression employed in predicting visual colors for home energy LCD monitors 2243-2250 B. Sun, H. Liu, W. Li1, S. Zhou

  50. Application of Cauchy-moment approach to tool design in electrochemical machining 2251-2258 N. Ma,W. Xu

  51. The empirical analysis on the reasonable ratio of housing-price to income in shaanxi province 2259-2266 X. Tang, X. Zhu

  52. Optimization of calculations on bending stresses of gear systems 2267-2278 Q. Liu, T. Zhang, X. Cui, Y. Yan

  53. Study on treatment of MDEA wastewater by micro-electrolysis process 2279-2286 Y. Zeng, J. Wang, J. Gao, R. Huang

  54. Failure characteristics of two sides and local control technologies for roadways in Deep Tilted Strata 2287-2296 H. Wu, N. Zhang, W. Wang, X. Zheng, X. Yu

  55. Optimization design of Francis turbine runner based on the hydraulic vibration controlling system 2297-2304 F. He

  56. Numerical simulation of the complex chemical kinetics 2305-2312 C. Ren, Y. Liu, X. Huang

  57. Control model of carbon emissions-carbon sink based on load dynamic equilibrium in low-carbon scenic spot 2313-2320 G. Chen, Z. Liao

  58. Analysis and simulation of calcium carbonate scaling in oilfield injection-production system 2321-2328 X. Sui, B. Wang, Q. Dong, H. Wu, J. Dong, H. Wu, L. Li, D. Yuan

  59. Study on thermal decomposition process and mechanism of calcium carbonate 2329-2334 J. Song, L. Wang, G. Song

  60. Research on ethanol production by fermenting office waste paper 2335-2340 L. Ma, X. Wang, H. Yu

  61. Application of vehicle-borne lidar scanning system in 3D modeling 2341-2348 T. Yang, J. Zuo, D. Liu, J. Sun

  62. A low carbon economy evaluation about the major cities of China based on multivariate statistical model 2349-2356 L. Zhou

  63. Empirical analysis of carbon emissions and economic in Beijing based on statistical model 2357-2362 L. Zhou

  64. Experimental study on factors influencing sweep efficiency of water flooding oil reservoir 2363-2374 Y. Wang, X. Wu, F. Lai, R. Wang, M. Teng, Y. Wu, R. Liu

  65. 3-D virtual simulation of entire plant growth based on based on L-system 2375-2384 D. Ding, K. Fang, S. Jing, H. Yu, B. Qiao

  66. Optimization of the combustion chamber of SI LPG Engine 2385-2402 G. Ruan, Z. Zhang1, Q. Wang

  67. A water resource conservation model of china based on regression analysis 2403-2412 N. Peng, Z. Han, L. Huang, W. Zhang

  68. Research on operation control strategy and voltage stability of islanded microgrid 2413-2424 W. Qin, J. Song, X. Han

  69. Application on integration of solar energy systems and building 2425-2436 Y. Gu, H. Wang

  70. Joint economic lot size model under different carbon policies 2437-2454 H-Y. Xia, T-J. Fan, G-X. Lou, Y-F. Wu

  71. Study of the optimization scheduling based on by-product gas model in iron and steel enterprises 2455-2468 J. Wang, X. Yao, Ji Hu, Y. Pang

  72. Reliability based design optimization of coupled dynamical systems in the early stage of products development 2469-2480 J. Pang, J. Zhou, F. Li

  73. Leakage detection of EVs taking into account the dynamics of the high voltage bus 2481-2492 H. Dai, Y. Zhou, X. Wei, Z. Sun, X. Chang

  74. Cableway triangular tower stress finite element analysis 2493-2504 J. Gong

  75. Optimization of fresh air conditioning system for indoor thermal comfort and air quality 2505-2518 P. Yang, Y. Zhang, W. Liu

  76. Solving economical operation problem of local basin cascade hydropower plants for optimal decided scheme evaluation system 2519-2532 Z. Wei, J. Teng-Teng

  77. Industrial transformation models and empirical research of Oil City 2533-2544 H. Wang

  78. A combined forecasting method of wind power capacity with differential evolution algorithm 2545-2556 J. Wang, L. Li

  79. Study on the self-organization evolution and function of supply chain system’s energy social responsibility 2557-2562 B. Wang

  80. Research of a two-way modified energy saving collaborative filtering algorithm J. Yu*, L. Wang, W. Gao, J. Wang, Y. Cui

  81. Evaluation of ecological safety in mining area 2569-2572 Q. Chen

  82. Logging evaluation methods of organic matter abundance of source rocks and its application in Ordos basin 2573-2578 H. Yu, X. Wang1, S. Jiang, H. Wu

  83. Workspace analysis and optimization of bionic 6-PSS jaw chew platform 2579-2584 J. Yu, L. Xiaofeng, M. Dejun

  84. Analysis on the effectiveness of low carbon economy transformation in China-Taking Coal Resources Regions as samples 2585-2588 Z. Li, H. He, L. Zhao

  85. Research on low-carbon technology innovation cooperation regime among universities-enterprises-government based on the hyper-cycle 2589-2592 H. Cui, X. Peng, Z. Xuan

  86. Research of English teaching principles in the energy network environment 2593-2598 S. Han, M. Feng

  87. The distribution and adjustment of pastoral area based on water resources carrying capacity 2599-2602 Y. Long, Z. Liao, Z. Guo, X. Xu, Y. Song

  88. Adaptive sliding mode force/position control for fault tolerance robot manipulators based on neural network 2603-2608 E. Li, Z. Li, W. Li

  89. The state estimation of oil pipeline based on UKF 2609-2612 R-G. Xiao, Y-H. Wang, B-Q. Wei, G. Chen

  90. Analytic solutions of invariant curves 2613-2616 L. Liu

  91. Analysis and controller design of stochastic stability in continuous-time Markovian jump linear system 2617-2622 D. Ze, W. Jin, Y. Xiuming

  92. The vibration mechanism caused by external disturbance and suppression method of the rolling mill system 2623-2626 Y. Gao, B. Jin, H. Zhang

  93. Sustainable carrying assessment for resource-based tourist destinations 2627-2632 X. Yang, G. Weng

  94. Emergency evacuation management based on public transport priority 2633-2638 J. Wang, H. Liu, J. Cui, S. Ma

  95. Adaptive tracking control for nonholonomic mechanical systems with rheonomous affine kinematic model constraints 2639-2644 X. Liu, Y. Wang

  96. Study on the uncertainty theory in the next generation of energy saving GPS 2645-2648 H. Zhu

  97. Use of cooperative learning strategy at energy business school in China 2649-2652 W. Yu

  98. Teaching signals and systems course via speech visualization technology 2653-2658 K. Ubul

  99. Research on dynamic shooting training based on the computer simulation technology 2659-2670 W. Pengfei, X. Zhaobo, W. Ziqiang, Z. Jianjun, G. Yun, G. Yunpeng

  100. The application research of Matlab simulation software in the course teaching of satellite navigation 2671-2678 H. Feijiang, L. Zhaofeng, Z. Wenxi,S. Wang, S. Liping, L. Guangcan

  101. Robust exponential stabilization of discrete-time switched hopfield neural networks with time delay based on trace of matrix 2679-2682 H. Li, Y. Wu

  102. Experimental study on acoustic emission characteristics of rock salt with coarse or fine grain 2683-2686 J. Chen, L. Yin, D. Jiang, S. Ren, L. Li, Y. Zhao

  103. Effect of illumination on growth of chlorella and marine toxic pollution removal 2687-2690 J. Zhang

  104. Convex incentive schemes based on phantom stocks with innovated risk-return structures 2691-2696 L. Zhongwen, S. Chuanhe, X. Zhe

  105. Analysis and study on tensile properties of knitted fabrics 2697-2700 Q. Xu

  106. Study on antibacterial and mechanical properities of cotton fabrics treated with clove extracts and chitosan 2701-2706 Y. Ge, J. P. Tang

  107. The comfortable clothing pressure range of elastic sports vest 2707-2710 H. Liu, G. Fu, Y. Wang, D. Chen

  108. The study of thermal-wet comfort of women's pantyhose 2711-2716 H. Liu, Q. Zhang, Y. Wang, H. Wang, D. Chen,Y. Cao

  109. A new teachers career planning prediction method based on GA-BP energy neural network 2717-2720 C. Shufa, Y. Jiaxin

  110. Theories and experiments for steering characteristics of vehicle under different road surface conditions 2721-2726 C. Yan, Y. Guo

  111. The research of carbon fiber components for formula cars 2727-2730 B. Song, Y. Zhang, Y. Du

  112. A wind tunnel experimental study of icing on cylinder surface 2731-2736 Y. Li, J. Tang, Q. He, F. Feng, Y. Zhang

  113. Wind speed forecasting based on CFGM(1,1) model 2737-2742 X. Liu, Y. Zhao, Y. Wang

  114. Corporate political strategy and performance in china: the moderating effects of top management orientation and social capital 2743-2746 C. Wang, W. Liang

  115. The variable weights buffer first-entry grey ARMA-EGARCH-M combined forecasting model 2747-2750 Y. Zhao, X. Liu, H. Li

  116. Wind power forecasting based on ARIMA-EGARCH-M-GED model 2751-2756 Y. Zhao, X. Liu, H. Li

  117. An empirical study on environmental efficiency of coal-fired power plant 2757-2760 X. Wang, M. Meng

  118. The research of private small business’ financing strategy in pearl river delta during the transitional period 2761-2764 W. Liang

  119. Reusability based remanufacturing simulation and optimization of automotive connecting rod 2765-2768 J. Luo, X. Liu1,Y. Luo

  120. Acoustic emission characteristic of salt rock with different temperature 2769-2772 L. Li, J. Chen, D. Jiang, X. Shi, L. Yin, G. Deng

  121. Reconstructed technology of reuse depleted salt caverns for gas storage 2773-2776 L. Yin, J. Chen, L. Li, C. Du, S. Ren, Y. Chen

  122. Study on illumination properties of fluorescent lamps driven by surface wave plasma 2777-2780 K. Wang, J. Li, S-Q. Wang

  123. Properties of the merit functions via SQP method for variational inequality problem 2781-2786 W. Zhao, B. Liu,Z. Li

  124. Analysis of the fluctuation of wind power 2787-2792 H. Li