Volume (Issue) 32 (1) January 2014

  1. Development of municipal monitor 1-6 C. Guan,G. Wang,S. Chen,H. Wang, F. Nie,Y. Sun,L. Ming

  2. Study on selective mining of coal and gangue and strip-filling technology for thin seam 7-12 L. Wan, L. Ren, Q. Zeng, L. Wang

  3. Multiple biodiesel mixtures in diesel engine - performance and emission analysis 13-24 K. A. Balasubramanian, K. Srithar

  4. Research to hydraulic metal structure health diagnosis based on FAHP 25-38 G. Yang,K. Yang

  5. Calculation model of comprehensive filtration coefficient and its effect on fracture length of coal reservoir 39-50 L. Xu, J. Cui, J. Tang,P.Yu,J Teng1,S. Huang,Y. Chen1, L. Cai,X. Sun

  6. Research on China rural land circulation legal system based on land and energy 51-56 Y. Y. Zhu

  7. Sealing mechanism and experimental research of MICSE based on the theory of elastohydrodynamic lubrication 57-68 G. Zhiping, L. Guanfu, M. Shujing, W. Yanfei,G. Wei1, L. Yanzheng, H. Jianmei

  8. US Fayetteville Shale Gas reservoir modeling 69-80 S. Zheng, H. Fan, S. Jiang

  9. Study on capillary number curve of binary compound flooding in offshore oilfield 81-92 C. Nan, S. Kaoping, T. Engao, Z. Jian, P. Yanfu

  10. Study on methods of measuring thermo-physical properties of inhomogeneous solid materials for solar thermal storage 93-106 W. Lu, F. Li, L. Jinhao

  11. Leakage detection of heating network with graph theoretic approach 107-118 Y. Xianliang, J.Lianlian, H. Wenhui, W. Songling

  12. Researching the law of remaining oil distribution after polymer flooding in offshore oil field 119-132 T. Engao, Y. Erlong, S. Liyan, J. Yinghua

  13. Numerical computation of bend-flows using a modified 2D depth-averaged model in curvilinear coordinates 133-138 Y. Liu,S. Shao, Z Liu,W. Wei

  14. The empirical study of the application of network information technology platform in the teaching of English writing 139-142 Y-J. Chu

  15. The analysis of structure strength and calculation of critical speed of a new type of high-speed permanent magnet motor 143-148 X. Zhang, L. He, G. Li, Z. Zhou

  16. Study on eutrophic evaluation and numerical simulation of TP content in Nansi Lake 149-154 L. F. Wang, L. Yang

  17. Butterfly: the analysis of commercial housing price formation based on inflation visual 155-160 W. Liang, J. Duan

  18. Simulation on the freezing process of packaged food products 161-166 G. Wang, P. Zou, M. Liu

  19. Reliability analysis of key parts for differential system 167-172 X. Liu, S. Zheng, T. Chen, J. Feng

  20. A construction method for dew point curves of hydrocarbon mixtures 173-180 W. Jia, C. Li, X. Wu

  21. Sequence stratigraphy and paleogeography of the Late Triassic coal-measures in south China: implication for coal development 181-190 Y. Li, L. Shao, C. Zhang, C. Gao, W. Liang

  22. The trend of china energy structure: Forecast natural gas consumption 191-194 Z. Cai, X. Liao

  23. A multi-agent architecture for the self-healing of SGs based on IEC 61499/61850 195-212 Z. Jiang, O. Mosbahi, M. Khalgui

  24. Traveling-wave-based Fault-location method under low sampling rate 213-220 J. Tang, X. Yin1, Z. Zhang

  25. Distribution characteristics and influencing factors of indoor particulate concentration in university functional buildings 221-234 L. Yang, F. Dong, J. Wei,G. Song, T. Qiang, A. Cheng

  26. The causal relationship between economic growth, energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Hong Kong 235-248 S. L. Lai, K. C. Kuo, P. Kanyasathaporn, M. Liu

  27. The construction of forest farm’s sustainable development indicators and the empirical study--Taking ming xi state-owned forestry farm as an example 249-258 T. Li, B. Cheng, J. Zhao, J. Chen

  28. Numerical simulation with Lattice Boltzmann method for flow and heat transfer of the nanofluids 259-272 S. Yao, G. Wang, X. Jia, L. Duan, C. Zhou

  29. Study on quality evaluation method of color reproduction of coated paper in ink-jet printing 273-282 W. Da, C. Qifeng

  30. Combustion of jatropha curcas oil on perforated burner 283-292 I. K. G. Wirawan, I. N. G. Wardana,R. Soenoko, S. Wahyudi

  31. Wind power generation control based on WTS device 293-300 G. Wang, H. Geng, X. Hu, Y. Sun, Y. Guo

  32. Quantitative study on the synergistic effect of organophosphorus corrosion inhibitor in 10% sulfuric acid 301-314 A. He, X. Liu, X. Li

  33. Prediction of carbon emissions in Hebei Province based on grey relational analysis and BP neural network model 315-324 J. Li, P. Li.

  34. The Potential of empty fruit bunch (EFB) as artificial bait for subteranean termite: Pisoptera 325-338 A. S. bin Abd. Razak, S. binti Sulaiman

  35. Treatment of ındustrial wastewater using Eichornia crassipes, Pistia stratiotes and Salvinia Molesta in phytogreen system 39-346 A. S. bin Abd. Razak, S. binti Sulaiman

  36. Treatment of industrial wastewater in Gebeng Area, Kuantan Pahang using Phytogreen System 347-354 A. S. bin Abd. Razak, Z. bin Ab Wahid1, I. bin Zakaria, M. I. bin Mohd. Said3, S. bt. Sulaiman

  37. Study on APFC circuit in the single-phase variable frequency power supply 355-366 Z. Wang, Y. Wei1, C. Li

  38. Study on current-sharing control in the distributed power management device 367-376 Z. Wang, C. Li, Y. Wei

  39. Carbon emission efficiency and reduction cost of China during 1997-2011 377-386 S. F. Wang, S. L. Yang

  40. Research on the optimization of solar thermal power plant location based on Intuitionistic fuzzy choquet integral operator 387-398 Y. Wu, S. Geng, N. Tian

  41. Sedimentary characteristics and coal-forming model of Transgressive events of Paleozoic Era in the North China Plate 599-412 D. Lv, Y. Zhang, R. Zong, W. Huiyong

  42. Multilevel inverters for permanent magnet synchronous generator using wind power generation system 413-426 G. Balaji, I. Gnanambal

  43. Experimental study on water flow of coal with loading process at different state 427-438 J-Q Meng

  44. Stray current remote monitoring system for wild transportation oil pipeline 439-446 G. Wang, B. Liu, Z. Wang, F. Nie, C. Jiang

  45. Hydrodeoxygenation of Shea butter to produce diesel-like fuel using acidified and basic Al2O3 supported molybdenum oxalate catalyst - with Aspen Hysys simulation study 447-460 O. B. Ayodele, H. F. Abbas, W. Mohd A. W. Daud

  46. Construction and evaluation research of the teaching assessment system on the integrated simulation training based on AHP 461-472 Y. Zhou, S. Yun,Y Xiong, X. Huang1, X. Ji

  47. A non-linear inversion algorithm based on adaptive PSO for the MT oil-gas exploration data 473-480 J. Xiong, C. Liu, T. Zhang, Z. Chen

  48. Monitoring subtle difference of chlorophyll of amorpha fruticosa inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhiza in coal mining 481-488 C. Shulin, B. Yinli, Q. Lishuai

  49. Isolation, identification and decolorizing gene assignment of an acid red B decolorizing bacterium 489-500 Y-B. Tang, F. Cai, F-Y. Chen

  50. Study on the precipitation of gallium from cottrell precipitator flue dust leach solution 501-508 K. Xu, T. Deng, J. Liu, W. Peng

  51. On a wave energy converter – Floating breakwater hybrid 509-520 M. A. Akgul, M. S. Kabdasli

  52. Research on micro-grid protection strategy 521-532 X. Zhu, Z. Zhai, L. Liu

  53. Liquid injecting and collecting model establishing on in-situ leaching the weathered crust elution-deposited rare earth ore 533-544 G-L. Zou, Y-D. Wu, Z-M. Deng, S-J. Cai

  54. A competitive mechanism based dynamic power quality evaluation method 545-556 X. Feng, X. Weilun, X. Yumin, H. Zhiwei,O. Sen, Z. Jiang

  55. The mechanism of power quality forecast and early warning and its application 557-568 H. Weixiong, X. Feng, X. Weilun, X. Zhuping, O. Sen, Z. Jiang

  56. Determination of cost-sharing of oil recovery ships using discrete convolution method 569-580 W. Ding, J. Xu, P. Zheng

  57. Lab study on simulating unstable water injection for vertical heterogeneous sandstone reservoir in the layer 581-590 M. Yang, S. Li, W. Xi, Y. Cheng

  58. Assisted magnetic field electrochemical machining 591-604 J. Jia, J. Liu

  59. An energy comparison among cool roof, green roof and conventional roof on an office building in Chongqing, China 605-614 Y. Gao, J. Xu, Z. Wang, K. Zhao, X. Tang

  60. Fouling control of a metal membrane bioreactor with ozone 615-624 Y. Xie, C. Yuan, L. Lv, T. Chai, B. Bai, M. Fan, M. You, J. Han, T. Zhu

  61. Investigation and analysis of undersea natural gas PE pipelines against steady current effects 625-632 U. Caliskan, I. Avci

  62. System dynamics simulation for carbon emissions of the primary industry—The case of Baoding, China 633-644 J. Wang, Y. Ren

  63. Cost-benefit analysis of DSM energy-efficiency project in low-carbon vision: a case in China 645-658 J. Wang, Y. Zhu

  64. An investigation on isotopes separation by gas centrifuge method 659-666 L. H. Cite, M. Yilmaz

  65. Numerical simulation of the influence for AP1000 nuclear power plant accident with FLEXPART 667-676 J. Guo, Y. Zhu, C. Nie

  66. Comparative analysis of different empirical relations for the computation of the regression coefficients and the global solar radiation for the climatic cond. of Vhembe Dist. in Limpopo prov. of South Africa 677-692 N.E.Maluta, V.Sankaran, T.S. Mulaudzi

  67. Experimental study of enhanced oil recovery of different gas injection methods in low permeability reservoir at high water-cut stage 693-702 Lai Fengpeng,Li Zhiping, Fu Yingkun, Li Hong, Guo Zhenzhen