Volume (Issue) 32 (2) March 2014

  1. Risk equilibrium model of coal-electricity supply chain based on entropy value method 703-714 T. Zhongfu, L. Wenyan, H. Puyu, S. Yihang

  2. Relationship analysis of China building energy consumption, coal consumption and pollutant emissions 715-724 C. Shoujun, T. Qingkun, L. Jicheng, W. Qiushuang

  3. Study on photothermal properties of Al-nanofluids 725-732 M. Lingbo, L. Feng, J. Demin

  4. The economic value evaluation model of electric power emergency management 733-740 W. Zhang, Z. Tan, K. Chen,J. Zhao, W. Zheng, J. Liu

  5. Isolation, cultivation and regulation of sulfate-reducing bacteria in oilfield 741-752 W. Song, D. Ma, Y. Zhu, X. Wei

  6. An inverse heat conduction problem in estimating thermal conductivity coefficient of refractory materials 753-760 P. Cai1, K. Wang, J. Liu, Y. Wang

  7. An experimental research of slowing the water adsorption effect of coalbed methane (CBM) reservoir by alcohol treatment 761-772 Y. Liu, T. He

  8. Intelligent energy saving control system of double twisters based on S3C2416 773-780 P. Du, S. Pan, X. Luo, J. Wang, H. He

  9. Heat transfer characteristics of spiral-wound heat exchanger for LNG in high pressure 781-788 P. Cai, L. Zhao, J. Li, K. Wang

  10. Research on the wind power installed capacity 789-798 Y. Zhang, X. Liu, Q. Li, M. Li

  11. The analysis of fertilizer input and grain yield on multiple cropping’ systems in China 799-806 X. Ren, S. Yao, D. Wu, S. Chen

  12. The analysis of solar water heating system potential in Southwest China 807-820 L. Meng, C. Huang, Z. Yun,K. Mckinnell, Z. Yu, L. Cong

  13. Research on energy optimal control strategy for HEV 821-834 D. Chen, X. Li, L. Chen, S. Li, F. Tian, L. Yang

  14. Research on the electric demand response profit distribution based on system dynamics 835-844 J-M. Wang, S. Dong

  15. The research on the mathematical simulation of low permeability reservoir in consideration of starting pressure gradient of CO2 flooding 845-858 L. Sun, J. Zhang, Y. Jin, J. He

  16. Simulation on cylinder flow field of micro free swing piston engine 859-874 Z-P. Guo, Y-Z Lu1, H-J. Zhang, Y-F. Wang,G-F. Li, W. Guo, Y-F. Chen

  17. Research on containing primary fractured mudstone micro-mechanical failure process and AE characteristic 875-886 D. Dong, Z. Chaoyang, L. Libing

  18. Controller parameters tuning based on fuzzy clustering 887-894 G. Wang, Z. Li, B. Liu, C. Zhang

  19. Study on electric furnace power quality integrated control system 895-904 Y. Wang

  20. Eco-environmental quality assessment of micang mountain national nature reserve 905-912 A. Pan

  21. Curing rheological properties and process determination of low viscosity epoxy resin for RTM 913-922 Z. Zhou, B. Jiang, F. He, X. Chen

  22. Application of dimension reduction in the alloy burden intelligent prediction model 923-930 X. Wang, J. Cui, J. Feng, M. Zhang

  23. Design of automobile air-conditioner controller based adaptive fuzzy controlling for passenger cars 931-938 G. Zhao

  24. Design of hydraulic power system for fasteners loose test-bed 939-946 G. Zhao

  25. Method of improving the modeling sand performance with starch added 947-954 G. Zhao

  26. Numerical simulation of forced convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a channel using the lattice Boltzmann method 955-964 S. Yao, X. Jia, C. Zhou, LDJ Den

  27. The research on layout and design of construction scheme for garment technology laboratory of fashion design major which belongs to independent college 965-970 T. Liu

  28. An sentence-based opinion retrieval approach considering the relevance of individual opinions 971-980 P. Wang, M. Zhong1, Q. Chen

  29. Rotating machinery fault diagnosis based on fuzzy theory 981-988 Z. Lv, G. Tang, J. Wang, G. Han, Z. Wu, S. Wan

  30. Guidance integrated fuze analysis and simulation of the fourth generation medium-range missile 989-998 C. Cui, X. Xiping, X. Shuchen, J. Yiguo, Z. Lizhu, Z. Yongbing

  31. Study on the fuzzy adaptive control of three-cylinders synchronous hydraulic system 999-1004 G. Zhao

  32. Numerical study of the effect of splitter blade’s main geometric parameters on the performance of pump as turbine 1005-1014 J. Yang, S. Miao, G. Shi, T. Wang

  33. Comprehensive recovery of Vanadium and Molybdenum from spent catalyst 1015-1020 M. Li, Y. Shao*, S. Xu

  34. Extract molybdenum from spent catalyst by soda roasting water leaching 1021-1026 Y. Shao, M. Li,S. Xu

  35. Study of optimal control for electric automatic side door used in high speed train 1027-1032 C. Liu, X. Sun1, Z. Wei1, M. Nan1, Y. Gao

  36. Grids state estimation of quadrature Kalman filter based on PMU/SCADA 1033-1038 J. Xu, A. Xu, L. Yan, S. Liu

  37. Research on the multi-target attack fire control system 1039-1044 Y. Ji, X. Ge, Z. Tao, Z. Lan, C. Chen, C. Tian

  38. Earthquake disaster loss simulation which based on the blind estimation 1045-1050 D. Li, Y. Yao

  39. Cloud and quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm for economic load dispatch of power system 1051-1058 C. Zhang, Y. He

  40. Research on heat transfer performance of nanofluids heat pipe with porous foamy copper 1059-1066 S. Yao, D. Sheng, Q. Cheng, J. Liu, S. Lu

  41. Calculation of analytic stress in static thin-walled deep I-beams with uniformly load 1067-1074 Y. Sheng, Z. Wang, Z. Li

  42. Aerodynamic analysis on passenger vehicle and the improving design of passenger vehicle 1075-1084 J. Xu, S. Chen, J. Lai

  43. Study on methods of numerical simulation of transient flow in the semi-open impeller stage of a centrifugal compressor 1085-1092 R. Xie, M. Hao1, L. Guan2, W. Miao, Y. Shi

  44. The design of the equipment for automatically disassembling components on discarded circuit board 1093-1098 Y. He, C. Zou, R. Yi, Q. Zhang, S. Chen

  45. Modelling design and blade profile optimization for a mixed-flow pump impeller 1099-1106 R. Xie, H. Qi, F. Shen, W. Jin, Y. Shi

  46. Influence of ecological-clean small-watershed construction on ecological footprint 1107-1116 B. Feng, Z. Zhang, Z. Chen

  47. Research on combined evaluation of the level of low carbon economy based on the analysis of grey correlation 1117-1128 W. Kong

  48. Technology of permeable brick using MSW RDF gasification slag 1129-1138 Y-R. Wang, Z-J. Wang, A-G. Wang, C-P. Li

  49. Nano P/Cu composite ratio effect on the anti-wear and anti-friction properties of 45 steel friction pairs 1139-1150 H. Yin, X. Wu, Y. Zhou, Y. Li

  50. Demand analysis and investigation on perception of irrigation methods for farmers 1151-1160 Y. Huang, W. Han, C. Zhang, W. Li

  51. Performance analysis of megawatt vertical axis wind turbine bionic tower based on the fluid-structure interaction 1161-1174 J. Tan, X. Peng

  52. Study on the farmland precise irrigation monitor system based on MapX 1175-1188 Y. Gu, H. Wang,S. Liu

  53. Numerical simulation for sediment scouring and deposit of the reservoir in mountain sandy rivers 1189-1202 J. Miao, J. Niu, X. Wang

  54. CO2 emission of building glass production 1203-1212 M. Liu1, S. Zhu, W. Li

  55. Experimental study on wellbore stability of fractured shale 1213-1218 J. Liu, Z. Qiu, W. Huang, D. Song, D. Bao

  56. Research on Ce load microporous molecular sieve catalyst in the oxidation of oleic acid 1219-1224 C. Shi, W. Wu, S. Zhao, P. Chen, X. Wang, W. Yang, X. Bian

  57. Analysis of influence factors of coal mine safety based on AHP 1225-1230 Y. Wang

  58. The algorithm optimization based on the action recognition of silhouette and optical flow features 1231-1238 H. Jia

  59. Water consumption characteristics of no membrane transplanting cotton under subsurface drip irrigation in Xinjiang 1239-1246 Z. Wang, J. Zhang

  60. Effects of the lateral layout in drip irrigation on maize growth in a wheat-maize double cropping system 1247-1254 Z. Wang, Lei Pei, X. Zheng

  61. Study and application of optimization for internal combustion engine intake port based on CAD/CFD technology 1255-1262 Y. Wang, D. Sun, S. Liu

  62. Kinematics of an Omni-Directional Mecanum wheeled vehicle 1263-1278 S. Dai, Y. Li, J. Zhu, F. Tian

  63. Element and belt interaction in metal V-belt CVT based on ADAMS 1279-1286 Y. Yang, H. Chen

  64. Verification of virtual prototype for metal V-belt CVT 1287-1294 Y, Yang

  65. Route analysis for collaborative development between higher continuing education and regional economy 1295-1302 X. Hu

  66. Research on development tendency of government’s procurement scope 1303-1308 Y. Wang

  67. TPFS based design and test for detecting system of mechatronic experimental bench 1309-1316 D. Li, S. Jia, Z. Peng1, H. Jiang

  68. Design and test of whole plastic-film mulching on double ridges potato planter 1317-1324 W. Sun, L. Shi, D. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Zhang, X. Liu, J. Wu

  69. A kind of turbine fault diagnosis based on fish-swarm algorithm 1325-1330 J. Xu, Y. Zhang, P. Wang

  70. The mode of training innovative talent under interactive network environment for energy education engineering 1331-1336 J. Xu, L. Yan, H. Li, C. Liu, B. Gao

  71. Influence of ecological-clean small-watershed construction on ecological footprint 337-346 B. Feng, Z. Zhang, Z. Chen

  72. Incorporating biological inspired optimization into modeling of district heating networks 1347-1354 L. Shang, X. Zhao, H. Qu

  73. Reserve for protective effect of ecosystem services of Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve through an iterated social game 1355-1366 D. Yu, S. Han

  74. Gas steam generator control system for oil extraction equipment 1367-1374 G. Wang, C. Zhang, H. Geng, F. Nie

  75. Clean energy grid-connected management model and lessons learned from advanced countries 1375-1386 J. Dong, T-T. Feng, Y-H. Du, D-D. Wang

  76. Removal of SO2 from flue gas by sodium phosphate buffer solution in a Rotating Packed Bed 1397-1406 Z. Yuan, W. Song, B. Peng, X. Kang, Y. Liu

  77. Impact of using infrared irradiation energy in food processing 1387-1396 S. Hagh Nazari