Volume (Issue) 32 (3) May 2014

  1. Statistical study on China's circulation industry economic performance under informatization background 1407-1412 Diping Zhang

  2. The Bayes Model of fatigue failure probability updating for steel gate 1413-1418 Li Kun

  3. Study on smart grid system based on system dynamics 1419-1422 He-rui Cui, Xu Peng

  4. Off-line writer identification based on Uyghur, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz handwriting 1423-1428 Kurban Ubul, Marhaba Eli, Alimjan Aysa, Tuergen Yibulayin

  5. A monitoring method of the university network public opinion— based on the search engine query log 1429-1434 Zi Yin, Zhihong Li, Xueping Li

  6. Automate road extraction from color city map based on threshold algorithm in HSV space 1435-1400 Lulu Zhang, Ning He, Cheng Xu, JinBao Wang

  7. Research on the long-term care emend for the elderly in China 1441-1446 J. Zhao, L. Hai

  8. Nonlinear vibration analysis of low-pressure rotor-bearing system of turbine unit 1447-1452 G. Shi, Y. Cui, W. Huang

  9. Research on crack-resistance property of asphalt mixture as road stress-absorbing interlayer 1453-1458 X. Wenyuan, X. Dong

  10. Experimental research on seismic performance of new type GSZ –walls 1459-1464 Q. Huang, F. Xiong, S. He, S. Du

  11. Parameter effect analysis of 32m elevated concrete box-bridge structure noise of high speed railway 1465-1470 G. Shi, X. Zhang, X. Zhan

  12. Research on a network management agent system for CATV network 1471-1476 W. Zhang, L. Cheng, Y. Feng, X. Tan, L. Fu

  13. Individual variable pitch control research on large-scale wind turbines 1477-1482 S. Cui, W. Wang

  14. An algorithm to extend the lifetime for ad hoc networks 1483-1486 W. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Feng, X. Tan, L. Fu

  15. Strong electromagnetic environments on the influence of the communication cable E1 1487-1490 H. Ma, W. Zhang, B. An, Y. Jin, F. Men

  16. Research on bidding model of power market under micro-grid high permeability 1491-1494 C. Gao, S. Mao, Y. Wang

  17. A book review “Biohydrogen: For Future Engine Fuel Demands” 1495-1496 A. Demirbas

  18. Splitting tensile strength and mechanism research on basalt-steel fiber hybrid concrete 1497-1504 X. Fan, Bo Yuan

  19. Splitting tensile strength and mechanism research on basalt-steel fiber hybrid concrete 1497-1504 X. Fan, Bo Yuan

  20. Research on the Chaos –neural network theory of the project cost control method 105-1516 X-C. Duan1, C-G. Jing

  21. Study on the permeability and the permeable mechanism of the municipal solid waste 1517-1524 Z. Zhang, D. Wu, L. Zhang, L. Yan

  22. Changes of sludge characteristic in landfill leachate treatment with anaerobic granular sludge 1525-1534 M. Tang, P. Xian, Y. Xu, M. Guo, L. Yang, X. Liu

  23. Study on allocation of water resources based on analytical hierarchy process—take Anhui province as an example 1535-1548 W. Panyi

  24. Study of influence factors for the resistance value tested in rock-electric experiments 1549-1556 Y. Pi1, X. Guo, Q. Liu, L. Liu, Z. Li, L. Tang

  25. The designing and parametric analysis of lever-type TMD for Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge 1557-1570 Z. Sen, C. Shaofeng, S. Yiran

  26. Environmental flow for the Yangtze River below three Gorges Reservoir 1571-1580 H. Wang, W. Guo, Y. Wang

  27. Analysis of the growth characteristics of granular sludge in anaerobic start-up phase of landfill leachate 1581-1592 Y. B. Xu, P. Xian, M. Tang, X. Y. Liu, Xi Liu,M. F. Guo, L. H. Yang

  28. Design of an energy-saving intelligent fire-fighting robot 1593-1602 Z. Li, W. Li, Y. Huang

  29. Intrinsic permeability effect on vacuum drying of porous medium with cortex 1603-1612 L. Zhao, S. Zhentian, Z. Zhang, S. Zhang, W. Zhang

  30. Mathematical model of post fracturing high-rank coal reservoir in the well dewatering stage in Southern Qinshui Basin 1613-1628 S. Liu, S. Sang, Q. Zhu, M. Li

  31. Optimized BPNN model for CO2 separating from natural gas membrane separation process based on PSO 1629-1638 S-C. Qi, L. Wang, G-X. Li, Y-Q. Wang, J-D. Li

  32. Study on risk analysis and evaluation of combustion steam in combined cycle power plant 1639-1646 Z. Sun, J. Liu

  33. Orderly dismantling of engine crankshaft and the analysis of assessment of remanufacturability 1647-1656 Z. Dazhi, F. Bailin, L. Wulong, W. Yanjun

  34. Characteristics and Analysis of electromagnetic shielding box of electric power management system of aircraft 1657-1668 Y. Sun, L. Zhang, L. Qu

  35. Improvement of transductive support vector machine and its application on making a mixed refrigerant in ground source heat pump system 1669-1680 M. Yan, J. Wang

  36. Small sample classification data modeling in water shortage evaluation 1681-1690 L. Lang, Y. Ge

  37. A study on building surface parametric design technology applied in Yantai Science and Technology Center 1691-1700 Y. Wang, P. Sun, D. Fang, H. Ma

  38. Research on quantitative evaluation of Chinese university campus planning 1701-1710 Y. Wang, H. Tang, X. Yang

  39. Magnetic levitation and guidance forces relaxation characteristics study of bulk high temperature superconductors above permanent magnet guideway 1711-1720 Y. Lu, S. Zhao

  40. Research on environmental management with intellectual property rights 1721-1728 J. Li, Q. Li

  41. A novel algorithm for segmentation of iron ore fines images 1729-1742 T. Fang, L. Wang, Y. Huang

  42. An analysis of the impact of ignition advance angle of CNG vehicles on combustion process and exhaust emission 1743-1754 X. Zhang, Y. Xu

  43. Fluorite beneficiation with different pH in rougher and cleaner 1755-1764 Y. Sun, J. Liu, Y. Cao, F. Dong, S. Wang

  44. Research on design of the heat dissipation structure of a typical 100W HP-LED streetlight 1765-1778 K. Pan, H. Lin, Y. Guo, R. Chen, X. Wang, B. Zhou

  45. Study of dam surface deformation measurement system basing on differential technology 1779-1788 D. Wang, W. Tian, J. Zhao

  46. Numerical analysis of fluid-solid coupling 1789-1798 Z. Li, R. Liang

  47. Evaluation of wind farm site selection based on intuitionistic fuzzy VIKOR method 1799-1810 Y. Wu, S. Geng

  48. Determinants of CO2 emissions: testing for the environmental Kuznets curve in China 1811-1820 Z. He, S. Xu

  49. A study on teaching and application of Grey prediction model-taking commercial housing prices of Huangshi city as a example 1821-1828 Y. Cheng, S. Yun, X. Xu, P. lv

  50. Industrialization prospect of China's urban industrial wasteland 1829-1836 L. Qiao, L. Zhang, X. Li

  51. Bayesian belief networks to risk assessment of innovations in construction 1837-1846 F. Chen, H. Xie

  52. Emulation about the control system of CO2 concentration in aircraft electronic equipment training room 1847-1854 Z. Wang

  53. The enlightenment of Taiwan green economic development path on the mainland 1855-1866 C. Yi, C. Chen, X. Zhang

  54. Analysis of temperature rise and lubrication flow of the gear transmission under a starvation condition 1867-1880 J-C. Gong, J. Jia, W-K.Shi

  55. Research on laboratory experiment and influencing factors of unstable water injection 1881-1888 M. Yang, Y. Cheng, B. He, J. Zhang

  56. Research on mud pulse signal extraction and recognition algorithm in MWD 1889-1902 B. Tu, X. Zhang, T. Zhan, W. Zhang

  57. A numerical algorithm for lightning induction voltage inside wind turbine towers 1903-1914 X. Wang, H. Cheng, T. Liu

  58. Investigation of visibility along the slant path 1915-1928 Y. Wang

  59. Stochastic mean variance models for energy-efficient planning of product disassembly 1929-1938 B. Wang, Y. Liang

  60. Forecasting of steam load based on phase space reconstruction and improved LSSVM algorithm 1939-1952 H. Zhang, T. Yao, T. Ma

  61. Numerical simulation and analysis of coal and gas outburst process based on RFPA2D 1953-1962 G. Wang, X. Zhang, L. Sun

  62. Theoretical and experimental investigation on the laser shock processing technology 1963-1974 J. Lin, J. Fan, J. Lin

  63. Methodology for acquiring horizontal displacement in subsidence area by means of feature extraction of LIDAR points 1975-1986 J. Ao

  64. Analysis of safety investment in mines based on gaming model with the measurements of technology and cost 1987-1996 C. Wang, J. Yu, B. Yang,Z. Chen

  65. Optimal operation and electric power allocation of cascade hydropower plants using improved POA algorithm 1997-2006 J. Wang, J. Li, S. Chen, X. Dong, Q. Zhang

  66. The optimization models of partially open horizontal wells with separated production scheme based on genetic algorithm 2007-2018 S. Liu, S-H. Tang, D-K Tong, H. Liu

  67. Improving the efficiency of Cu(InGa)Se2 solar cells by a two-step selenization method 2019-2026 J. He, Q. Mao, X. Zhang, S. Zhang, Z. Su, X. Li, D. Wang, P. Yu

  68. A study on green consumer intention of portable hydrogen fuel cells 2027-2036 H-S. Chen

  69. Modeling acidizing process in lab-scale sandstone cores 2037-2046 C. Yang, L. Zheng

  70. The study of electrochemical noise in 316 stainless steel in the cooling system atmospheric tower of oil refineries 2047-2056 B. Chen, L-X. Li, C-J. Wu

  71. A future of new energy, biomass energy and nuclear energy and their applications 2057-2066 Y-P. Zhao, A-P. Wang, J-L. Liu

  72. Design of the fuel control system and its application in a spark-ignition LPG engine 2067-2074 H. Cui

  73. Treatment of landfill leachate using diatomite, zeolite and activated carbon 2075-2084 X. Li, C. Yuan, H. Liu, M. Fan, Z. Xu, B. Mei, Y. Xie, T. Zhu

  74. Medium and long-term load forecasting based on system dynamics and electricity elasticity coefficient method in China 2085-2094 D. Niu, Z. Song

  75. Research on the large eddy simulation of the hydraulic components in self-oscillating rotary percussion drilling tools 2095-2106 P. Lei, H-J. Ni, R-H. Wang, H-F. Song, P. Wang, H-G. Liu, W-G. Song

  76. The plan and construction of agricultural demonstration park based on the idea of high quality and high-efficiency 2107-2114 Y. Zhang, Z. Liu1, J. Wang, L. Qiao, L. Yao