Volume (Issue) 32 (4) July 2014

  1. Subacute toxicity of two polyoxyethylene-type nonionic surfactants on antioxidative defense system in the zebrafish Danio rerio 2115-2120 Q. Geng, J. Ding, L. Jiang, Y. Wu, P. Bao

  2. Research on China’s economic development transition under energy saving and emissions reduction constraints 2121-2128 W. Li, Y. Xiao, Y. Wang

  3. Spillover effect of environmental pollution in Hebei Province based on dynamic spatial panel data model 2129-2136 L. Zhou, H. Gao

  4. High repetition rate underwater range-gated image adaptive denoising algorithm research 2137-2142 L. Dai, X. Zhang

  5. Spatial variation of carbon emissions’ impact factors in China 2143-2150 S. Cheng, Y. Yang, J. Lv

  6. Research on the energy rebound effect of passenger transportation in China 2151-2158 F. Feng

  7. Study of innovative teaching mode about engineering mathematics based on entrepreneurship education 2159-2165 L. Zhou, H. Gao

  8. Study on the parallel web mining system based on cloud platform 2165-2172 H. Jia

  9. Research on HSR in smart substation network 2173-2180 J. Li, X. Liu, H. Zhang1, A. Zhang1, Y. Geng

  10. Reservoir productivity prediction using log data based on statistical methods 2181-2188 H. Yu, S. LingHu, X. Wang, X. He

  11. Affine invariant locally linear embedding for license plate character recognition 2189-2196 B. Gu, S. Huo, Z. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Y. Li

  12. Evaluation experiments on gas reservoir water-blocking damage in Ke-Yi structural belt 2197-2202 M. Zhang, T. Li, L. Tang

  13. Empirical study on performance evaluation system of city low carbon management 2203-2208 G. Han, N. Yu, Y. Tang

  14. Research and analysis on internet public opinion based on web mining 2209-2216 R. Lu, B. Liu

  15. Research on inequality of four economic regions of high-tech industry innovation quality in China 2217-2224 Y. Ma, J. Zhang, Z. Wang

  16. Study on the simulation modeling of message-passing parallel applications based on cloud computing 2225-2232 X. Wang, H. Jia

  17. The catalytic aquathermolysis of heavy oil in the presence of a hydrogen donor under reservoirs conditions 2233-2240 F. Zhao, X. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Shi

  18. Geochemical characters of Qiangongping manganese deposits in Songtao County of Guizhou Province 2241-2248 Y. Chen

  19. News mining and fusion in web big data 2249-2256 X. Tan

  20. Carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption and projections in Shaanxi Province based on the Kaya Model 2257-2262 J. Xu, J-S. Zhang, W. Zhang

  21. The impact from network convergence on information network security and relevant countermeasure study 2263-2270 Y. Xiang

  22. Use of multi-attribute inversion to predict watery in coal measure strata 2271-2276 S. Shi, Y. Tang, R. Ji, C. Sun, J. Li

  23. Creep model of marble under uniaxial compression 2277-2286 W. Chen, H. Tang

  24. Multi-attribute decision-making model of supplier selection based on the oblique projection-similarity theory 2287-2292 F. Zhang, G. Cui, Z. Xie, J. Cheng, L. Li

  25. Problem and countermeasure for municipal solid waste management in Hefei, China 2293-2300 Y. Wang, H. Pan, M. Ye, Z. Yan, H. Wang

  26. Comparison of three turbulence models for simulation of melt flow and heat transfer in the LEC crystal growth of GaAs 2301-2306 S. Chen, G. Xu, X. Guo, Y. Zhang, X. Tan

  27. Study on the safety criterion to analyze the deep slope with blasting vibration 2307-2312 Q. Li, L. Qiao, G. Dasgupta, Y. Li

  28. Stratigraphy of channel architecture in Fuyu layer, Daqing oilfield, NE China 2313-2318 C. Wang, Q. Zhang, W. Zheng, H. Deng, H. Wang

  29. On the incentive and constraint effect of resource tax policy to the promotion of coal inter-temporal mining recovery ratio 2319-2326 Z. Guo, X. Wei, M. Cao

  30. Study on the optimization method of technical configuration for a roller based on user information 2327-2336 L. Xie, G. Wang, W-S. Zhang

  31. Application of automatic vertical drilling system 2337-2346 X. Li, D. Wang, J. Jiang, Z. Mu

  32. Study on the tolerance ability and biodiversity of stream macroinvertebrates 2347-2352 Z. Luo, W. Wu

  33. Modeling control and simulation of a grid-connected hybrid power generation system for household application 2353-2366 H. Zeng, C. Feng, C. Liang

  34. The test on bearing characteristics of variable cross-section H-section pile and numerical simulation analysis 2367-2374 J-W. Zhang, J-D. Ma, D-Z Kong

  35. An airport noise annoyance model and its application on BCIA 2375-2388 X. Feng, C. Zhang, M. Lu, B. Xu

  36. Electrical reliability prediction of wind turbine generator using Bayesian network concerning wind fluctuation 2389-2400 H. Pan, J. Liu, M. Qin, J. Zhang, C. Chang, Z. Lv

  37. The model, approach and application of construction cost control to economy hotels 2401-2410 W. Guo, J. Bian, W. Wang, Y. Li

  38. Research on definition and decomposition model for carbon productivity of power generation ındustry 2411-2420 C. Zhang, J. Zheng, W. Pi

  39. A research based on fuzzy mathematics for evaluating system of equipment operational status 2421-2438 X-H. Zhao, Q. Zheng, C-J. Hu, N. Fan

  40. Construction of Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Urban Green Space 2439-2444 L. Qiao, L. Zhao, X. Li

  41. Frontline manager leadership development in energy enterprise: Scale development and model construction 2445-2450 D-Q. Wang, S-Q. Tian

  42. Cool roof`s effect on the carbon emission of office buildings in chongqing, China 1451-1460 Y. Gao, R. Xiang, B. Su, J. Xu, X. Tang

  43. The research of China rural land bank operation mode on basements of agriculture energy resource and insurance prospective 2461-2466 Y. Y. Zhu

  44. Analysis of computing theory on the uplift bearing capacity of the concrete pile with expand-reamed disc 2467-2472 W. Tian, X. Guo, Y. Qian

  45. The mechanism of gold mine safety management ineffectiveness and the principle of early warning 2473-2478 J. Guo, Y-S. Lu

  46. Study on stability evaluation system of salt cavern during construction period 2479-2484 L. Yin, L. Li, L. Zhao, J. Chen, L. Yi

  47. Mergers integration and performance in China: The moderating effects of integration justice 2485-2488 C. Wang

  48. Factors influencing Mergers performance in China 2489-2492 C. Wang

  49. The research on collapse state and stress performance of push-extend multi-under-reamed concrete pour pile in the fine powder sand 2493-2498 Y. Qian, X. Xie

  50. Distribution and source of beryllium in groundwater in the Pearl River Delta, China 2499-2504 Y. X. Zhang, J. T. Liu, J. C. Sun

  51. Safety performance of enclosure wall with external EPS thermal insulating layer 2505-2518 S. Li, X. Liu, X. Hu, Y. Zhao, Y. Zhou

  52. Optimization design of honeycomb ceramic regenerator based on the orthogonal test method 2519-2526 Y-X. Wang, M. Dong, Y-Q. Liu

  53. Multigrid solver for two-dimension magnetotelluric modeling 2527-2538 J. Yan, Y. Wang

  54. The study on the metro entrance design with regard to integrate into street district based on low-carbon——Taking the metro entrance design of Zhengzhou University (south area) station as an example 2539-2548 C-Z. Gao

  55. Decomposition analysis of environmental investment effect on industrial wastewater pollutants reduction of China 2549-2560 H. Lei, C. Li, X. Xia

  56. The experimental evaluation of light saturated oil reservoir through gas injection 2561-2572 P. Jin, L. Guanglun, Z. Yalong, Liu Lian, X. Wei

  57. Modeling and numerical simulation of the meandering point bar of the delta distributary plain in Daqing oilfield 2573-2584 B. Yan, X. Han, D. Zhang, X. Tian, Z. Shen

  58. Optimal control of energy management system for parallel hybrid electric vehicles using R-ECMS algorithm 2585-2598 Z-Y. Chen, S-E. Tong, B. Jiao

  59. UHVDC line traveling wave protection based on mode component decomposing of voltage 2599-2610 Z. Cheng, G. Du, G. Zhao, Q. Yin, H. Pei

  60. Fault with sandbody matching type control oil-gas migration and enrichment analysis 2611-2622 B. Yan, W. Han, G. Fu

  61. Optimization study on primary frequency control of circulating fluidized bed units 2623-2632 Z. Yue, Y. Chengcheng, L. Yatian, G. Renjie, S. Peiqing

  62. Research on application of forecast combination in waste steel recycling based on evidence theory 2633-2644 Z. Zhou

  63. Research on the development prediction of combined heat and power industry in China 2645-2656 Y-N. Wu, R-H. Xu, K-F. Chen, L. Zhao

  64. Professional development of energy education teachers in rural areas from the perspective of environmental factors 2657-2664 L. Chen

  65. Effect of sulfur on the release of gas products in coal gasification—A Case study of Guizhou high rank bituminous coal1 2665-2674 J. Zhang, S. Sang, W. Wang

  66. The construction of urban green space system based on the concept of low impact development 2675-2682 Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, X. Li

  67. A load forecasting method for western resource-based cities in China based on spatial load forecasting and GIS 2683-2694 J. Wang, Y. Zhu

  68. Research on investment projects’ green evaluation indexes based on carbon emission accounting 2695-2704 X. Wan, Q. Yang

  69. Numerical simulation of a hydrocyclone with different diameters of vortex finder 2705-2712 Y. Zhang, P. Liu, L. Xiao, X. Yang, J. Yang

  70. Guidance to energy saving & emission reduction consumption: Green product design method research on MAP matrix 2713-2722 H. Lu, R. Zhou, C-X Ji

  71. Construction and application of permeability evolution equation under mining 2723-2732 G. Xu, S. Li, R. Ma

  72. Design Transients study for SG fatigue analysis in ACPR 1700 2733-2740 Y. Hu, Z. Ma, D. Dai, G. Zhang

  73. Analysis of loss of full reactor coolant flow accident for ASMR 2741-2746 W. Sun, C-M. Zhang, X-D. Qiao3,J-P.Jing

  74. Review on the development of nuclear emergency decision support system 2747-2752 W. Bo, Z. Chunming, L. Fudong, Y. Yang, W. Liang, G. Ruiping, Q. Yahua, L. Yongye, Y. Shaoqing, W. Yongle, S. Qiang, Z. Qiong

  75. Study on the quality assurance system of emergency monitoring in nuclear power plants 2753-2762 J. Li, L. He, Y-X. Zhang, H-G. Yue, W-W. Lu

  76. Analysis of technical regulations and standards of China and US environmental radiation monitoring system 2763-2770 W. Lu, H. Yue, J. Xing,H. Li, J. Li

  77. Study on construction and quantification of evaluation index system of coal enterprise marketing performance 2771-2782 Y. Yang

  78. A modeling method of 3D visualization of submarine pipeline’s virtual terrain based on ArcGIS and Unity3D 2783-2796 X. Zhi, X. Ma, G. Chen, G. Li

  79. Research on speaker gender recognition based on complex scenes 2797-2808 X Cui, C. Pan, H. Sun

  80. Based on structural equation model and neural network analysis of reputation factors 2809-2818 B. Shi, C. Shan

  81. Active control of the depletion boundary layers and inter-diffusive mixing in microfluidic fuel cells 2819-2826 C. D. Lu, G. H. Chen, Z. Y. Lin, D. H. Wen, H. Jia

  82. Based on the HBase query performance of database optimization research 2827-2834 P. Wang, Y. Qi, H-M. Yang

  83. Comparison and analysis of two algorithms based on decision tree 2835-2844 P. Wang, C. Han

  84. Energy consumption prediction of discrete manufacturing process 2845-2856 L. Tuo, X. Zheng, X. Chen

  85. Evaluation of emergency plans of high-speed railway in perilous mountains based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets 2857-2866 Y. Yao, Y. Li

  86. Asymptotic analysis to a parabolic system with weighted localized sources 2867-2882 L. Kong, X. Zhao

  87. Series of analytic solutions for a type of nonlinear (2+1) dimensional KP wave equation 2883-2894 W. Liu, J. Guo, X-L. Yan

  88. Research on framework of integration platform for digital watershed based on SOA 2895-2904 H. Liu, X. Liu, B. Shi1, Z. Wan, K. Tian

  89. Matching design of linear engine-linear generator integrated system 2905-2918 C. Sun, Z. Wang, Z. Yin, T. Zhang