Volume (Issue) 32 (5) September 2014

  1. Concentration and chemical speciation of major and trace elements in agricultural and non-agricultural soils 2919-2930 S. Yang, D. Zhou

  2. Field application of ultrafine high-density completion fluid UDM-T1 in the ultra-deep well of Tarim oilfield 2931-2940 Y. Ye, D. Yin, H. Lu, L. Li, H. Hu, Q. Zhang

  3. A modified model for friction reduction by vibrating drill-string longitudinally 2941-2950 P. Wang, H. Ni, R. Wang, Z. Li

  4. Operation mode of electric automobile charging system in China 2951-2958 Y. Han, L. Chang, Y. Liu, G. Zhang, X. Zhao

  5. The modeling research on complex coal slurry pipeline pressure distribution 2959-2970 X-C. Yang, Y-B. Hou, J. Dang

  6. Primary energy saving assessments for three types of water-source heat pump systems: case studies of China 2971-2982 X. Chen, G. Zhang, J. Han

  7. Numerical simulation on effect of swinging pieces for Savonius wind rotor 2983-2994 X. Song, Y. Pang, K. Cao

  8. Analysis on satisfaction evaluation system of forestry tenure collective reform in Fujian Province 2995-3006 J. Zhang, S. Nie

  9. Experimental on energy-saving strategy of the pump system based on the law of the flow variation 3007-3016 Y. Luo, H. Sun, Z. Yu

  10. Analysis and research on international rules and situation in energy efficiency of electric motors 3017-3024 Z. Li, H. Shen, Y. Jiang

  11. Development and application of self-oscillating vibration drilling tool 3025-3036 P. Wang, H. Ni, R. Wang, Z. Li

  12. Environmental boundary of manufacturing system: an analysis approach for substance and energy behaviors in manufacturing system 3037-3048 G. Zhao, H. Zhang, M. Xiao

  13. Flue gas oxygen content optimization research based on immune incremental association Rrules 3049-3060 G. Yuan, J. Zhang

  14. Productivity changes of the renewable energy installed capacity: An empirical study relating to 31 European countries between 2002 and 2011 3061-3072 C. lo Storto, B. Capano

  15. Retrospect and prospect: Hiohydrogen production 3073-3080 P. Zhou, Y. Wang, J. Tong

  16. Climate response mechanism for moisture equilibria of subgrade in aridity regions based on conversion function between energy and quantity of soils water 3081-3092 C. Li

  17. Experimental study on the performance of a marine rotary desiccant air-conditioning system recovering ship waste heat 3093-3102 J. Zhu, C. Zheng, W. Chen

  18. Establishment and system feedback mechanism on competitive advantage of building energy service company 3103-3114 H. Guo, X. Wei, J. Ge, Y. Zhang

  19. Highly ESD reliable HV power nLDMOS device with the bulk FODs design technique 3115-3124 S-L. Chen, M-H. Lee

  20. Numerical simulation research on mixing process of steam and crude oil 3125-3134 G. Liu, Z. Wang, C. Deng,S. Yan, J. Zhu, X. Gou

  21. Performance analysis of combined cycle power generation for waste heat recovery 3135-3144 L. Liu, W. Liu, F. Chen, Y. Ge, J. Peng, W. Shi

  22. SC-CO2 flow field analysis in wellbore drilled by coiled tube 3145-3154 H-J. Huo, H-J. Ni, R-H. Wang, H-G. Liu,AYX Mu, H-F Song

  23. A continuum damage mechanics model for creep-fatigue life analysis of PMMA 3155-3164 A. Huang, W. Yao, F. Chen

  24. Experimental and simulate study on the performance of all-glass evacuated-tube solar collector hot-water system 3165-3172 X. Lin, Y. Gao, Y. Gao, Y. Yu

  25. Study on the design techniques for energy-saving miniaturized machine tools for micromachining 3173-3182 X. Cheng, H. Liu, X. Yang, Y. Huang, G. Zheng

  26. Study on the driving system for large-sized kinetic sculptures 3183-3192 X. Yang, S. Xin

  27. Analysis of low-speed magnetic flux modulated doubly-fed brushless generator with different types of fractional-slot windings 3193-3202 H. Liu, Y, Hao, J. Wang, W. Fu

  28. The optimal planning of distributed generation based on AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation system 3203-3212 T. Li, Y. Li

  29. Research on peanut kernels sorting technology based on hotoelectric sensor 3213-3220 T. Li, Z. Pan

  30. Using an improved electrostatic precipitator for PM2.5 removal 3221-3230 J. Chang, A. Tao, M. Gao, J. Song, C. Ma

  31. The research on three-dimensional simulation of forest fire by FARSITE for GIS application 3231-3240 J. Li, S. Huang, C. Chen, Q. Xu

  32. Rapid determination of PAHs emitted from marine diesel engine using aqueous capture collection and dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction followed by GC/MS 3241-3250 M. Wang, X. Zhang, S. Zhang

  33. Fuzzy ball coalbed methane drilling fluid experiments for wellbore anti-sloughing 3251-3260 S. Meng, Z. Zhang

  34. Effect of hBN/Al2O3 nanoparticles on engine oil properties 3261-3268 M. Ilman Hakimi, C. Abdullah,M. F. Bin Abdollah, H. Amiruddin, N. R. Mat Nur, N. Tamaldin, M. Hassan4, S. A. Rafeq

  35. Comparative analysis of monetary and emergy dimension methods in calculating the payback period of photovoltaic (PV) curtain wall 3269-3276 L. Ding, J. Tang

  36. A study on the mechanism of enhancing cementing quality of the downhole shear swirling flow vibration tool 3277-3288 F. Feng, G. Li, Y. Qi, C. Ai, Z. Cui

  37. Evaluation of spatial and temporal variation of sediment quality in large-scale reclamation area-a case study of Tiaozini tidal flats in Jiangsu coastal ocean 3289-3298 K. Chu, M. Tan, Z. Hua, L. Gu, X. Zhu

  38. Comparison study of two topologies double-fed brushless machine with fractional slot windings for low-speed applications 3299-3308 H. Liu, Y. Hao, C. Chen, W. Fu

  39. Influence of different outer electrode on ozone generation property of screw electrode ozonizer and basic study of soil sterilization by generated ozone 3309-3320 T. Fujishima, T. Kawaguchi, T. Nakano, Y. Tomino, T. Amano, T. Furusato, T. Yamashita

  40. Prediction of fracturing wells production in Naiman oilfield by applying of partial least square 3321-3328 Z. Li

  41. Exponential smoothing methods based on particle swarm optimization for power generation forecasting 3329-3340 L. Xiao, L. Xiao

  42. Safety comprehensive evaluation of L-CNG gas station based on the extension theory 3341-3350 X. Li, K. Huang, Y. Li, Y. Su, Y. Lv, W. Yang

  43. Research on vortex flow applied to liquid unloading in gas wells 3351-3360 H. Liang, J. Xu, D. Zhu, Y. Wei,S. Xiao,L. Shao

  44. Aerodynamics test and analysis on swirling cold air diffuser 3361-3370 Z. Dongyi, S. Chuping

  45. Research on two-phase gas-liquid flow in vertical concentric annulus during gas kick 3371-3380 H. Liang, J. Li, S. Yuan, S. Zhang

  46. Algorithms for Lorenz system manifold computation 3381-3388 J. Meng, W. Bing

  47. Harmonious labor relations construction of new generation of migrant workers in energy enterprise of China under the background of balancing urban and rural development 3389-3394 S-Q. Tian, D-Q. Wang

  48. A study on safety education for coal mining enterprise in its new phase of development 3395-3400 H. Ji

  49. Recovery and utilization of waste asphalt materials (RAP) on semi-flexible pavement 3401-3408 M. Zhao, F. Shen, L. Qiao, Q. Ding

  50. The research on portal crane with hopper achieve semi-automation 3409-3416 X. Xu

  51. Dynamic modeling of skid steer loader with experimental verification 3417-3424 F. Ren, X. Liu, J. Chen, P. Zeng,X. Jia, Y. Du

  52. Dynamic interaction mechanism among economic growth, energy consumption and environmental pollution - A case study of Hubei Province 3425-3432 L. Zhang

  53. Computation method on stability design of dendritic arms in radial gate 3433-3440 Y. Sheng, Z. Wang, C. Zhao, Q. Liu

  54. Coupled thermal and structural analysis on typical cold mass support system in cryostat 3441-3446 X. Guo

  55. Cell lysis calculation and structure analysis of micro nano wood powder 3447-3452 C. Fan, D. Yang, M. Qu, H. Wang

  56. Image copy-paste tampering detection algorithm based on the discrete radon transform 3453-3462 J. Zhong, Y. Gan

  57. Ancient ceramics classification using pseudo chemical composition of self-adaptive weight factor 3463-3470 T. Liu, W. Lin, D. Ying

  58. Predicting the cold filter plugging point of biodiesel fuels from their fatty acid ester composition 3471-3480 Y. Lai, J. Shu, X. Chen, Y. Yuan, L. Cai, Y. Zhang, X. Qiao, M. Yuan

  59. Threshold measurement for the impacts of life events 3481-3492 W. Zhang, Z. Zhang, M. Yang

  60. Study on the patterns of Zhuang brocade 3493-3498 X. Xu, X. Yang, F. Li

  61. Research on recirculation Influenced by ambient wind of direct air-cooled system 3599-3504 Z. Wanli, G. Shengjian, H. Xin, Q. Wentao

  62. A method for predicting the Pu'er Tea environment humidity in production workshop 3505-3514 X. Wu, Y. Li, H. Zhou, Y. Zhao

  63. Calculation of substation electric based on charge simulation method and boundary element method 3515-3520 C. Sun, X. Yang, B. Zhu, T. Chen, X. Zhao

  64. Construction and practice research on the online education resource sharing platform of Gannan Medical University Huangjin Campus-based on the perspective of network course platform 3521-3526 L. Chen, R. Lin, X. Li, Y. Sheng

  65. The local colleges and universities based on a balanced education of high quality online education resources - the perspective of network education resources sharing 3527-3532 L. Chen, Y. Qi, R. Lin

  66. Complexity measurement analysis of the plant electrical signals based on Renyi entropy 3533-3544 Z. Zhang, X. Zhang, H. Ma

  67. The research of formula system for CO2-foam flooding in ultra-low permeability reservoirs 3545-3554 L. Liu, Y. Pi, Q. Liu, X. Guo, X. Geng, Q. Li

  68. Research on zone selection technical limit of ultra-short radius side-tracking horizontal wells 3555-3564 Y. Lu, K. Song, E. Yang, Y. Gao, Y. Pi

  69. Development scale analysis method of regional distributed integrated energy supply system and its application 3565-3578 Y. Wu, O. Sen, H-X. Luo, Q. Xie

  70. The empirical study of relations between carbon emissions and economic development in northeast--Analysis based on data from 1995 to 2012 3579-3588 S. Li, J. Hao

  71. Mathematical modeling and experimental research of stairs piezoelectric power generation device 3589-3600 S-J. Hu, Y-R. Chen, J-B. Hou

  72. Design for the integrated test system of mine rescue capsule 3601-3610 H. Wang, D. Zhang, J. Fan

  73. The compensation of networked control system random time-delay based on fast implicit GPC 3611-3622 S. Gao, Z. Tian, X. Gao

  74. Pressure drop calculation research of transportation pipeline filled with oil-gas-water three phase flow in Sanan Oil Field 3623-3636 W. Lixin, S. Chao, Z. Jian, X. Xin, G. Linlin

  75. Analysis of Cherenkov angle by electron uniform moving poloidal magnetized plasma 3637-3646 W. Tian, S-X. Chen, J.M. Zhang, L. Wang, J. Cao

  76. A quick forecasting method for radioactive liquid effluent iffusion after inland nuclear power accident 3547-3560 Y. Zhou, T. Hu

  77. Several technology issues of large hydro-generator unit protection 3661-3670 H-Y. Hu, W-J. Huang

  78. Study on vector control strategy for novel open-winding brushless doubly-fed wind power generator 3671-3682 S. Jin, F. Zhang, S. Fan, L. Zhu, W. Cao

  79. Study on carbon film experiment of hydrogen improvement by using RF PECVD method 3683-3690 Q. Xu, B. Yuan, M. Pan

  80. A logical model and simulation of production system accident-causing mechanism 3691-3700 L-X. Qi

  81. Design and implementation of machine vision system based on automatic line condition monitoring 3701-3712 D. Huang, Y. Li, M. Xue

  82. An intelligent ant colony optimization using genetic operators and particles 3713-3724 X. Kong, H. Li, Y. Zhang

  83. Research on path model and optimization of stacker based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm 3725-3736 H. Bian, J. Ma, Y. Fang, Y. Ye

  84. Research on the influence of living spatial segregation by residents’ housing options in Hangzhou 3737-3746 P. Zhu, T. Hong

  85. Major characteristics, categories and control technique of coal mine water disaster in China 3747-3760 F. Cui, Q. Wu, S. Zhao, W. Sun

  86. Numerical analysis of heave caused by the pit excavation after the precipitation 3761-3774 Z. Li, R. Liang

  87. Development of non-platinum cathode catalyst for oxygen reduction in alkaline polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells 3775-3784 N. Huang, D. W. Kirk, S. J. Thorpe, C. Liang, L. Xu, W. Li, S. Zhang, M.Sun

  88. The procurement cost control approach to supply chain enterprises based on the dynamic input-output 3785-3792 W. Guo, M. Chen

  89. Ontology similarity measuring and ontology mapping algorithm based on MEE criterion 3793-3806 W. Gao, T. Xu

  90. Research on waste water treatment and energy utilization in the hot spring leisure commercial space 3807-3816 L. Sun

  91. Test and research on trackside equipment of high-speed railway based on fault ınjection 3817-3826 L. Ma, X. Han, L. Chen

  92. Extraction of nattokinase using aqueous two-phase method 3827-3836 N. Li, Z. Ping

  93. The design of special-shaped stone multi-function NC machining center 3837-3844 F. Lu, N. Li, X. Zhang, K. Zhang, Y. Wu

  94. Public-key encryption based on extending discrete Chebyshev polynomials’ definition domain to real number 3845-3852 P. Cheng, P. Wei

  95. Harmonic reduction using sinusoidal pulse width modulation based flying capacitor multilevel inverter implemented to induction motor 3853-3862 A. Rathinam, R. Kannan, K. Thangavelu, J. Kandasamy

  96. Seepage physical process and its control actions to gas production of coal bed methane wells in Southern Qinshui Basin, China 3863-3872 S. Liu, S. Sang, Q. Zhu, M. Li

  97. Synthesis of BiVO4 by ionic liquid-assisted hydrothermal method: Effect of ionic liquid on photocatalytic performance of BiVO4 3873-3882 Y-F. Lu, Y-B. Tang, Y-Q. Zhu, F-Y. Chen

  98. A comparison between limestone grinding systems of the wet limestone-gypsum flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) process for China's Thermal Power Plants 3883-3890 Y. Zhang, T. Zhang

  99. Study on the environmental effect of urban road’s D/H ratio 3891-3904 T. Zhou, J. Yu, Q. Shen

  100. Closed loop particle swarm optimization for comprehensive unit commitment problem under emissions reduction 3905-3918 X. Ma, W. Wang

  101. Relative potential evaluation study on the industrial structure in China based on circular economy 3919-3928 S. Liu, Y. Zhang

  102. Dynamics analysis of cutting process of machine tool 3929-3936 G. Shi

  103. Study the stress in the pile driven in two layers foundation base 3937-3948 Y. M. Zhang, T. C. Cong

  104. Parameter optimization of hydro turbine governor PID controller by chaotic improved PSO algorithm 3949-3962 G. Chen, Y. Du, P. Song

  105. The application of kernel function mapping in question classification in cQA 3963-3974 B. Yang, L. Su, J. Chen, Y. Li, X. Qi

  106. Research on the corrosion resistance of grounding grid materials with Ni-P electroless plating 3975-3982 L. Feng, S. Li, A. Yan, W. Shen, P. Ma, B. Deng

  107. Study on the dynamic mechanism of resource-based industry cluster -- Based on the empirical analysis of Fuxin coal industry cluster 3983-3992 L. Jin, L. Feng, J. Wang

  108. Study of phase change energy storage technology development and policy of peak-valley electric price 3993-4004 D. Zhang, X. Ke

  109. Researches and recommendations on China oil and gas exploration and development oriented policy 4005-4016 S. Zhang, Z. Jiang

  110. Study on the automatic surveying guide technology for pipe roofing and box culvert during excavation 4017-4026 Y. Song, G. Pan, Y. Sun

  111. Research and countermeasures of ecological civilization construction in Zhejiang Province 4027-4034 Y. Lu, T. Tian

  112. A zoning protection scheme for distribution system with wind farm 4035-4050 H. Chai, F. Li

  113. Experimental study on the efficiency of motor vector control for variable frequency air conditioner of electric vehicle 4051-4060 Y. Zhang, H. Wie, P. Li

  114. Airline network phase transition research 4061-4070 S. Xu, Q. Gao, J. Zhu, J. Du

  115. The experimental study on reducing foam concrete insulation layer quality defects of sloping roof 4071-4078 X-Y. Chen, T-J. Yao

  116. Heat exchange process analysis and numerical simulation of HEMS-I 4079-4086 P. Qi, X. Chen, J. Wang

  117. Optimization of WAG injection of light saturated oil reservoir 4087-4094 J. Pang, G. Lei, H. Liu, X. Peng

  118. Development of fine stone self-compacting commercial concrete and its application 4095-4104 W. Qingbiao, Z. Cong, W. Xiaokang, S. Zhenyue, W. Hui, L. Rongshan, X. Lei, Z. Junxian, W. Tiantian,H. Zhongjing, B. Yun

  119. Heat exchange analysis and numerical simulation of water circulation in HEMS 4105-4112 P. Qi, J. Wang

  120. Improving shearer positioning accuracy based on search North finder and Kalman filter 4113-4124 L. Xiaoyang, L. Wanli, Z. Shulin, L. Xuefeng, Z. Yongtao

  121. Effect of urbanization on Chinese residential building energy consumption: Evidence from Yangtze River basin 4125-4132 L. Huang, R. A. Bohne, Y. Liu

  122. Wavelet neural network and genetic algorithm neural network for faults diagnosis of railway rolling bearing 4133-4142 D. Yao, L. Jia1, Y. Qin, J. Yang

  123. Residential energy consumption and CO2 emission in Chongqing, China 4143-4152 L. Huang, R. A. Bohne, Y. Liu

  124. Distinguishing oil and water layer in clastic reservoirs by the prestack-based forward modeling 4153-4162 G. Chen, Q. Liu, X. Bao

  125. Grey relational analysis of unsafe acts in coal mine roof accidents 4163-4170 P. Gao, G. Fu1, X. Peng, L. Zhang

  126. Automatic measurement the deformations of coal-mining face using 3D laser scanning technique 4171-4180 WL. Liu

  127. Application of time-frequency features and wavelet neural network for railway gearbox fault diagnosis 4181-4188 D. Yao, L. Jia, Y. Qin, J. Yang

  128. Practical teaching reform for communication engineering specialty 4189-4194 L. Tang

  129. Present research situation and study of the key techniques of RCD 4195-4202 L. Shao, S. Du, J. Su, H. Guan

  130. The vibration characteristics for a 2×2 grating tiling device 4203-4210 Y. Liao, Y. Zhou, M. Mao, K. Chen

  131. Based on the multiple fuzzy-PI without speed sensor speed control of BLDCM 4211-4218 G. Fu, Z. Zhao, M. Li, P. Wang

  132. A review of infrastructure applications for visual analytics the big data 4219-4226 X. Cao, S. Gao, Y Wang

  133. Research on knowledge management system framework based on ontology for concept design 4227-4234 Y. Wang, H. Dai, X. Cao

  134. Study on the operating characteristics comparison of two kinds of membrane bioreactor 4235-4242 J. Zhang, Y. Wang

  135. The application in the environmental monitoring of the crop growth based on wireless nodes of CC2530 4243-4250 L. Zhang, D. Zhang, D. Li

  136. A fast estimation method for the transmission line project based on PCA and BP neural network 4251-4258 T. Wang, J. Du

  137. Study on the current application of LED products in China 4259-4264 Y. Li, Y. Tang, S. Gao

  138. Research on design and layered milling for cycloid gear 4265-4272 L. Gu, J. Xu, S. Luo

  139. Design and analysis of the novel variable gain proportional cartridge valve 4273-4284 H. Du, J. Lin

  140. Research on performance deterioration trend for civil aero engine 4285-4290 J. Xu, M. Zhao

  141. The current situation and trends of 3D printing 4291-4296 L. Dai, X. Hong

  142. Inhibition of pure culture of nitrobacter by Quaternary ammonium compounds 4297-4304 G. Zhang, D. Liu, X. Song, K. Li, L. Xu, J. Lv

  143. Research on distributed software testing task allocation based ACO 4305-4312 H. Shi, L. Zheng

  144. On morphological description and viscoelasticity of polymer in sewage before and after polymer flooding 4313-4320 F. Zhao, X. Han, Y. Liu, S. Wen

  145. A design for a new less multi-level-switching active filter 4321-4328 G. Fu, C. Wang, W. Zou

  146. The application of Bias's theory in information security risk assessment 4329-4336 Q. Zhao

  147. Thermogravimetric study of direct reduction behavior in iron ore/coal mixture 4337-4344 Y. Man, J. Feng, Q. Ge, F. Li

  148. Particle swarm optimization algorithm based on dimension by dimension update strategy 4345-4352 C. Xie, X. Fan, J. Chen

  149. Study on the calculation transition from parallel computing to cloud computing on operating system 4353-4360 H. Jia, K. Cao

  150. Studies of the construction and evaluation of green shipbuilding supply chain system 4361-4366 H. Wang, Y. Zhao

  151. Study of cloud storage mechanism based on improved dynamic programming method 4367-4372 H. Shi, S. Zhang, X. Bai

  152. Study on the effect of beam parameters on automobile bumper collision performance 4373-4380 H. Chen, Y. Yang, Y. Wang, L. Wang

  153. A message-driven autonomous study navigation model 6381-6386 L. Dai, X. Hong

  154. Dynamics analysis of one-dimensional and three-dimensional saturated foundation under loads based on Fluid-solid coupled model with consolidation method 4387-4400 P. Qing, H. Yuejuan, T. Yanning, Z. Wei, Z. Xisheng

  155. Numerical modeling on coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical of porous media 4401-4414 P. Qing, H. Yuejuan, Z, Wei, Z, Xisheng

  156. Risk formation and evolution path of China’s alternative fuel vehicle industry 4415-4422 J. Lin

  157. Calculation and decomposition model of carbon emissions from transportation energy consumption in Jiangsu Province, China 4423-4430 M. He, P. Jing, X. Wu, Q. Hu

  158. Implementation of education and training program of excellent engineer in automotive engineering in college 4431-4438 H. Chen, Y. Yang1, Y. Wang

  159. Traveling agent problem based on ant colony optimization algorithm 4439-4446 S. Zhu, T. Kuang

  160. Music emotion cognitive system and retrieval mechanism 4447-4452 J. He

  161. Microcomputer protection device in power system based on CPLD 4453-4458 J. Yang, Q. Liao

  162. The application of digital technology in environmental art design 4459-4464 X. Zhang

  163. Based on RS and GIS analysis of characteristics of soil erosion spatial difference 4465-4472 X. Li

  164. The MIMO-based smart home remote monitoring system 4473-4478 H. Pan, Z. Chen

  165. A QoE scheduling scheme for underground personnel data terminal system 4479-4484 P. Tang

  166. Research on education management evaluation standard system 4485-4490 J. Zhao

  167. Optimum design of building structures based on improved genetic algorithm 4491-4496 Z. Chen, H. Pan

  168. New exploration of technology philosophy —From the Internet to the Internet of things 4497-4502 B. Ma

  169. Hierarchical reinforcement learning based on the clustering algorithm 4503-4510 S. Zhu

  170. Urban music culture and cultural Trade based on J2EE 4511-4516 J. Liu

  171. Evaluation of urban basic pension insurance based on AHP 4417-4422 Y. Zhang

  172. Analysis of university dormitory management approach based on construction of dormitory culture perspective 4423-4430 H. Wang, J. Sun

  173. WEB platform based ERP financial accounting management system 4531-4538 Y. Jin

  174. Analysis of cultural connotation of bronze drinking vessels in Zhou Dynasty 4539-4544 C. Han