Volume (Issue) 32 (6) November 2014

  1. Educational and psychological intervention in the students' positive emotions b4545-4550 X. Sun

  2. Analysis of Jun-Guan porcelains and glazes in Song Dynasty of China 4551-4556 H. Zhang

  3. Analysis of related factors in children with behavior problems 4557-4562 Q. Wang

  4. The simulation of electromagnetic radiation of DC/DC converter for hybrid electric vehicle 4563-4572 Y. Gao, Z. An, K. Yang, T. Wang, J. Chi, Q. Meng

  5. The study of common mode conducted EMI of DC-DC converter in hybrid electric vehicle 4573-4582 T. Wang, Y. Gao, C. Liu, Z. An, J. Chi, J. Wang

  6. Performance evaluation of the education equipment based on the balanced scorecard 4583-4590 C-H. Yin

  7. Identification and correction of bad load data based on time series analysis 4591-4600 D. Su, K. Wang, C. Xu, H. Jiang, Y. Li

  8. Research on recovery of copper from copper ore by flotation 4601-4606 X. Xie, K. Hou, X. Tong, X. Wang, H. Lv, X. Lv

  9. Economic load dispatch for grid-connected micro-grid considering CO2 emissions trade 4607-4616 Y. Huang, T. Li

  10. Optimal research for the ratio of ball mill medium in Luanchuan molybdenum group CO., LTD 4617-4624 Q. Xiao, H. Kang, N. Song, B. Li

  11. Comprehensive recovery of a Copper-Tin polymetallic ore 4625-4632 X. Xie, K. Hou, X. Tong, Z. Deng,B. Han, J. Li

  12. Flame combustion mode estimations of gasoline-air mixture explosion in a tube 4633-4642 Y. Du, P. Zhang, Y. Zhou, S. Wu, J. Xu, G. Li

  13. A research progress of the fluvial sequence stratigraphy — Unconventional systems tracts 4643-4650 X. Zhang

  14. Function of pine oil in marmatite flotation with butyl Xanthate as collector 4651-4658 Z. Deng, X. Tong, Q. Zhao, X. Wang, X. Lv, B. Yang

  15. A review on solar thermal power generation operation modes in China 4659-4664 J. Han, Y. Yang, H. Hou

  16. Optimal research for the grain composition in second stage grinding in Dahongshan iron mine 4665-4672 Q. Xiao, B. Li, H. Kang, Y. Shao

  17. Analysis of flow signal of Chinese vowels and consonants 4673-4680 Y. Li

  18. Research and application of cloud computing based on supply chain information system 4681-4690 H. Jia

  19. Design on digital library user modeling based on domain ontology 4691-4698 N. Li

  20. Research on experiment and numerical simulation for similar material specimens of parallel multi-joint rock mass 4699-4706 C. Zhao, W. Zhu, S. Li, D. Zhang

  21. Statistical analysis of snow load based on K-S test method and engineering reinforcement 4707-4716 B. Nan, Y. Wu

  22. New type of flutter solution for bridge based on improved quantum genetic algorithm 4717-4728 K. Liu, A. Tang

  23. Research on adverse Selection of BT project based on signaling game model 4729-4736 Q. Guo, Y. Li, Z. Chen

  24. Analysis of sintering parameters' influences on porous wicks for LHP 4737-4744 C. Zhang, G. Xin, H. Wang, L. Cheng

  25. Analysis of ancient wetlands based on Landsat TM data in the Wuhu Area, China 4745-4752 L. Wu, W. Ji, Y. Tan, X. Wang, Y. Hu

  26. An improved optimal path searching algorithm for HWMP hybrid routing mode 4753-4760 Q. Song, Z. Li1, Y. Liu, R. Mei

  27. Prediction of ice thickness on ground aircraft based on Grey Model GM(1,1) 4761-4770 L. Wang, D. Xu

  28. The verification analysis on the correlation between capital structure and profitability of listed agricultural corporations in China 4771-4780 Z. Li, H. Wei, L. Liu, R. Liu

  29. Adaptive synchronization between two different fractional order hyperchaotic systems 4781-4788 W. Zhang, D. Chen

  30. The calculation of coach lateral static roll stability angle 4789-4798 X. Wu, C. Liao, H. Huang, R. Zhu

  31. Improved CMAC neural network in the Application of the VAV air conditioning system 4799-4806 J. Li, X. Sun, J. Pian

  32. The study of the controlling index system of airport planning environmental impact assessment 4807-4814 Y. Li, X. Meng, R. Zhao, Y. Chai,L. Shen, C. Jiang, J. Ding

  33. Fuzzy combination algorithm of ensemble learning based on Schweizer-Sklar triangular norm 4815-4822 P. Jia, S. Liang, J. Deng

  34. Finite element analysis of stress intensity factors for surface temperature cracks in a concrete slab on soil 4823-4830 M. Zhang, W. Qi, Y. Liu, X. Xue, S. Liu, Q. Wang

  35. Analysis on key factors of project cost in power grid based on clustering algorithm 4831-4838 Z. Chen, Z. Sheng

  36. Inverse SPH method: a new method for restoring high-order consistency 4839-4848 L. Fang, J. Wu1, Y. Liu

  37. Investigation of the effects of bulbous bow on the resistance of 9200 TEU container ship by CFD 4849-4858 C. Wang, A. Hu, F. Han

  38. PSO algorithm for mobile robots deployment by cooperative transmission technology 4859-4866 W. Zheng, H. Yin, P. Fu, B. Liu

  39. Globally asymptotically set-stable nonlinear control allocation for aircraft with multiple control effectors 4867-4778 H. Li, Y. Ke, L. Li

  40. Analysis on fatigue reliability of offshore wind turbine towers under rigidity decay 4879-4886 X. Dong, R. Ma, Y. Qiu

  41. A parameter inverse-solve algorithm for dynamic characteristics of absorbed energy components 4887-4896 Y. Tang, L. Cao2, S. Kan

  42. LMI-based sliding mode anti-rollover control algorithm of vehicle active suspension 4897-4906 C. Liao, X. Wu, H. Huang

  43. Sampling approach based on principal component analysis for imbalanced data sets 4907-4914 G. Wang, Y. Liang, P. Pu

  44. Effect of curing time on solidification / stabilization of the heavy metal copper by magnesium potassium phosphate cement 4915-4922 S. Zhen, X. Dong, Y. Su, D. Zhou, L. Chen

  45. Environmental monitoring node deployment and three-dimensional localization system based on UAV 4923-4932 G. Li

  46. Fighter’s anti-ship mission visual simulation framework for demonstration 4933-4944 J. Zang, H. Liu, H. Liu, X. Ni

  47. The competition situation analysis of shale gas industry in China: Applying five forces model 4945-4958 Y. Yang, Y. Wu

  48. Research on SVM based peer network pattern recognition model 4959-4974 J. Li

  49. Turbulence influence to aerodynamic performance of steam turbine 4975-4982 Z-M. Feng, H-H. Ding, H-B. Gu, Q. Li

  50. 3D fault surface reconstruction based on 2D mesh triangulation 4983-4992 W-Y. Weng, S. Lin, X-X. Dai, P-P. Tang, A-C.Xiao

  51. Features of gas zones and their tectonic control of coal mine area in Jiangxi Province, China 4993-5002 Z. Zhao, Q. Hu, J. Yan, X. Liu

  52. Study the technology for batch hydrological data processing based on excel link 5003-5012 B. Men, T. Yu, H. Yin, F. Kong

  53. The system of central air conditioning wireless monitoring based on ZigBee technology 5013-5024 J. Li, Y. Chen, X. Sun

  54. Application of carbon nanotubes as supports in the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 5025-5034 B. Ren, J. Geng

  55. Simulation on the optimal startup for a induced 600MW steam turbo unit 5035-5048 H. Wang, Y. Xia

  56. Research on Chinese oil demand forecast 5049-5056 C. Chen, J. Yang, Z. Lin, X. Shi

  57. Design and experimental verification of a shield cutter-head driving system simulator 5057-5066 K. Chen, H. Feng

  58. Research on the digital resource management scheme of remote education based on Distributed Technology 5067-5072 H. Cao

  59. Analysis on driving characteristics of a robot shoulder joint based on parallel mechanism 5073-5080 L. Zhang, Z. Jin1, S. Li

  60. Numerical simulation and experimental study on laminar cooling temperature of hot-rolled strip steel 5081-5088 S. Chen, J. Xu

  61. Fault location method using travelling wave natural frequency based on TLS-ESPRIT and SVM algorithms 5089-5096 S. Wang, T. Lin

  62. The integration of the idea of mathematic modeling into the teaching practice of discrete mathematics 5097-5102 W. Yin, Z. Jiang

  63. A study on the necessity of adding the applied statistics professional master degree conferrable spots 5103-5108 Z. Jiang, L. Zhou, S. Shi

  64. Perspective of Zhangzhen to China increasing peasants’ income 5109-5116 X. Dong, J. Lv

  65. Based on CDIO concept in the reform of teaching mode to cultivate electronic type senior "Blue Collar" talents 5117-5124 J. Zhong, Y. Gan

  66. Entities identification in web big data 5125-5132 H. Liu, W. Yu, F. Pan, S. Li, J. Cao, S. Yang

  67. Evaluation of reservoir damage characteristics and countermeasures in Jiyuan Oilfield 5133-5143 M. Zhang, T. Li, L. Tang, Z. Han, Y. Peng

  68. Automatic topology discovery and generation technology based on SNMP 5141-5148 C. He, Y. Tang, Y. Li

  69. Web structure mining and MLDB improvement 5149-5156 S. Li, H. Chen

  70. The application of simulation based optimization in steel casting neck-down riser design 5157-5166 G. Zhang, R. Li, K. Qiu, Y. Qu

  71. A controlling maximum power point tracking of hydraulic variable speed wind power system 5167-5176 F. Li, C. Wang, Y. Guo

  72. A college English teaching design aided by modern educational technology 5177-5182 D. Sun

  73. Study on quantitative evaluation method of shale hydration 5183-5190 M. Deng, G. Xie, L. Zhang

  74. The charging station siting study of electric vehicle based on multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation 5191-5198 Y. Liang, X. Zhang, A. Xu

  75. The application of compositional data combination forecasting model in the energy consumption structure prediction 5199-5206 R. Suo

  76. A study of the application of energy management contract to distributed energy system 5207-5214 G. Cheng, Y. Sui

  77. Research on energy-logistics system dynamic model 5215-5220 F. Liu

  78. A power prediction method for photovoltaic power station based on theoretical calculated solar irradiance and neural networks 5221-5228 H. Zhu, L. Zhang, X. Li, Q. Sun, L. Nie

  79. Dynamic response of coal mine refuge chamber’s shell under gas explosion load 5229-5238 H. Fang, L. Cai, M. Wang, Q. Wang, L. Zhang

  80. Research of urban water resources sustainable utilization evaluation model based on the exploration diagram 5239-5244 L. Shi, Y. Li

  81. Research on the relation between fracture toughness and corrosion layer of coal mine shaft concrete exposed to sulfate environment 5245-5252 W. He, H. Ji, C. Liu, S. You

  82. Study on performance of porous regenerative asphalt concrete 5253-5258 F. Shen, M. Zhao, J. Lu, Q. Ding

  83. Thermal analysis of aviation reciprocating engine piston 5259-5266 S. Chen

  84. Research on digital control system of high-speed brushless DC motor in magnetic bearing 5267-5272 J. Wang, T. Gu

  85. An improved method of estimating value-at-risk in electricity market 5273-5282 Y. Tian, B. Chen, R. Wang

  86. Behavior of magnesium in H13 steel during electroslag remelting process 5283-5290 L-L. Wang, J. Li, C-B. Shi, B. Ning, Y-Y. Li

  87. Analysis of energy efficiency of green buildings in hot-summer and cold-winter zone in China 5291-5302 Y. He, Y. Ding

  88. Study on the identification of permanent scatterer in ground deformation monitoring 5303-5312 X. Xing, D. Wen, P. Xu, Z. Xu

  89. Research on the impact of relevant factors in China coal stock’s econometric model 5313-5326 Y. Yang, X-Y. Wang

  90. Wind flow field and blade fluid-structure interaction analysis and simulation of wind turbine 5327-5340 Y. Li, Y. Xu, Z. Shang

  91. Application of model predictive control in SCR control system optimization 5341-5350 C. Yang, X. Feng, M. Ye

  92. Study on regulation system of livestock breeding based on fuzzy control 5351-5362 X. Yu, H. Yu, G. Zhao

  93. Risk forecasting of EPC project based on Monte Carlo method and Gene expression programming model 5363-5376 Y. Li, J. Wang

  94. Research of oil well dynamic liquid level signal de-noising based on improved wavelet thresholding 5377-5388 K. Shao, M. Yuan, M. Liu, H. Zhang, C. Li

  95. Lining mechanical behaviors during tunnel portal construction without slope treatment under Aeolian sandy loess geological conditions 5389-5396 X. Gao, C. Kong

  96. Chaotic particle swarm design optimization for crane structures 5397-5412 X. Fan, X. Bi, G. Xu

  97. An analysis of cluster supply chain risk: a formation mechanism perspective 5413-5430 Y. Wang1, H. Zhang

  98. Research on income distribution of the development and utilization of mineral resources based on Shapley value method 5431-5440 W. Ying, Z. Cuiping, L. Cuijie

  99. Identification of structural parameters of shear-type structure based on HHT 5441-5452 Q. Zhang, H. Zhou

  100. Study on the seismic behavior of hobnail-cover plate slab joints in untopped precast RC diaphragm 5453-5462 Y. Ding, R. Pang, S. Liang

  101. Nonlinear FEM analysis of frame-supported multi-ribbed wall beam 5463-5474 Y. Ding, Q. Xu, L. Wang, C. An

  102. Study on yearly variation and tendency breaks of maximum daily precipitation in Guangdong province 4575-4586 Y. Xie, J. Li, M. Li, X.Li, B. Xi, N. Lv, S. Luo

  103. Study on spatial-temporal characteristics of precipitation in Guangdong province 5487-5496 Y. Xie, J. Li, X. Li, B. Xi, M. Li, N. Lv, S. Luo

  104. Multi-objective low carbon power dispatch model considering environmental effects 5497-5508 J. Cui1, D. Niu1, N. Wang

  105. Research on characterizes of gas hydrate formation in drilling fluids for hydrate reservoir 5509-5520 B. Dou, H. Liu, H. Tian, G. Jiang

  106. Optimization research on the hydraulic conversion system in a floating-type wave energy convertor 5521-5530 H. Gao, S. Guan, B. Li, L. Zhang, Y. Wang

  107. Research on time synchronization algorithm for cluster-based mining equipment monitoring 5531-5544 G. Wang, J. Liu, G. Ji, Z. Zhu

  108. Research on the nitrogen removal factors of a vertical flow constructed wetland with ceramsite as substrate 5545-5554 J. Yu, T. Jiang

  109. Electricity emergency logistics evaluation and loop optimization model based on FAHP-PDCA 5555-5564 C. Deng, K. Chen, D. Peng

  110. Experimental hysteretic behavior of honeycombed steel beam and welded compound-ring-hoop column composite joints 5565-5574 S. C. Li

  111. Experimental research on restoring force characteristics of light composite structure 5575-5582 S. C. Li

  112. Identification of flutter derivatives of bridge decks in turbulent flow 5583-5594 S. Xu, M. Gu, X. Qin

  113. A digital control algorithm of interleaved boost dc-dc converter with pwm inverter as load 5595-5608 M. Gao, X. Zhan, Z. Wang, Z. Wu

  114. Multivariate arterial travel time prediction using hierarchical subspace vector autoregressive model 5609-5626 X. Zhang, Y. Fang

  115. Calculation and optimal analysis of the effective thermal conductivity for the nanoporous super insulation material 5627-5634 Q. Cai, J. Yang, H. Zhang, X. Wu, J. Wang

  116. Numerical simulation of gas production from hydrate using heat injection in the Muli Basin of China 5635-5646 B. Dou, H. Liu, H. Gao, G. Jiang, M. Najafi

  117. A solution method of the dynamic models with scatter search algorithm 5647-5656 G. Wang, Y. Zuo

  118. Urbanization, electricity consumption and China’s economic growth 5657-5668 Q. Luo

  119. An adjusted boxplot for skewed rainfall observations 5669-5674 Z. Chao

  120. Development of non-platinum cathode catalyst for oxygen reduction in alkaline polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells 5675-5682 N. Huang, D. W. Kirk, S. J. Thorpe, C. Liang, L. Xu, W. Li, S. Zhang, M. Sun

  121. Study on pore structures of reclaimed soil in ct-based coal mining areas 5683-5694 X. Huang, X. Li, D. Xu, X. Min, D. Cai

  122. A wavelet-ANN conjunction model for groundwater level forecasting: a case study in the North-China Plain 5695-5704 J. Zhang, S. Cui, W. Wang

  123. Research on the OPTIMILL and DNC integration technology based upon message control 5705-5710 X. Kong, Y. Li, G. Yang

  124. Simulation of the transmission line in rain-wind-induced vibrations 5711-5718 C. Meng, Y-P. Liu, C. Zhou

  125. Application of improved grey prediction model for petroleum consumption 5719-5724 Y. Ma, B. Wang

  126. The research of subway construction management methods 5725-5730 Y. Tang

  127. Guanxi with government officials and organizational performance: the mediating role of lobbying 5731-5734 C. Wang, W. Liang

  128. A trust computation model for node-disjoint multipath routing in multimedia sensor networks 5735-5738 Q. Ye, M. Wu, Y. Wang

  129. A hybrid cat swarm optimization algorithm for TSP 5739-5742 S. Wang, J. Guo, Z. Sun, H. Chen, R. Li

  130. Research and practice on introductory process of mechanical discipline 5743-5746 G. Chen, J. Zhang

  131. Research on embedded network management agent based on SNMP 5747-5752 X-B Tan, D. Li

  132. Quantitative analysis of the land use impact on eco-environment based on GIS in Minqin oasis 5753-5758 J. Jiao, J. Zhang, H. Zhao, Y. Xie

  133. An access & control model based on satellite network management 5759-5764 J. Xuejun, Z. Wenbo, J. Yueqiu

  134. Application of generalized inverse matrix 5765-5770 Q. Mao

  135. Health information reminder-Elderly people living in cloud computing architecture as an example 5771-5776 M-K. Yeh, Z-P. Ho

  136. Study on the combined multi-features based off-line Uyghur handwritten signature identification 5777-5782 K. Ubul, N. Yadikar, M. Zunun, A. Aysa, T. Yibulayin

  137. Research on long-term power system planning integrating short-term demand response mechanism 5783-5788 M. Zeng, X. Bai, C. Li, H. Shi

  138. Parallel systems-based control for burden distribution of blast furnace 5789-5794 J. Zhang, X-M. Song, Z. Zhao

  139. Coordinating disruption of supply chain with quantity discount contract incorporating cost sharing 5795-5800 G. Wei, N. Wu

  140. The study on the new energy enterprises strengthening the construction of internal control-based on the ERM framework 5801-5804 L. Shen, D. Jing, W. Liang, Y. Chen

  141. Study on countermeasures of optimizing the development of Chinese new energy industry 5805-5808 L. Shen, D. Jing, Z. Zhu

  142. Statistical research on the between culture industry and regional economic development——Take China's Zhejiang Province as An Example 5809-5814 D.Zhang, J. Gu

  143. Analysis on zone and industry sources of regional economic gap in handong Province 5815-5820 H. Zhang, X. Wang

  144. Torque distribution for electric vehicles with in-wheel motors 5821-5824 H. Zhang, K. Ye, X. Xiang, G. Yang

  145. Coal and gas outburst prediction based on LSSVM and NBC hybrid model 5825-5828 P. Bian, J. Li

  146. Pressure controller based on artificial immune in once-through steam generator of fast reactor 5829-5834 S. Cheng, C. Li1, M. Peng, X. Liu

  147. Immune P&PID cascade control for reactor power in nuclear power plants 5835-5840 S. Cheng, M. Peng, X. Liu

  148. GA-HMM gene identification model for abnormal emergency based on mmunology 5841-5850 X. Liu, Q. Yang, F. Yang

  149. Analysis and simulation of land use change based on spatial constraints logistic regression 5851-5858 Q. Li

  150. MTFCAM_based spatial accessibility to the educational resources from the primary schools in the impoverished mountain areas 5859-5870 Y-H. Wang, H. Meng, R-H. Ren

  151. Analytical solution to the Maxwell magnetic fluid flow with special boundary conditions 5871-5882 X. Chen, J. Sui, L. Zheng

  152. Research on bid evaluation model for engineering projects based on VE-AHP-FCE 5883-5892 Y. Zhang

  153. Application of ABC analysis method in spatial layout of regional railway hubs 5893-5900 Wang

  154. Present situation analysis of reservoir management of China petroleum enterprise 5901-5908 M. Li, H. Peng, R. Liao

  155. Exploratory data analysis on the spatial correlation of port FDI's characterized factors in China based on conditional plot 5909-5920 M. Tu, W. Sun

  156. Simulation on leakage of buried gas pipeline lead to frozen soil 5921-5926 J. Zhou, G. Jiao, X. Zhang

  157. Experimental study of polymer alternating injection in different permeability differential reservoirs 5931-5940 Y. Pi, Q. Li, R. Cao, X. Geng, D. Feng, F. Huang

  158. Different effects between aboveground and underground spill containment areas in inhibiting liquefied natural gas dispersion 5941-5950 Q-X. Zhang, S-J. Mo, D. Liang

  159. Research and application of well pattern dilution technique at high water cut stage in water-drive reservoirs 5951-5960 C. Cui, B. Tian, D. Wang, Z. Liu, Y. Huang, J. Zhang

  160. Examining the effects of electrification on improving the CO2 emission intensity of GDP in Beijing from 1996 to 2012 5961-5978 L. Li, J. Wang, J. Zhang, X. Yun, X. Ge

  161. A theoretical cosine model for the assessment of the sales achievements of an coal enterprise 5979-5990 Y. He, H. Li, X. Wang

  162. Charging and quick-changing facilities of electric vehicles 5991-6002 L. Zifa, L. Weishu, Q. Can, Y. Duo

  163. The impacts of precise-displayed grating with small deflection angle of shooting accuracy 6003-6012 Y. Liao, Y. Zhou, Y. Liu, M. Mao, K. Chen

  164. Research on causes of pressure fluctuations inside high-speed train 6019-6026 Y. Zhu, X. Chen, Y. Du, Y. Xu

  165. A study on solving the boundary value problem of three-region composite second-order linear homogeneous ODE 6035-6048 X-X. Dong, S-C. Li, D-D. Gui, F-J. Zhang, J. Lin, C-P. Wang

  166. Characteristics and mechanisms of nitrogen and phosphorus losses in yellow cinnamon soil 6049-6060 H. Hu, Y. Ma, Q. Xu

  167. Based on ANSYS of automobile crankshaft time-varying uncertain reliability analysis 6061-6070 Y-W. Wu, B-Q. Shi, S-S. Liu, T-F. Li

  168. Distribution characteristics of heavy metals in the system of soil and crops. 6071-6080 H. Hu, D. Yunfei, Y. Ma

  169. Sliding-mode speed observer based integral backstepping control for PMSLM 6081-6094 H. Sun, Y. Dai, C. Tang

  170. The trade making method for bilateral contract between micro-grid and main grid considering wind power 6095-6104 H-B. Liu, H-D. Xu, J-C. Liu, J. Xu, K. Chen, J-Y. Zhao

  171. Electric power law’s modification under the new circumstances 6105-6122 X. Wang

  172. LED intelligent control and energy saving optimization of tunnel lighting based on the compensation of vehicle speed and traffic volume 6123-6136 J. Zhao, J. Zheng, G. Xing, J. Wang, X. Shen

  173. Optimization on national energy consumption distribution under total amount control of pollutants 6137-6148 D. Li, X. Wang, W. Zhao

  174. Research on AP1000 Plant with RELAP5 Program 7561-7568 J-S. Bi, J-X. Zuo, W. Sun, Y. Gong, J-R. An, B. Jia, S-X. Zhuang, J-P. Jing

  175. The application of adaptive GA based on cluster search for solving multi-peak NP problems 6157-6172 X. Luo

  176. Analysis and discussion of gateway fault-tolerant domain based on graph 6173-6184 H. Huang

  177. Study of ontology-based domain retrieval efficiency 6185-6196 H. Bao, W. Zhang

  178. Robust optimization design model and application based on the sensitivity analysis of the time-varying reliability 6197-6208 S-S. Liu, B-Q. Shi, J. Li, Y. Wu, W-Y. Zhang

  179. CIRM: A candidate item Reduce method on mapreduce for meteorological big data application 6209-6220 S. Xue, J. Huang, X. Xu, J. Zhang, L. Jing

  180. Game analysis of the enterprise’s counterintelligence in the nternational science and technology cooperation: an incomplete information dynamic game perspective 6221-6230 L-L. Zhu

  181. Affinity and tacit knowledge management in team: from the perspective of SNA 6231-6250 L. Wang, Q. Yu, L. Tian

  182. Coal distribution center assessment based on whitenization weight function clustering method 5651-5658 M. He, P. Jing, X. Wu, Q. Hu

  183. GIS-based landslide risk mapping under different rainfall using neural network and geostudio 6259-6266 Y. Li, X. Jin, G. Duan, Z. Lv

  184. Application of AODV routing protocol congestion based adaptive streaming media in mobile Ad hoc network 6267-6274 R. Mu

  185. A study on the ice and snow landscape resources design in scenic spots 6275-6282 X. Zhang, X. Liu, X. Liu

  186. Gatecontrol management system of sport events Based on radio frequency identification technology 6283-6290 L. Song, H. Wang

  187. A research and development on word sense disambiguation based on forward chaining 6291-6298 H. Jia, P. Tang

  188. The evaluation system research on the urban sustainable development based on Analytic Hierarchy Process 6299-6306 D. Liu, L. Liu, X. Ma

  189. Simulations for orbital maintenance of low-angle satellite based on STK 6307-6316 C. Liu, F. Wang, K. Shi, J. Guo

  190. A study on TCP/IP-based wireless sensor network 6317-6324 H. Jia, X. Li

  191. Working condition for intake and exhaust fans of high-speed train passing in open air 6325-6334 Y. Zhu, X. Chen, Y. Xu

  192. Path optimization research based on double chaos mapping particle swarm optimization algorithm 6335-6340 J. Li

  193. FEM study of stress concentration on dam heel of gravity dam 6341-6348 C. Wang

  194. Voice recognition on IP-spam based on genetic algorithms 6349-6356 H. Jia, P. Tang

  195. Spectral mesh smoothing based on Laplacian coordinates 6357-6362 H. Tu, G-H. Geng

  196. Research on health economy under high-tech world 6363-6368 Y. Li, J. Li, Y. Tang, Y. Yang, Y. Hu, F. Zhao

  197. Application of the finite Yang-Laplace transform on fractal space to local fractional differential equations 6369-6376 B. Yang, G. Chen, P. Wang

  198. Moving object tracking via visual saliency 6377-6384 J. Dai, T. Deng1, K. Yi, H. Sun

  199. Rotor blade design technology and analysis of small-scale diffuser augmented wind turbines under the lower-wind-speed wind field 6385-6396 Y. Chen, Y. Fang, S. Guo, W. Ye

  200. The practice and reform of environmental education in colleges and universities in China 6397-6404 L. Liu, X. Zhu, X. Wang

  201. The research on environmental protection integrated information system design based on GIS 6405-6412 F. Chen

  202. Study on the application of electronic brokerage system in China 6413-6420 X. Wu

  203. Evaluation of eco-efficiency about Tangshan iron and steel industry based on DEA 6421-6428 L. Zhou, X. Wan

  204. Numerical simulation of the multi-disc-cutters crushing in different cutting ways 6429-6436 J. Huo, X Zhang, J. Chen

  205. Optimization program design and feasibility study on coal-heat price linkage mechanism: A case of China 6437-6452 T. Li, Y. Jiang, Z. Zhao, H. Liu

  206. The application of principal component analysis in frontal storms forecast 6453-6460 Z. Zhao, P. Wang, J. Xu

  207. The impact of stock price volatility based on web data mining 6461-6468 C. Luo, Y. Cui, S. Liu

  208. A study of the effect of experiential marketing on behavioral intention in festival: take the Taiwan lantern festival as an example 6469-6476 P-T. Chen, R-H. Kung, L. Pei, Y-H. Shih

  209. A method to make requirements model of large project consistent 6477-6484 R. Siyit, Y. Ding, Y. Aishan

  210. Opportunities, challenges and recommendation for fixed-base operators in China 6485-6492 W. Wu, W. Wei, C. Fu

  211. Coupled PDE model and algorithm for triangulated regular network 6493-6502 H. Jiang, K-N. Zhang, T. Chen

  212. The research of slag-NaCl cementitious material 6013-6018 C. Liu, H. Ji, J. Liu

  213. Study of the optimizing of physical distribution routing problem based on hybrid cuckoo algorithm 6027-6034 J. Li

  214. Establish the evaluation model of express customer satisfaction 6149-6156 Y. Wang

  215. Subgroups of quantum Pauli gate group 6503-6512 W. Xie, S. Ouyang, H. Xiao

  216. Corporate social responsibility, green product design and customer identification: an empirical analysis of consumer electronics industry 6513-6520 H-C. Huang, M-C. Lai

  217. The survival speed and time of the escape process in mine fire 6521-6530 B. Tan., Z. Zhang, R. Hu, J. Zou

  218. Estimation on state of charge of power battery based on rebound voltage 6531-6538 L-Q. Chen, L-L. Du, B. Li

  219. Development and application of coalmine three-dimensional visualization personnel positioning system 6539-6546 J. Chen, Y. He, D. Jiang, X. Guo, A. Jiang, R. Liu

  220. Research on the minimum cost model of logistics facilities oriented to the coalition of enterprises 6547-6554 H. Wang

  221. The application of sun-product method I in internal control self-evaluation index system of listed company 6555-6562 Z. Li, D. Han

  222. Kohonen network model for performance evaluation of Portland cement concrete pavement based on fuzzy entropy weight 6563-6570 Z-B. Qin, Y. Li, W-T. Zhang, H. Liu

  223. Cost estimating method of power engineering overhead line based on fuzzy analogy 6571-6580 T. Yi, Y. Zhang, S. Cui

  224. A simplified traffic generating method for network reliability based on the genetic algorithm 6581-6588 Y. Zhang, N. Huang, Z. Wu, N. Hu

  225. Application of adaptive predictive deconvolution in marine Seismic Data 6589-6596 S-X. Zhu, B. Wang

  226. Pressure measurement and analysis on the blade surface of wind turbine 6597-6606 S. Yuan, R. Li, Z. Zhao

  227. Utilization of alkanity compound material from MSW for stabilization\solidification of heavy metals-bearing sludge 6607-6612 Y. Wang, M. Chen, H. Gu

  228. The infiltration simulation of soil moisture under negative pressure irrigation 6613-6622 R. Ji, T. Wang, L. Qi

  229. A novel DNA vaccine of construction and mouse immunization in mycoplasma suis 6623-6632 S. Shan, X. Yan, C. Ba

  230. Using excel software to analyze XBRL financial reports 6633-6638 Y. Peng, Z. Wu, J. Hu

  231. The analysis and design based on energy-saving fusion process model 6639-6646 R. Mu

  232. Study on application of principal component analysis in weather forecast - A case of winter Gale in Guangxi Beibu Gulf of China 6647-6654 P. Wang, H. Huang, Z. Lin

  233. Analysis of incremental cost for green buildings in China 6655-6662 B. Huang, J. Chai

  234. The development of energy shopping website based on framework 6663-6670 R. Mu

  235. Research on measuring method and reducing measures of optical fiber loss 6671-6678 S. Li

  236. The design and implementation of reverse energy management information system 6679-6684 R. Mu, Y. Ma

  237. Data collection in wireless underground sensor networks for oil and gas pipeline monitoring 6685-6694 H. Yu, J. Zhang

  238. New performance-based seismic design method of underground engineering 6695-6702 J. Zhao, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, P. Zhang

  239. Kinematics and velocity index analysis of a novel spherical 3-DOF parallel manipulator 6703-6710 L. Zhang, Z. Jin1, S. Li

  240. Study on energy management control strategy for new energy dual-drive electric vehicle powertrain 6711-6722 Y. Wang, D. Sun

  241. Research on the barriers of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy in Chinese photovoltaic industry 6723-6728 W. Zhang

  242. Research of reducing the friction coefficient of Cr12 by adopting irregular surface topographies 6729-6738 J. Wang, J. Zhang, D. Wu

  243. Computer aided design application in animation design 6739-6744 W. Shan

  244. The research of the grey system theory applied on buildings deformation monitoring 6745-6748 H. Yan, L. Zhang

  245. Colony and Markov mixed algorithm used in vehicle routing problem 6749-6754 P. Tang, S. Zhu

  246. Application of the image detection algorithm based on the grey system theory 6755-6760 W. Zhao

  247. Exploring on energy-saving design of building based on BIM technology 6761-6766 J. Xia, Y. Ma

  248. Chinese western rural area teacher’s investigation research based on energy background 6767-6774 B. Qin

  249. Study of fire location based on image recognition 6775-6786 C. Yang

  250. Optimization design and kinematic analysis of planar linkages based on matlab 6787-6800 C. Li

  251. Application of effective wavelengths in near infrared region for variety identification of minerals 6801-6810 Q. Cai, J. Jiang, X. Cui, L. Tao, H. Guo

  252. Research on the optimization of coal suppliers based on intuitionistic fuzzy set and TOPSIS method 6811-6828 Y. Wu, H. Xu, S. Geng

  253. Application of interval-valued intuitive fuzzy decision-making method based on improved TOPSIS in new energy project priority selection 6829-6842 Y. Wu, C. Liu, H. Xu, S. Geng, Y. Yang

  254. The innovation research of rural accounting agency system under urban and rural overall energy environment 6843-6848 Y. Y. Zhu

  255. Evaluation of steam turbine unit in thermal power plant based on combination weight and TOPSIS 6849-6864 Y. Wu, X. Xiao, S. Geng

  256. Research of algorithm for QRS complex real-time detection based on electrocardiogram 6865-6876 X. Tao

  257. Research on atomization barrier to 10.6μm laser extinction performance 6877-6886 X. Du, C. Yuan, J. Qu, Y. Xie, X. Zhao, Z. Ren, K. Wen, Z. Qi

  258. The characteristics extraction and recognition of ECG signal method based on wavelet transform and morphology 6887-6898 T. Xu, C. J. Zhao, H. Shen

  259. Experimental study on nitrogen and phosphorus removal and its influencing factors by a modified A2/O process 6899-6914 Y. Xie, X. Li, H. Yu, F. Pang, Z. He, M. You, J. Han, T. Zhu

  260. Species of oxidant effects on shockwave and fireball in RDX-based aluminized explosives 6915-6922 X. Zhao, X. Li, X. Du, Y. Xie, Q. Zhang

  261. The hybrid probabilistic query algorithms based on inconsistent database 6923-6938 H. Gao

  262. A reconfigurable design on intra prediction decoder engine for H.264/AVC decoding chipset 6939-6954 X. Liu, F. Feng

  263. Safety evaluation of intelligent tower crane based on finite element theory 6955-6964 X-Y. Lu

  264. Research on construction of ecological networks in urban communities based on the ecological perspective 6965-6976 Z. Yang, L. Zhan, Q. Li

  265. Special research of evacuation in fire 6977-6990 Y. Xu

  266. Study on solar energy-ground source heat pump application in China 6991-7000 D. Zhou1, D-W. Nie

  267. The brief analysis of contribution of landscape design on low carbon ecological urban construction 7001-7010 Q. Hou, C. Liu, Q. Liu

  268. Experimental research on engineering ceramics grinding assisting with ultrasonic vibration 7011-7022 H. Yang

  269. Macroeconomic cost estimation for CO2 reduction in China: a multi-objective programming approach 7023-7030 A. Luo, Z. Ruan

  270. Near zero emission in power industry under IGCC and CCS co-production in China 7031-7038 A. Luo, Z. Ruan

  271. Research on the optimization of solar-wind hybrid power station project selection based on intuitionistic fuzzy TOPSIS method 7039-7052 Y. Wu, H. Xu, S. Geng

  272. An investigation in educational reform of FET course petrophysics content–taking slip flow of nanoparticle dispersion as an example 7053-7060 H. Yu, P. Li, S. Li, T. Zhang, L. Cheng

  273. Analysis of commutation failure in HVDC caused by AC side fault 7061-7070 G. Li, K-J. Li, J-G. Ren, Z-D. Wang, X-L. Zhao

  274. The effect on gasoline engine emission characteristics of variable composition oxygen-enriched 7071-7082 B-Y. Han, S-Y. Bei, J-B. Zhao, J-P. Feng

  275. The energy balance of the sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) oil 7083-7086 O. Gokdogan, M. F. Baran

  276. Parameter optimization of screw conveyor by genetic algorithm based on responsible model designed by orthogonal test 7087-792 X. Niu, W. Meng, S. Wang, H. Cheng

  277. Parameter optimization of screw conveyor by genetic algorithm based on responsible model designed by orthogonal test 7087-7092 X. Niu, W. Meng, S. Wang, H. Cheng

  278. Risk assessment model of China’s solar photovoltaic power generation project investment based on life-cycle management 7093-7098 M. Zeng, L. Chen, H. Cheng, Q. Fan, S. Xue

  279. Analysis of vehicle idle vibration based on TPA method 7099-7104 H-Z. Qi, X-T. Liu

  280. An Empirical study on the evaluation of the urban competitiveness in Hubei Province Based on the entropy method 7105-7114 Q. Lu, J. Mo, Y. Xiong, X. Tang

  281. Bubble growth model in VPP process for HVI components 7115-7122 J. Tao, B. Hong, H. Wang

  282. Response of climate changes and human activities to the runoff reduction in WRB, China 7123-7130 A. Guo, Q. Huang, Y. Wang, J. Chang, Z. Guo, H. Zhang

  283. Energy efficiency, land resources and urban agglomeration Strategy 7131-7138 P-J. Lu

  284. Structural optimization design for microbus frame 7139-7146 X. Du, Z. Wang, J. Li, B. Wang, B. Qu

  285. Effect of combinative collectors on fine-grained scheelite flotation 7147-7154 G-H. Ai, X-X. Tao, H-S. Yan

  286. The experimental comparison of the binary compound flooding mechanism in dilute oil and heavy oil 7155-7164 Y. Pi, L. Lin, L. Liu, X. Guo

  287. Experimental study of water jet cutting of frozen soil 7165-7172 G. Jiao, J. Zhou, T. Zhu, Z. Zhao

  288. Nonnegative matrix factorization based one class classification 7173-7180 L. Ma, N. Feng, M. Su

  289. Adaptive sampling for exploring harmful algae bloom field 7181-7186 W. Song

  290. New energy promotion In Inner Mongolia: Regional development strategy implementation 7187-7196 J. Dong, T-T. Fe

  291. Dilemma and strategy of biomass power generation industry development in China: a perspective of industry chain 7197-7218 X-G. Zhao, T-T. Feng

  292. Grid construction project investment decision-making with decision-maker preferences based on interval number VIKOR method 7291-7228 J. Wang, M. Wufuer, Y. Zhu, W. Zhou

  293. An application of interval number multiple attribute decision making of economy of grid construction project 7229-7236 J. Wang, M. Wufuer, Y. Zhu, X. Guan

  294. First-principles study on electronic structures and optical properties of CdSe 7237-7244 F. Zhang, H. Cui, X. Ruan, W. Zhang

  295. Analysis of gold deposit metallogenic system and selection of mineral prospecting methods in southeastern Guizhou 7245-7254 Y. Che

  296. Face recognition based on combined-kernel function of support vector machine 7255-7264 W. Li, N. Ma, Z. Wang

  297. Energy-aware adaptive cell management in hybrid energy powered cellular networks 7265-7280 H. Wang, Z. Zhao, L. Yang, C. Tang, H. Tang

  298. Research on similarity of two residential area based on two points 7281-7288 Y. Liu, X. Jia

  299. The adaptive correlative analysis of gravity and aeromagnetic anomaly from Wutai, Shanxi 7289-7296 Q. Liu, S. Teng, S. Lian

  300. Research on optimal allocation of water resources based on multiple-objective particle swarm optimization 7297-7306 W. Zhang, R. Nie, H. Wang, W. Zhang

  301. Based on the geostress to study ore pillars recovery in complex mining areas 7307-7314 L. Chen, L. Qiao, G. Dasgupta, Q. Li

  302. Application research on program mutation technology in software testing 7315-7322 J. Ning, H. Yu

  303. Optimization design of STUNT protocol based on IPV4 network 7323-7328 L. Chen K. Ke

  304. Research on massive data processing platform based on high-performance computer 7329-7334 G. Sun, S. Luan

  305. Design and application of computer aided literature translation system based on foreignizing method and domestication method 7335-7340 H. He

  306. The economic benefits research of large stadiums creative business model under the horizon in China 7341-7350 H. You, Y. Zhang

  307. Design and application of basketball technology course multimedia feedback 7351-7356 G. Qiu

  308. Research on design and application of the multimedia support teaching system of art context 7357-7362 X. Luo

  309. SWOT analysis on ideological and political education work of university in micro era 7363-7368 S. Chen

  310. Research on the function of new media technology in the ideological and political education 7369-7374 N. She

  311. Design and application of computer aided translation system in applied Japanese teaching 7375-7380 L. Chen

  312. Research on the optimal performance of recycled concrete 7381-7386 Z. Song, Y. Xing, S. Liu, Y. Dong

  313. Analysis of utilization level of city planning rainwater 7387-7392 X. Liang

  314. A research on the application of plug-in technology in computer software 7393-7398 F. Wu, Z. Lv

  315. Research on computer network technology based on complex network theory 7399-7404 H. Ma, Z. Zhang, X. Gao

  316. The architecture and application of Telecom network and computer network based on Android 7405-7410 X. Gao, H. Ma, Z. Zhang

  317. Design and implementation of VOD system based on CTV network 7411-7416 S. Feng, Y. Ye, Y. Yuan

  318. Design and implementation of computer network management system based on SNMP 7417-7422 J. Xing

  319. Research on computer software technology transfer platform based on ontology theory 7423-7428 Z. Lv, F. Wu

  320. Analysis of Wushu movement structure of based on computer digital simulation technology 7429-7434 W. He

  321. The design and application of computer network systems in logistics 7435-7440 W. He

  322. Teaching research and practice of ERP in information management major 7441-7446 L. Jia

  323. Method and principle of web interface design based on user experience 7447-7452 Y. Liu

  324. Research on value engineering of urban rail transit project development 7453-7460 H. Meng

  325. The urban environment design and environmental pollution effects to the health 7461-7464 X. Zhang

  326. The conception of green road system planning in Xian yang based on the background of international metropolis 7465-7470 X. Liang

  327. The study of modern design art base on digital media technology 7471-7478 Y. Chen

  328. Analysis of pulse interval modulation for optical wireless based on communication system 7479-7484 H. Tan, W. Zhang

  329. Prioritization of non-technical barriers for geothermal energy utilization using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process: The case of Saudi Arabia 7485-7494 H. Alidrisi

  330. Preparation of waste ramulus mori-based adsorbent and its adsorption performance for cationic dyes 7495-7506 H-L. Zhu, Y-B. Tang, F-Y. Chen

  331. The investigation of energy-saving operation strategy for micro-grid 7507-7520 Z. Yan, J. Liu, Y. Liu

  332. Study on stability of overlying filling body in underhand single route slicing 7521-7530 Z. Guo, F. Feng, C. Zang, W. Huang

  333. The Influence of oxygen concentration on the corrosion properties of polymer flooding water injection 7531-7536 F. Ren, W. Ma

  334. Inspection and maintenance of external anticorrosion in buried pipeline 7537-7544 B. Chen, J-Q. Li

  335. Study on accumulated strain of silty soil under subway loading 7545-7552 C. Yan, L. Zhang

  336. Analysis on eco-efficiency and influence factors across provinces in China 7553-7560 D. Fan

  337. Research on AP1000 Plant with RELAP5 Program 7561-7568 J-S. Bi, J-X. Zuo, W. Sun, Y. Gong, J-R. An, B. Jia, S-X. Zhuang, J-P. Jing

  338. The problems and countermeasures of rural ecological construction under the background of balancing urban and rural development in Chongqing of China 7569-7576 D-Q. Wang, S-Q. Tian

  339. Research on protection and planning of Zhang Guda ancient dwellings, and optimization of traditional drainage facilities 7577-7588 W. Han, T. Li

  340. Type-2 fuzzy systems theory and its application in the stock trend analysis 7589-7598 J. Zhao, L. Jiang

  341. Effect of rare earth Ce4+ content on the properties and form mechanism of foamed concrete 7599-7612 J. Zhang, X. Liu

  342. Drainage of pressure relief gas using directional drilling long borehole in underground coal mine 7613-7620 G. Chen

  343. The design of metro vehicle braking control system based on braking command 7621-7630 X. Gao, Z. Li

  344. A supervision approach for nuclear power construction projects at earlier stageb 7631-7644 Y. Wu, J. Zhang, N. Tian, S. Geng, Y. Zhang

  345. Effect of ground temperature on self-heating characteristic of coal 7645-7652 Q-G. Bao, K. Cao, S-J. Zhang

  346. Evaluation of low-carbon electricity development in China using BTS-AE based improved osculation model 7653-7664 W. Sun, J. Wang, Y. Ren

  347. Service-oriented meteorological early warning analysis model of landslide disaster 3665-3674 X. Luo, J. Peng, J. Luo

  348. The mining of urban residents' activity rules based on mobile phone positioning data 7675-7682 X. Zuo, L. Chen, H. Yu

  349. Realization of algorithm about two cascading failure models 7683-7690 G. Hou, L. Sun

  350. On AutoCAD method in the optimal path selection for obstacle avoidance of robot 7691-7698 Z. Dai, Z. Zhao, P. Wang

  351. Suggestion on automotive specialized English course teaching 7699-7704 H. Chen, L. Zhu, H. Ren

  352. Dynamic buckling of stiffened cylindrical shell under combined load 7705-7712 H. Fang, L. Zhang, L. Cai, J. Fan, Yu Li

  353. Integrated security information system based on wireless sensor networks 7713-7718 D. Jiang, Z. Yu

  354. Colliery safety monitoring system design under wireless sensor nvironment 7719-7724 Y. Zhao, Y. Wang Yu Zhao*, Yazi Wang

  355. Philosophy and the modern courses education using grey system theory 7775-7728 M. Zhang

  356. Large-scale user behavior analysis 7729-7734 L. Zhang, S. Zhu

  357. Study on multi-resource constraints vehicle scheduling problem based on improved genetic algorithm 7735-7740 Y. Wang, X. Wang

  358. Computer-aided software teaching based on the use of MATLAB 7741-7744 X. Wang

  359. Environments monitoring system based on WSN applied in water 7745-7752 P. Tang, S. Zhu

  360. Philosophy of science and technology education based on linear regression theory 7753-7758 M. Zhang

  361. Transient response of photo conductive detectors under laser irradiation 7759-7766 L. Sun

  362. Extraction of public library service function transformation and xtension 7767-7772 Q. Shi

  363. Ecosystem vulnerability system in mining city 7773-7778 C. Miao

  364. Multi-objective optimization scheduling model applied in new energy power system 7779-7784 J. Liu, B. Wu

  365. Blast wave signal in data collector 7785-7792 L. Li, W. Dong

  366. A TCP-like congestion control algorithm based on RTP protocol 7793-7802 X. Zhao, H. Meng

  367. Internet finance system based on acceptance model 7803-7806 Z. Tang, H. Wang

  368. The new characteristics of international trade and the countermeasures in enterprises 7807-7812 Y. Zhang

  369. China’s development and strategies of international trade in the cultural industry 7813-7818 W. Yang

  370. Development of a web-based electric power quality monitoring system 7819-7824 Q. Liao, J. Yang

  371. Performance of a genetic algorithm for solving path in traffic network 7825-7830 K. Liu, H. Zhang

  372. Cultivating undergraduate talents of tourism management with CDIO mode 7831-7834 N. Han

  373. Training model of enterprise management with ERP simulating experience platform 7835-7838 J. Liu

  374. The trade competitiveness research of China's cultural based on dynamic diamond model 7839-7842 Y. Zhuang

  375. Non-stationary long memory parameter estimate based on wavelet 7843-7848 J. Hou, L. Huang

  376. Power system relay protection simulation based on MATLAB 7849-7854 J. Yang, Q. Qiao

  377. Research and application of investment efficiency evaluation model on coal mine construction project 7855-7865 R. Shan, X. Zhao, X. Chen, J. Li

  378. Computer design specialty evaluation based on analytic hierarchy process theory 7865-7872 Q. Chang

  379. Computer education quality in evaluation index system based on AHP 7873-7878 J. Chen

  380. Vehicle routing problem using colony and Markov algorithm 7879-7884 F. Zhao, Y. Ma

  381. Sports training monitoring management system based on wireless sensor 7885-7890 Q. Wang

  382. Optimization research of material inventory management based on genetic algorithm 7891-7896 Y. Ma, F. Zhao

  383. The research and development of the education equipment based on the theory of D-S 7897-7900 T. Kuang, S. Zhu

  384. Study on construction technology of water saving irrigation and water conservancy engineering 7901-7906 H. Wang, Q. Gao

  385. An analysis on the development trend of hotel operation and management 7907-7910 M. Li

  386. The vicissitudes and educational impact of child teachers 7911-7918 Y. Wen

  387. Study on evolving model of concrete failure surface in the freeze-thaw condition 7919-7924 G. Huang, H. Wang

  388. Research tourist translational skill of Henan under the view of functionalist theory 7925-7930 H. Zhang

  389. Study on training factors of HARP—CDIO education model for industrial design specialty 7931-7936 H. Na

  390. Rural left-behind children present situation of alienation from school and intervention study — Seeking to improve the alienation from school of rural left-behind children by group psychology counseling 7937-7942 F. Ni

  391. Construction of community sports service’s informationization 7943-7950 J. Song

  392. Investigation and analysis of urban migrant children health care 7951-7956 X. Guo

  393. Infection prevention and control measures of risk assessment in hemodialysis patients in hospital 7957-7962 X. Zhang, C. Wang

  394. Augmented reality technology for college students under multimedia environment 7963-7968 F. Kang, C. Tang

  395. Study on the bidirectional effect of Ca2+ on the deterioration of shaft concrete under sulfate attack 7969-7976 W. He, Y. Hou, H. Ji, C. Liu, S. You

  396. Development of a 3D simulation system for drilling well control safety training 7977-7982 H. Li, B. Kang

  397. A review on passive authentication algorithms of copy-move digital image forgery 7983-7988 Y. Gan, J. Zhong

  398. A sensorless control for yaw system of a wind turbine based on variable structure model reference adaptive system 7989-7998 D. Zhang, L. Hou, R. Wang, Y. Zeng, Y. Shen, Q. Xi

  399. Optimum investment alternative for power transformer implementing probabilistic life cycle cost 7999-8006 J. P. Bian, X. Y. Sun, M. M. Wang, H. Q. Zheng, H. Xing

  400. Research on different “non-automatic design” and its application 8007-8014 D. Li, W. Hu

  401. Heavy metal distribution in urban soils 8015-8020 X. Li

  402. Study on the ecological characteristics of drepanostachyum iudianense in Guizhou Karst Area 8021-8026 J. Liu

  403. Research beautiful countryside construction effective evaluation model in coastal areas 8027-8032 K. Liu

  404. Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and OWA operator of jack-up drilling platform proposal based decision making 8033-8042 G. Han, N. Yu, D. Li

  405. The analysis of molybdenum concentrate energy price based on Grey-Markov model 8043-8050 X. Nie, H. Zhang, Y. Hai, C. Lu

  406. Low carbon city’s evaluation index system and empirical study 8051-8058 G. Han, D. Li, N. Yu

  407. A study on modified MUSIC algorithm used in wireless communication DOA estimation 8059-8066 L. Liu

  408. A study on measurement, causes and policy options of China's coal overcapacity in the transitional period 8067-8076 Y. Liu1, B. Zhang2,*, X. Yu

  409. Research on green supply chain knowledge sharing mechanism 8077-8086 K. Qi, W. Chen

  410. Opportunistic routing design based on congestion control strategy 8087-8094 X. He, S. Liu, T. Liu

  411. The finite element contact simulation and modification on double circular arc gear 8095-8102 Y. Li, B. Wu, L. Zhu

  412. The impact of environmental regulation and R&D investment spillover on China regional technological innovation-Based on spatial semi-parametric econometric model 8103-8110 A. Ye, S. Chen

  413. The structure and development of Chinese undergraduates' implicit view on competitive personality characteristics 8111-8118 W. Lv

  414. Research on redundancy management in RAID5 small write update 8119-8128 X. Liu

  415. Sleep condition inference approach using evidential reasoning 129-136 Q. Meng, J. Jiang, X. Lu

  416. Study control strategy for the number of replica in HDFS 8137-8146 C. Peng, X. Liu

  417. Based on the linear elastic energy criterion to analyze rock burst tendency in deep rock mass 8147-8152 Q. Guo, Q. Li

  418. The new development of university ideological and political education under the network environment 8153-8158 S. Guo, Y. Hu

  419. Training method of the psychology of athletes in track and field training 8159-8164 M. Wang

  420. On the significant influence of CRRT treatment for heart failure correlated nephrotic syndrome 8165-8170 J. Ma

  421. Failure cause analysis of deaerator/sourgas stripper cylinder of ammonia unit in a chemical fertilizer plant 8171-8178 C. Lang, Y. Xie, X. Wang, X. Gai, D. Chen, G. Jin

  422. A Study on Ni-P deposition method on the surface of magnesium alloy 8179-8186 R. Zhan, S. Zhu

  423. Analysis on the influence factors of preparation of homoionic clay 8187-8192 G. Xie, M. Deng, L. Zhang, M. Xia

  424. A study on the spatial data partition and parallel computing strategies of spatial overlay analysis for vector data in multi-core computer 8193-8200 L. Wu, Z. Chen, Z. Xie

  425. Research on the influence of trailer axial steering mechanism on the handing and stability of vehicle 8201-8208 W. Zhao, J. Xiong, Y. Zhao, Y. Song

  426. Optimization research on logistics system of energy recovery from construction wastes 8209-8214 X. Bai, X. Wang

  427. Study on multi-frequency weak signal detection method based on an array of cascaded re-scaling stochastic resonance 8215-8222 F. Wei, M. Lv, G. Wang, B. Ren, X. Wen

  428. Cascade failures on module networks with tunable cluster strength 8223-8230 Y. Zheng, F. Liu

  429. Suggestion on automotive marketing course teaching 8231-8236 Y. Yang, R. Zhang, H. Zhang

  430. Study on fault location matrix algorithm in mine high-voltage power network based on transient pulse polarity of zero-sequence current 8237-8244 Y. Wang, D. Lu

  431. Review on geometric moment invariants application in forgery image blind authentication 8245-8252 J. Zhong, Y. Gan

  432. Designing of emission permit trading mechanism based on resource allocation model 8253-8258 H. Dai, T. Sun, K. Zhang, M. Gao

  433. The complementary research on new energy generation 8259-8266 R. Mu, F. Zhao

  434. Empirical study on the performance evaluation of small and micro nterprises microfinance based on low carbon economy 8267-8274 Q. Zhang, W. Guo, J. Li

  435. Analyses on generative mechanism of Liuzhou architectural archetype, Ming and Qing dynasties 8275-8282 L. He

  436. Experiments and study of Bioaerosol by an IRLidar 8283-8288 H. Yang, X. Zhao

  437. Analysis of stakeholders of architectural heritage protection based on the game theory model 8289-8296 W. Ruiling, L. Shirong, D. Xiong

  438. Efficient mobile law enforcement system for China Inspection and Quarantine 8297-8306 Z. Qin, X. Bao, B. Zhang, K. Fang, X. Chen

  439. Does absorptive capacity matter? An examination of mediating effect between resource complementarity and business model innovation m8307-8314 H-C. Huang, M-C. Lai, Y-H. Shih

  440. Impact of human activities on vegetation cover in Sanjiangyuan Region 8315-8324 Q. Li

  441. Empirical analysis of tax collection and management performance based on organization resource ability 8325-8332 S. He, C. Zheng, M. Zhao

  442. Application of pre-stack depth migration in an area 8333-8340 S-X. Zhu, B. Wang, Y-N. Jiang

  443. Summary for research on the damage and self-healing properties of salt rock 8341-8346 D. Jiang, L. Wang, J. Chen, J. Liu, L. Yi

  444. Prediction of copper content of soil in mining area using wavelet neural network 8347-8352 J. Lv, Z. Yan

  445. Heavy metals accumulation and potential ecological risk assessment of garden soils in suburban area of eastern Chengdu, southwest China 8353-8358 J. Sun, L. Zhang

  446. Dynamic characteristics of water resources ecological footprint in Shule River Basin during 2003-2010 8359-8366 J. Zhang, D. Zhou, R. Zhang

  447. Modeling of the low permeability fracturing gas well production capacity 8367-8376 J. Liu, Y. Su, X. A, Z. Zhao, Z. Zhang

  448. The analysis of anti-dumping based on game with vertical structure under incomplete information 8377-8384 L-T. Zhao, F. Liu, Z-G. Zhang

  449. From intra-industry specialization to intra-product specialization: the limitation of new trade theory-an empirical research based on Chinese steel trade 8385-8392 H. Peng, J. Jiang

  450. Analysis on the effects of coal mining on aquifers 8393-8400 H. Jin, Y. Duan1, H. Liu

  451. Detection of heavy metal stress in wheat using independent component analysis 8401-8410 J. Lv, Z. Yan, H. Xue

  452. Research on enterprise low carbon development strategic based on ecological civilization construction 8411-8418 Y. Liu, B. Zhang, X. Sheng

  453. Heat exchange analysis and numerical simulation of HEMS-II 8419-8428 P. Qi, Z. Jia, H. Liu

  454. A distributed transmission scheduling scheme for UWB WSNs in presence of multi-class traffic 8429-8446 X. Wang, W. Wang, J. Yao

  455. New analytic model for heat transfer performance of metal foam 8447-8458 Y. Zhang

  456. Ⅰ-Ⅱ mixed mode fracture criterion for concrete under the combination action of water pressure and axial load 8459-8466 X. Wang, H. Zou, K. Xiao, M. Abdulhadi, S. Zheng

  457. Statistic analysis of population characteristics of tamarisk on the Yellow River bank in Tongde, Qinghai 8467-8478 H. Sun, W. Zhao, Z. Dong, H. Dong

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