Volume (Issue) 33 (1) January 2015

  1. Construction and exploration practice of wide-area classroom of postgraduate academic integrity education 1-8 X. Zhu

  2. Hybrid recommendation model based on MapReduce 9-18 D. Li, Q. Li, L. Bai, Z. Zheng

  3. Numerical investigation on the flow control of FFA-W3 airfoil with gurney flaps 19-26 L. Wang, W. Zhao, W. Qiao, X. Liu

  4. Research on efficient utilization of copper smelt residue with flotation 27-34 D. Liu, Y. Wang, S. Wen, J. Li

  5. An improved ant colony optimization algorithm using local pheromone and global pheromone updating rule 35-44 L. Liu, S. Wang, Q. Gao

  6. Research on the key extraction from iris characteristics based on wavelet packet decomposition 45-52 K. Yu, J. Wei, L. Xu

  7. The application design on accounting simulation practice teaching system based on B/S technology 53-60 X.Qi

  8. Research on intelligent teaching environment based on cloud platform 61-68 J. Zhang, Y. Ou, Y. Wang

  9. The dynamic job shop scheduling approach based on data-driven genetic algorithm 69-76 Y. Yu, Y. Ying

  10. A discriminative manifold learning based dimension reduction method for hyperspectral discrimination of tree species 77-84 S. Wang, T. Zhao, X. Wang,K. Mo, L. Ding, D. Dong

  11. Application of two-layer soil calculation model on risk assessment for agricultural drought 85-94 J. He, S. Song, X. Cheng

  12. Quantitative estimation for vulnerability of agricultural drought disaster based on variable fuzzy analysis method 95-102 J. He, S. Song, W. Wang

  13. The synchronic research of the playing mode of Guangxi copper drum 103-108 L. Xing

  14. Intelligent transport route planning method based on ant colony algorithm 109-118 L. Zhang

  15. Research on the folk financial operation risk warning model based on back-propagation (BP) neural network 119-126 Q. Wang

  16. Application of improved grey prediction model on carbon dioxide emissions forecasting 127-134 T. Wang, S. Wei

  17. Research on advertising and recycling integration decision based on closed-loop supply chain 135-142 J. Ta

  18. Research on performance optimal control and experiment for gasoline engine under oxygen-enriched air intake condition 143-152 B-Y. Han, S-Y. Bei, J-B. Zhao, J-P. Feng

  19. Analysis and experimental study of median-nonlinear flow characteristics in hydraulic proportionalvalve 153-162 W. Jia, C. Yin, D. Zhu, G. Li

  20. Research on a poking coal device in the coal pit of coal preparation plant 163-174 G. Zheng, W. Dai, Y. Qiu, H. Liu, W. Zhang, W. Lv

  21. Numerical simulation of 3D-geomat protective slope stability 175-186 G. Wang, D. Wang, J. Zhang

  22. Structural reliability design based on fruit fly & genetic algorithm 187-202 Q. Qi, G. Xu, X. Fan, J. Wang

  23. Study on the carbon sink of littoral wetland soil in the three gorges reservoir, China 203-208 Z. Luo, X. Yuan, X. Wang

  24. Simulation and assessment of vehicle handling stability based on MATLAB 209-216 G. Fei1, L.L. Song, Z. Pei

  25. The reform and practice of cultivating the innovation ability for postgraduates majoring in software engineering 217-222 J. Min, L. Xiaoyong, C. Ai

  26. Research on SLC horizontal wheel separate-installed machine 223-230 Y. Gao

  27. Research on design theory improvement of linear motor-ballastless track interaction 231-244 H. Xiao, L. Guo, L. Gao, D. Wang

  28. Transmission line lightning trip-out rate improved calculation method 245-256 S-Y. Zhu, L. Wang, W. Yuan, C. Wang

  29. The variation of n and p uptake of the aquatic plants under the n-p ─▒nteraction 257-268 J. Fengquan, X. Yan, L. Jing

  30. A control method of regional automatic switchover devices based on branch discrimination 269-278 Y. Hou

  31. The application of algorithm of discovering important nodes in social networks of civil aviation passenger 279-300 W. Cao, L. Bai, H. Liu

  32. An error compensation method for workpiece deflection in face milling 301-314 W. Yi, Z. Jiang, W. Shao, X. Han

  33. The properties of particleboard treated with phosphate and zeolite 315-320 S. Zhang, F. Dou, M. Wang, L. Li

  34. Model updating of CFST arch rib based on improved ant colony algorithm 321-330 K. Xie, G. Chen, L. Qin, S. Chen

  35. Research on value added of game decision-making in enterprise marketing networks 331-340 W. Ge, X. Qin

  36. The construction of environmental performance evaluation index system of cement manufacturing enterprises based on BSC and the PSR model 341-348 H. Li, T. Li, Q-B. Sun

  37. Research on integrated sailing performance estimating of ships based on AHP method 349-356 S. Sun, J. Jiao, X. Zhao, J. Li

  38. Research on large-bolts disassembling and reassembling or remote handing maintenance 357-364 H. Chen, J. Guo, Z. Sun, L. Lai, H. Tang, Y. Liu

  39. Optimization calculation for parameters of heavy vehicle transmission system based on PARETO optimality solution 365-376 H. Pang, W. Peng, Y. Yuan

  40. Dispersion cloud resources flexible scheduling 377-386 S. Wang, Z. Du

  41. Study on dislocation density during the cold roll-beating of 40Cr steel 387-398 F. Cui, K. Xie, G. Yan, Y. Xie, Y. Li, Y. Li

  42. Simulation and monitoring of the brightness temperature from LANDSAT TM images in urban area 399-412 F. Chen, S. Hao, J. Ma, Y. Zeng, J. Qu, G. Li, S. Zhang

  43. Reliability evaluation of based on GO Method of EMU brake control unit 413-424 J. Yang, M. Zhang, Q. Huang, C. Zhao

  44. Analysis of the relationship between apparent stress and main-after shocks magnitude difference on association rules 425-434 M. Wang, Q. Jiang, N. Lin, X. Yu, S. Feng, C. Liu

  45. Support vector regression for traffic volume forecasting and parameter selection 435-442 B. Xia, F. Kong, S. Xie

  46. Architecture-centric process topology selection and composition of cloud extended service flow based on cloud model 443-454 X. Xia, J. Yu, B. Cao

  47. Effects of simulating sediment-dredging on release of nitrogen and phosphorus in Nanyang zone of Nansi Lake, China 455-464 B. Li, Z. Zhang

  48. Influence analysis of user characteristics to microblogging re-tweet behaviour 465-478 S-B. Zhang

  49. Study on the relationship between taxation system and the development of shale gas industry 479-486 H. Liu, X. Jiang

  50. A new unsteady production calculation model for fractured horizontal wells 487-502 F. Zeng, J. Guo

  51. Stereo matching based on colour invariants in RGB orthogonal colour space 503-516 X. Cui, J. Kan, W. Li

  52. Creating and analysis of a POS Tag Chinese-Mongolian multi-scripts dictionary 517-528 I. Dawa, T. Aniwar

  53. A new closed frequent itemsets mining algorithm based on GPU 529-542 Y. Li, J. Xu, L. Chen

  54. Measurement on the diameter of standing trees applying the two-view geometry 543-556 C. Zhan, J. Kan, W. Li

  55. Dielectric behavior of samarium and lanthanum co-doped BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3 ceramics 557-564 R. Sang, Y. Li, X. Ma, J. Shao

  56. Characteristic of skewed distribution about chinese daily average temperature records in summer 565-572 Z. Qian, G. Feng, Z. Zhang

  57. Simulation of dynamic performance of an electric vehicle based on ADVISOR 573-578 G. Fei, C. X. Long, Z. Pei

  58. Optical-electric diagnosis on the partial discharge of gas insulated switchgear based on weighted DS evidence theory 579-592 J. Yang, S. Huang, G.Peng

  59. Modeling the sustainable urban transportation system using system dynamics 593-606 Y. Zhang, L. Zhang, X. Zhu, Y. He

  60. A fast algorithm of remnant detection based on the history codebook matching degree 607-618 Q. Zhao, Y. Hou, C. Zhao, S. Kou, S. Zhao, X. Mao

  61. Research and design of access control management architecture of distributed cloud computing resource network 619-626 F. Li, T. Wang

  62. Design of teaching research achievements management system based on B/S architecture 627-632 H. Yang, Z. Li, W. Wei

  63. The potential control technology of improving the chalcopyrite sorting index by the application of selective regrinding of flotation middlings 633-640 L. Qin, H. Peng

  64. Analysis of parameter optimization prediction method for promoting power supply guarantee ability in test base 641-648 H. Cai, Z. He, J. Tang

  65. Method of blasted muck pile image enhancement based on grayscale transforming and four kinds of denoising by filtering 649-656 L. Luan, L. Guo

  66. Automatic monitoring system of agricultural greenhouse based on wireless sensor network coverage technology 657-662 L. Wang, Y. Ma, X. Z. Wang, Z. Liu

  67. Strategic projection force analysis based on systematic dynamics 663-670 P. Xu, W. Wang, J. Tang

  68. Modal research of a 6-DOF manipulator based on sensitivity analysis 671-678 B. Li, X. Yao

  69. Identity of the influence of organizational culture from external factors based on fuzzy approach 679-686 H. Ren, Y. Li

  70. Electromagnetic compatibility design of high voltage circuit breaker 687-694 Q. Shen, Z. Shen, S. Li

  71. The hardware design of intelligent circuit breaker 695-702 Y. Zhao, W. Wei, H. Song, W. Li