Volume (Issue) 33 (2) March 2015

  1. Ultrasonic tomography with narrow-angle ultrasonic sensors for bubble detection 703-710 C. Xu, C. Tan, F. Dong

  2. Progress and perspective of studies on biomimetic shark skin drag reduction 711-718 X. Pu, G. Li, Y. Liu

  3. The research on the teaching means and methods of advanced chemistry in civil engineering 719-724 Q. Wang, T. Wang, C. Zhang, X. Wen, Z. Shi, Z. Hu, J. Zhang

  4. Natural attenuation mechanisms of toluene in BTEX contaminated groundwater 725-732 Y. Zhao, Y. Zhao, R. Zhou

  5. Analysis of the influence on regional economic development of high-speed railway 733-742 M. Zhang, Q. Wu, D. Wu, L. Zhao, X. Liu

  6. The structure and magnetic properties study of rare earth compounds RFe12-xMx 743-748 Y. Zhang, J. Huang

  7. Effect of fuel modes on combustion and emission characteristics of marine diesel engines 749-758 H. Yu, S. Duan, P. Sun

  8. Analysis of land use change and its driving forces of county level in the cities’ synchronization process 759-766 Z. Zhou, W. Zhang, X. Tan, J. Duan

  9. Circuit breaker vibration signal processing method based on Bi-spectral analysis 767-776 L. Ge, Y. Jiang, W. Wei

  10. The research of the CA6140 lathe pperation simulator 777-784 H. Fu, Q. Zhao, H. Wang

  11. Static characteristics of main unit in machining tool based on modeling of interfaces 785-792 R. Shao, D. Yu, P. Feng, J. Zhang

  12. Bearing behavior research on steel lined reinforced concrete penstock based on the XFEM 793-800 H. Wu, S. Qin, L. Wu

  13. Optimal sensor placement for the tower structure based on key components 801-810 C. Yang, H. Cheng, Z. Wang

  14. Study on SD-based wartime oil supplies 811-818 J. Tang, Q. Zhou, P. Xu

  15. Research on synthesis and tribology performance of hydroxylated methyl oleate 819-830 W. Yang, B. Chen, J. Fang, S. Xiang

  16. Application of collaborative simulation based on interfaces used in optimization design of weapon system 831-838 W. Ge, Y. Zhao, B. Li, A. Li, H. Wang

  17. Research on spatial route of Shanghai historical heritage protection sites by dynamic programming 839-846 Z. Wei, Y. Ma, Z. Zhu

  18. Energy-consumption optimization method for cloud computing platform operation considering random tasks 847-856 C. Xie, X. Ren, Y. Zhao

  19. Study on virtual scene technology and motion simulation 857-864 X. Ge, Z. Xu, J. Li, B. Zou

  20. Research on modular multilevel STATCOM black start control strategy 865-872 J. Jin, J. Wang, Y. Ji, Z. Wang

  21. Performance evaluation of green supply chain management in ultra-high-rise building based on ANP-Fuzzy 873-880 Q. Liao, W. Chen, J. Deng

  22. Multiple attributes group decision-making based on ranking interval type-2 fuzzy soft set 881-888 L. Li, Z. Xiao

  23. The current situation and countermeasures of the development of college fitness and body-building course in Shanxi province 889-896 Z. Du, H. Liu

  24. To construct semantic graph inspired by Hamilton Graph 897-904 M. Liu, B. Zhao, X. Wang, H. Shi

  25. New form of associated continued fractions rational interpolation 905-912 Y. Zhang

  26. The realistic approach data resource study on the advancing university president professionalization 913-920 R. Mu

  27. Study on the status and influential factors of university students’ emotion management ability 921-926 F. Wang

  28. Ground effects on rajiform locomotion 927-934 Z. Wu, S. Shi1, W. Chen, D. Xia

  29. Study on evaluation methods of high-temperature performance of mastic asphalt 935-946 J-H. Chen, X-N. Zhang, G-L. Zou, W. Xu, L-W. Zeng, C. Wan

  30. Study on the paper made from solid waste of bamboo paper sludge 947-954 M-L. Chen, C-G. Wang, S-Y. Zhang, H. Wu, C-Q. Liu1, Y-W. Pei1, X. Wang

  31. Catastrophe mechanism of risk coupling of highway traffic safety 955-968 J-D. Zhao, X. Sun

  32. Grass species classification based on hyperspectral data with neural network 969-980 M. Huang, Q. Hao, S. Li, Q. Zhu, F. Zhang

  33. The introduction of digital media into the content of art curriculum resources 981-986 S. Li, H. Qi, Y. Qi

  34. Digital mode and publication of fine art 987-992 H. Qi, S. Li, Y. Qi, X. Zhou

  35. Model and rules for track utilization problem in railway passenger stations 993-1014 J. Wang, D. Lei, Y. Zhang,Q. Zeng, Z. Chen

  36. A study on the meaning, theoretical basis and applicability of fair value 1015-1024 Y. Zhang

  37. A hybrid method of set reduction algorithm and modified genetic algorithm for set covering problem 1025-1032 X. Y. Chen

  38. Study on image feature decomposition technology of vibration spectrum 1033-1042 L. Yong, G. Xinfeng

  39. Design of a voice and data infrared transmission device 1043-1052 G. Long

  40. Introduction to tourism information of minority based on VPOI technology 1053-1064 Y. Xiong, D. Tang

  41. Summarization of research and application status of methyl cellulose 1065-1074 J. Ren, Z. Liang, Y. Liu

  42. A feasibility study of the use of roots-steam engine in waste heat field 1075-186 Y. Xiao, C. Li, D. Wang

  43. Research on AP1000 Plant with RELAP5 Program 1087-1094 J-S. Bin, J-X. Zuo, W. Sun, Y. Gong, J-R. An, B. Jia, S-X. Zhuang, J-P. Jing

  44. Time constraints on the hybrid flow shop scheduling 1095-1102 X. Cheng, X. Wang, P. Li, Y. Xiao

  45. Analysis mechanism of superior combination forecast and application research 1103-1114 X. Cheng, Y. Wang, X. Wang, D. Wang

  46. Research on the unsteady flow characteristics of enhanced foam system in the porous media 1115-1124 C. Zhang, D. Liang, H. Cui, D. Yin, G. Song

  47. The error control method research of information system in sensor network 1125-1134 L. Wei, L. X. Hua

  48. Using random optimization algorithm to implement information system maintaining in sensor networks 1135-1146 L. X. Hua, L. Wei

  49. Study on dynamic characteristics of heavy duty machine tools-foundation interaction system 1147-1156 Y. Tian, Q-T. Wang, Y-J. Wang

  50. Long-term stability analysis for CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers by expert system 1157-1172 Y-H. Wang, W-D. Hao, M-S. Chen,Y-S. Wang, Q-K. Zhang, T. Jiang

  51. Application and study of internet of things used in rural water conservancy project 1173-1186 X. Liu, H. Liu, Z. Wan, T. Chen, K. Tian

  52. Mechanism and experimental research on crushing of liquid by ultra-high pressure micro-jet impact technology 1187-1198 G. Li

  53. Variable elastic modulus analysis of the engine crankshaft with surface strengthened 1199-1206 W. Zhang, B. Shi, Y. Wu, S. Liu

  54. The simultaneous pick-up & delivery VRP with soft time windows and carbon fee 1207-1216 F. Duan, X. He