Volume (Issue) 33 (3) May 2015

  1. Preparation of delafossite structure p-type transparent conducting CuAlO2 thin films by sol-gel process 1217-1224 H. Li

  2. The research of eutrophication and algal blooms in the tributaries of three gorges reservoir 1225-1236 Z. Yang

  3. Research for generation performance of linear generator used in range-extender 1237-1248 C. Sun, Z. Wang, Z. Yin, T. Zhang

  4. The knowledge trading and pricing research in supply chain 1249-1258 X. Cheng, L. Cao, M. Xia, D. Wang

  5. Community partitioning based method for link prediction in dynamic social networks 1259-1274 N. M. Ahmed, L. Chen

  6. Research on ceremony music retrieval system based on rondo form model 1275-1280 H. Chen

  7. The comparison realization of the expressions based on π-calculus 1281-1296 H. Bu, S. Chen

  8. Estimation model of wet FGD cost for coal-fired power generating units in China 1297-1304 C. Li, Y. Li, Y. Li

  9. An optimized model based on GM (1, 1) model in medium and long-term power load forecasting 1305-1314 J. Wang, W. Zhou

  10. Modeling and simulation of spark frequency disorder failure mechanism of aviation ignition device 1315-1324 X. Shi, H. Li, R. Wang, M. Xu

  11. Synergistic effect of IOT industry chain based on two-sided markets 1325-1334 B. Jin, Y. Qin

  12. Investigation on the mechanism and substituent group effects of the Newman-Kwart rearrangement of Aryl-O-thiocarbamates 1335-1344 C. Lu, Y. Zhu, J. Guo

  13. Analysis of decoupled 2-DOF anthropomorphic fingers 1345-1356 Y. Liu, S. Lv, T. Tian, W. Zhou

  14. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis model of microblog 1357-1370 R. Luo, H. Zhang, M. Wu, J. Canghong

  15. Factors affecting the electric vehicle demonstration: 14 international cities/regions cases 1371-1390 J. Wang, Y. Liu, van der W. Mieke, S. Li

  16. Research and design on the intelligent vehicle collision avoidance system 1391-1408 K. Fan, X. Yao, Q. Cao, P. Xin

  17. Operational efficiency evaluation and the influencing factors of electrical equipment manufacturing industry group enterprises-based on super efficiency DEA-tobit model 1409-1418 Y. Hong, D. Niu, B. Xiao, D. Liu

  18. Fault diagnosis based on ant colony algorithms 1419-1428 G. Wang, Q. Duan, C. Zhang, S. Gao

  19. Study on the main clutch life of hybrid electric buses 1429-1438 Q. Zhang, C. Wu, J. Huang

  20. Study on cell temperature rise characteristics and thermal effect analysis of battery packs for PEV 1439-1450 J. Hu, J. Chen, J. Li, T. Li

  21. Marching cubes 3-D reconstruction arithmetic based on segmentation 1451-1468 Y. Xu1, Y. Jiao, J. Bao

  22. Study on establishing the Country Park’s resources evaluation system 1469-1482 X. Fang, Y. Liang, Z. Kuang, Z. Li1, Z. Song

  23. Study on the topology structure of networks based on stability and efficiency with exit costs 1483-1492 F. Zhang

  24. Study on the problems of ecological justice from global CO2 emissions and national educational issues 1493-1498 J. Liu, L. Lv, X. Liu

  25. A prototype framework of a computer aided design system for assembly tolerances 1499-1516 Y. Zhang, M. Cheng, Y. Guo, W. Wu

  26. The finite-element analysis of a milling tool based on MSC.Marc 1517-1524 J. Sheng, M. Yao

  27. Identification for the dynamic parameters of bearing joint of mechanical structure 1525-1536 Q. Wang, Y. Zhang

  28. A multi-mode decoupling control strategy for planar inverted pendulum system 1537-1550 Y. Tang, F. Liu, Q. Qi

  29. Field experiment on the biodiversity and assessment of stream by macroinvertebrates 1551-1558 Z. Luo, X. Yuan, W. Wu

  30. Cyclic cleaning scheduling of multiple industrial boilers based on nonlinear programming with trust region filter algorithm 1559-1566 X. Ma, C. Jiang

  31. Modeling of risk assessment for forest fire disasters, pests, diseases and rodent damages in Beijing, China 1567-1580 Y. Zhang, J. Lu, X. Han

  32. Research on workshop environment in the textile company using analytic hierarchy process 1581-1594 Y. Ruiliang, L. Lei, X. Zilong

  33. Application of improved particle swarm optimization on optimal operation of cascade reservoirs 1595-1604 T. Bai, Y-B. Kan, W-T. Jin, L. Qiang, D-F. Liu

  34. Studies of agricultural productivity growth and its decomposition analysis in China and the United States 1605-1616 L. Xu

  35. Experimental and theoretical investigations on flexural behavior of pre-cast sandwich composite panels 1617-1626 H. Hou, J. Li, H. Liu, Y. Liang

  36. Energy efficient power allocation for carrier aggregation based D2D communications underlaying LTE-advanced networks 1627-1638 J. Luo, Y. Ren, Y. Luo, T. Tan, Z. Shi

  37. A new approach for shadow elimination based on Bhattacharyya distance 1639-1656 C. Lv, G. Wang, Y. Wang

  38. Binocular just noticeable difference based stereoscopic image quality assessment 1557-1568 J. Xin, Y. Mei, S. Liu, Y. Song

  39. The integrated reliability evaluation and research in SX6770GEN passenger car 1669-1680 X. Li

  40. Study on the model of creep and the calculation of stress field for concrete 1681-1694 L. Wang, L. Guo, X. An

  41. Effect of rare earth Ce4+ content on the properties and form mechanism of foamed concrete 1695-1708 J. Zhang, X. Liu

  42. Cam motion simulation and optimization based on Matlab /Simulink 1709-1720 C. Li

  43. Dynamics analysis and modeling of rubber belt in large mine belt conveyors 1721-1734 G. Yang