Volume (Issue) 33 (4) July 2015

  1. Quality analysis algorithms research of 4G mobile network 1735-1746 J. Huang

  2. Mechanical analysis of tennis racket and ball during impact based on finite element method 1747-1754 J. Li

  3. An evaluation index system on undergraduate education based on project-based theoretical theory 1755-1762 Q. Cao

  4. Laying the design of photovoltaic cells of the outer surface of the building 1763-1768 J. Zhang

  5. The analysis and simulation of load torque on BHA in coiled tubing drilling 1969-1978 L. Hu, D. Gao

  6. Urinary tract infection bacteria distribution and drug resistance analysis 1779-1784 Q. Han

  7. Research on application and development trend of computer software technology 1785-1790 Y. Zhou, X. Wang

  8. Accident prediction of project construction based on gray system theory 1791-1800 X. You

  9. Automated detection of ochotona curzoniae in complex multi-scenario 1801-1812 H. Chen, H. Wang, J. Xue, Y. Lin

  10. Design and implementation of intelligent transport system based on iOS 1813-1822 J–M. Huang, D. F. Pan, Y. S. Cui, W. Z. Ren

  11. Stability and systematic effects in automated mass measurement system 1823-1828 X. Ren, J. Wang, R. Zhong, C. Cai, M. Gu

  12. Clinical observation on low lactose milk powder diet in treatment of infantile rotavirus Enteritis with lactose intolerance 1829-1834 Y. Hu, C. Deng, S. Xu, A. Wang, F. Yu, Z. Ma, G. Wang, C. Zhang

  13. Study on the form and tradition of art and design in daily life 1835-1842 Y. Liu

  14. Research on noise prediction of urban road traffic based on parameter learning 1843-1854 G. Li, Z. Zhao, Z. Lv

  15. A mapreduce-based algorithm of frequent item sets mining on large data 1855-1862 X. Li

  16. Cultural dimension of musical iconology based on graph clustering 1863-1870 Y. Liu

  17. The antiviral therapy on the hepatitis C’s decompensated cirrhosis 1871-1876 J. Shi

  18. Robust estimation for additive partially linear models 1977-1888 J. Wu, L. Xue

  19. Research on modeling and faults diagnosis of aero-engine ignition system 1889-1900 M. Xu, H. Li, R. Wang, X. Shi

  20. Research of long-term water demand forecasting based on pseudo solution bound of genetic algorithm 1901-1912 Q-C. Deng, L-M. Wang, L-S. Ma, Z-T. Sun

  21. Control strategy of bi-directional converter for battery energy storage system 1913-1924 Z. Yang, Y. Ma, Y. Xu

  22. The application of SSH technology in operation and management control platform development of mobile communication accounting system 1925-1932 X. Ma, H. Yang, N. Li, X. Zhi, W. Zhong

  23. Dynamics analysis of the gear transmission system of wind turbine 1933-1942 G. Shi

  24. Simulations regarding the effect of friction coefficient and cutting parameters on the cutting performance of diamond coated cutting tools 1943-1950 F. Qin, Y. Dai

  25. Preparation and property analysis of interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) damping material CIIR/P (St-MMA-BMA) 1951-1962 X. Pu, C. Chen, H. Huang

  26. The investigation of energy-saving operation strategy for micro-grid 1963-1974 Z. Yan, J. Liu, Y. Liu

  27. RBF NN-based observer design for a class of chaotic systems 1975-1994 H. Li, Y. Hu, Z. Pi

  28. Adaptive thermal control to improve IGBT’s lifetime during power fluctuation in wind power converter 1995-2004 G. Chen, J. Zhang, X. Cai, S. Igarashi

  29. The relationship between quasi-pseudo-E-convex functions and the corresponding gradient 2005-2012 Y. Hao, C. Zhao

  30. Research of adsorption retardation effect on anti-seepage grouting for landfill siten 2013-2022 G. Dai, Y. Wang, X. Jiang, W. Li

  31. Experimental study on the characteristics of NO oxidation-reduction by using dielectric barrier discharge plasma 2023-2032 Y. Liu, Q. Yu, C. Xie, Y. Zhang, Q. Zhou, G. Yu

  32. Early intervention and evaluation of high-risk infants craniocerebral injury 2033-2038 A. Wang, L. Zheng, C. Ding, Y. Hu

  33. Clinical application of gastrointestinal perioperative surgery on gastrointestinal function recovery 2039-2044 H. Wang

  34. Research on cognitive decision method based on improved genetic algorithm 2045-2054 W. Li

  35. Preparation of unburned brick from mine sludge by synergetic solidification with slag powder and cement 2055-2066 G. Huang, J. Zhou, Y. Li , Q. Zhao

  36. Economics analysis of small property based on welfare game 2067-2076 Y. Wang

  37. Research on process of damage, and failure for rock and characteristics of acoustic emission by cyclic loading based on CT scan 2077-2090 D. Duan, X. Zhang, L. Liu, Y. Zhao

  38. Analysis of factors affecting the yield of light hydrocarbon in negative pressure flash crude stabilization 2091-2100 H. Bi, Z. Li, H. Wang, T-G. Isaac

  39. Coastline restoration and flow field variation based on changxing island characteristics, Dalian, China 2101-2108 J. Lin, W. Li, X. Liang

  40. Analysis on the sensitivity of the energy and transportation industries to meteorological variations in North China 2109-2116 J. Fu, S. Xu, J. Liu, Z. Ma, H. Ju

  41. Analysis of rock strength and channel excavation program in Zhengzhou the first stage of the middle route south-to-north water diversion project 2117-2124 Q-X. Liu, Z. Zhaoyang, X. Zou

  42. A non-parametric approach for TFP of Chinese power generation industry 2125-2134 H. Li, T. Zou1, Y. Tamayi

  43. Health risk assessment of nitrogen in rural drinking water sources 2135-2146 Y. Deng, F-Q. Ni

  44. The application of combination forecasting model in the predict of Chinese coal industry talents 2147-2154 Y. Wang, C. Lu, H. Zhang

  45. An empirical analysis of China's energy industry development and financial support 2155-2162 W. Wang, J. Guo

  46. An event prediction approach based on event correlations 2163-2174 J. Huang, C. Li, Y. Jin

  47. Movement of overburden stratum and damage evolution of floor stratum during coal mining above aquifers 2175-2186 R. Yuan, Z. Jiao

  48. Research on 3D structure modeling method of complex geologic body 2187-2196 A-L. Zheng, D-H. Liu, Y-L. Shao

  49. Productivity predicting model in shale gas reservoirs and analysis of influence factor 2197-2204 D. Yin, D. Wang, C. Zhang, Y. Duan

  50. Optimal design of a capacitor-run single-phase induction motor for improving motor performance 2205-2218 X. Xu, L. Zhang, B. Du, H. Feng, X. Wang

  51. The system of underground electricity cable path detection 2219-2228 Y. Tan, H. Cong

  52. Numerical simulation on primary side of AP1000 steam generator by porous media model 2229-2242 L-Q. Hu, H-H. Mao, L-X. Yang