Volume (Issue) 33 (5) September 2015

  1. Design and application of teaching about Aerobics theoretical lessons of network courseware 2243-2248 L. Zhang

  2. A research on the use of digital media technology in art teaching 2249-2254 H. Qi, X. Zhou, Y. Qi, S. Li

  3. Efficiency evaluation research in listed companies of China Guodian Corporation using DEA methods 2254-2264 P. Tang, D. Liu, X. Su

  4. Processing and transmission of wireless hall call signals of elevators based on ZigBee 2265-2278 J. Yang

  5. Designing a PLC-based system to control the temperature of a beer fermenter 2279-2284 X. Yang

  6. Queuing model of ophthalmic beds 2285-2294 W-B. Liu

  7. Feature matching of mass images based on MPI parallel processing 2295-2306 Y. Wang, Z. Wang, M. Guo, M. Huang

  8. An improved method for electrically large size electromagnetic calculations based on FDTD 2307-2332 P. Zhang, H-J. Zhang, Y-W. Chen

  9. Effects of filler material in contraction joints on the response of arch dam 2333-2344 Q. Xu, J. Chen, J. Li, C. Zhao, X. Liu, Y. Cao, J. Liu

  10. China’s crude oil imports tanker fleet planning based on the consideration of carriage share 2345-2360 M. Ma, H. Fan

  11. The experimental research on microcosmic burning mechanism of biology-molding fuel 2361-2368 H. Zhou, T. Yu

  12. A resource scheduling optimization algorithm for reduction of idle energy consumption in cloud computing 2369-2380 L. Hao, G. Cui, M. Qu, W. Ke

  13. Energy consumption prediction method in CNC turning for low carbon manufacturing 2381-2392 G. Zhao,Q. Zhao,Y. Xu, J. Zhai

  14. Based on AHP and fuzzy evaluation method of charging stations site selection for electric vehicles 2393-2398 C. Zhang, L. Yao

  15. Research on dynamic economic dispatch of grid-connected wind power based on SA-PSO algorithm 2399-2412 X. Zhang, X. Song

  16. Adsorption of Pb2+, Cu2+ and Cr2+ on Yongnian bentonite 2413-2422 S. Ding, D. Hou, B. Xu, D. Wang

  17. The study of biofuels research trends analysis based on social media 2423-2432 S. Wu, S. Chu, C. Liu

  18. Empirical analysis of the TFEE of the cities in Hebei Province based on DEA model, considering environmental factors 2433-2442 J. Wang, Y. Li

  19. Asynchronous parallel adaptive PSO inversion for the MT oil-gas exploration data 2443-2450 J. Xiong, C. Liu, T. Zhang, Z. Chen

  20. Research of the genetic algorithm on computer digital signal processing network 2451-2458 F-Q. Zhao, G-Q. Li, J-L. Du

  21. Control of natural gas bi-fuel engine based on gasoline direct injection 2459-2466 N-X. Wu

  22. The research on the evaluation of web-based energy industry foreign language teaching 2467-2470 Y-J. Chu

  23. National boundary problems in transnational energy movement of athletes-Between honor outsourcing and national sentiment 2471-2476 H. Lu

  24. Risk management of reserve allocation for virtual power plant 2477-2482 T. Li, Y. Luo, J. Hu

  25. Empirical analysis of the TFEE of the cities in Hebei Province based on DEA model, considering environmental factors 2483-2492 J. Wang, Y. Li

  26. The decision framework of oilfield development plan based on the multi-criteria decision method: A case of China 2493-2502 L. Lin, Z. Yang, H. Qu, X. Wang, S. Geng

  27. Sacral canal injection treatment of neurotropin on degenerative lumber spinal stenosis disease 2503-2510 J. Huang, Z. Huang

  28. A combination method research for wind power prediction based on improved entropy method 2511-2522 M. Yang, Y. Qi, Y. Jia

  29. Study on structure of gadolinium compound, Gd (C3 H6O9)•CH3OH 2523-2526 H-X. Liu, K-Q. Ye, X-P. Zhang,Y-F. Li, L-T. Wang

  30. Preparation and electrochemical properties of amorphous MnSnO3 as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries 2527-2534 T. Liu, R. Du, X. Kong, J. Wang

  31. Research on automatic gateway transport system in coal mine 2535-2544 K. Hu, Y-C. Guo, D-Y. Li, S. Wang

  32. Determination of some chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics of carrot varieties in the different color cultivated in Turkey 2545-2552 S.Kiraci

  33. Study on a novel structure of C102.50H102N12Ni2O22 2553-2556 H-X. Liu, Q-H. Fan, K-Q. Ye, Y-C. Zhang, L-T. Wang

  34. Preparation and electrochemical properties of amorphous tin-cobalt composite oxide CoSnO3 2557-2562 T. Liu, R. B. Du, X. J. Kong, J. W. Wang

  35. Porosity of organic-rich shale changed with the thermally mature level increasing by pyrolysis experiment 2563-2570 H. Hu

  36. Mechanical analysis and comparison of heavy liquid metal cooled reactor vessel with different support schemes 2571-2580 X. Zhao, L. Cao, Y.Bai, Y. Zhang, Y. Wu

  37. Exploration of implementation excellent engineers training program in petroleum engineering specialty 2581-2588 C. Zhang, J. Zhang, G. Song, D. Yin, W. Zhao

  38. The unification of directional well target area and horizontal well target window 2589-2598 Z. Li

  39. Modeling of battery pack using copula 2599-2610 Z. Chi, L. Fan, B. Zhang, K. Wang, L. Ma, F. Dong

  40. Nanotechnology and computational simulation for ushering the current status of biorefineries 2611-2630 A. K. Chandel, J. Q. Albarelli, D. T. Santos, M. A. A. Meireles, S. S. da Silva

  41. Research on theory and system of hospital management 1631-1640 Y. Zhao, H. Q. Pei, J. Pan, S. Du

  42. Methodology and feasibility of the choice for gas turbine plant main power equipment 2641-2650 E Lisin, W. Strielkowski, I. Komarov, O. Konova

  43. Application situation, facing question, and future prospect of wind industry in China 2651-2666 C. Liu

  44. The design of solar street lamp control system 2662-2672 D. Hu, Y. Dai, Z. Li, Y. Wu, J. Shen

  45. The analysis of telecommunication machine room’s power environmental 2673-2678 Y. Yu, Y. Dai, C. Hu, X. Xiong

  46. Research on the performance of a novel polymer ESD protection device 2679-2682 Y. Ye

  47. The research progress of new electromagnetic wave absorption materials 2683-2688 Y. Jiao

  48. Design and implementation of video surveillance system based on android mobile terminal 2689-2694 J. Yu

  49. A method for determination of utility harmonic impedance using improved data correlation analysis 2695-2702 N. Yue, X. Jia

  50. The design of energy metering data public platform based on J2EE 2703-2708 Q. Ren, J. Tao

  51. Performance assessment of voltage and current source inverter based DSTATCOM 2709-2726 P. Kumar, N. Kumar, A. K. Akella

  52. Experimental and CFD investigation on power output in ducted wind turbines 2727-2742 K. K. Padmanabhan

  53. On the optimization of error exponent for sensor number in distributed detection system over fading channels 2743-2750 X. Liu, T. Jiang, X. Cheng

  54. An optimization scheme of improving positioning precision when motion state is changed in vehicle network 2751-2760 C. Wang, L. Yang

  55. Research on stability performance of steel slag asphalt treated permeable base 2761-2764 C. Li, X. Xiang, L. Jiao, F. Wang, K. Chen