Volume (Issue) 33 (6) November 2015

  1. Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of CI engine fuelled with diesel and Hydrogen 2781-2794 R. Senthil Kumar, M. Loganathana, E. James Gunasekaran

  2. Heating exchange station computer control system 2795-2802 G. Wang, W. Wang, D. Wang, S. Gao

  3. Analysis of the temperature models for the evaluation of global solar radiation in the coastal and interior regions of South Africa 2803-2812 N. Eric Maluta, V. Sankaran, T. S. Mulaudzi, F. Nemangwele

  4. Analysis and simulation of the storage system for a photovoltaic plant from the prediction of environmental conditions in Bogotá 2813-2824 J. Ospina, N. Marrugo, D. Amaya

  5. Electro photonic imaging – A possible predicting factor for academic performance 2825-2832 A. Torp, L. Mândrea, C. Cipu

  6. Exploring spatio-temporal effects of urbanization from energy-based production in China 2833-2842 Q. Liu, Y. Liu

  7. Analysis of calculation method about the main cable temperature field on the basis of tentative 2843-2856 W. Zhang, L. Zhang, Q. Li

  8. Evolutionary game analysis between the government and the owner based on externality in energy efficiency renovation of existing buildings 2857-2868 H-D. Guo1, J-R. Liu, X-N. Ma

  9. Fault diagnosis based on ant colony algorithms 2869-2878 G. Wang, Q. Duan, C. Zhang, S. Ga

  10. Algorithm for the management of an energy storage system in Bogotá 2879-2886 J. Ospina, D. Amaya

  11. Study and comparison of silicon and AlGaAs for the development of tandem solar cells 2887-2896 J. Mora, N. Marrugo, D. Amaya

  12. Structural design and feasibility analysis of a photovoltaic system based on silicon using AlGaAs cells 2897-2906 J. Mora,R. Olga, D. Amaya

  13. Ecological security evaluation for coal mining areas based on fuzzy c-means algorithm—An empirical study of China coal mine company 2907-2916 X. Ke, A. Mougharbel, J. Ying

  14. Study on the compression test of degraded MSW 2917-2932 D. Wu, L. Yan, Z. Zhang, L. Zhang, S. Lei, Z. Ding

  15. Research on the construction of the high-efficiency modern agricultural demonstration park 2933-2940 L. Qiao, A. Qi, X. Li

  16. Distributed generation in Colombia 2941-2958 J. A. Hernandez1, C. L. Trujillo, F. Santamaría

  17. Research on interfacial tension behavior between crude oil and a petroleum sulfonate-monoethanolamine flooding system 2959-2970 X. Shang, Y. Ding, L. Yang, Y. Wang

  18. A mixed analysis of psychological status of parents whose only child died: based on the video materials of TV reports in China 2971-2980 R. She, J. Chen, P. Wang, M. Tian

  19. Analysis of transition section length of pipe belt conveyor based on multiple regression 2981-2990 K. Hu, S. Wang, Y-C. Guo1, C. Shen

  20. Design and development of 1kW wind turbine optimized for lower wind speeds 2991-3008 M. A. Naqvi, A. Abbas

  21. The study effect of pore change on the efficiency oil displacement of polymer flooding 3009-3012 M. Wenguo, G. He

  22. Energy analysis and the effectiveness of complementary irrigation on total energy efficiency of a common pea production system 3013-3022 H. Eskandari

  23. Designing generation-side collusion-proof contracts for coordinated regulation of electric power 3023-3032 S. Huang, J. Yang, G. Peng

  24. Effect of pore structure parameters on the permeability of reservoir rock 3033-3038 G. Yang

  25. Effect of polymer on relative permeability curves 3039-3042 X. Wu

  26. Regulations, policies and incentives as strategiesfortheadoption of distributed electricity generation in Latin America and the Caribbean 3043-3054 F. Santamaria, C. L. Trujillo, J. A. Hernandez

  27. Application of ILU(ε)preconditioning GMRES method in reservoir numerical simulation 3055-3062 J. Cao, G. Yu, Y. Xie

  28. Design of an autonomous PV system for multiple sports court ligthing 3063-3076 L. C. Ruiz Cárdenas, D. Amaya Hurtado, R. Jiménez Moreno

  29. Design of an autonomous PV system for multiple sports court ligthing 3063-3076 L. C. Ruiz Cárdenas, D. A. Hurtado,R. J. Moreno

  30. Clean distributed generation in China: Applicationstatus and dilemma analysis 3077-3090 J. Dong, T-T. Feng

  31. Numerical simulation of ore-rock stability in hard-rock stope 3091-3096 Y. Wang, Y. Li, Q. Wang, L. Hu, Y. Lei, W. Wang

  32. A linear programming approach to the design of small hydro energy systems in a study area 3097-3108 H. S. Sachdev, A. K. Akella

  33. Solution of economic load dispatch problem of power system by modifying the gravitational search algorithm 3109-3122 Anumeha, K. B. Yadav, S. Agrawal

  34. Bond dissociation energy. Some pitfalls of empirical determination 3123-3128 D. Ponomarev, H. Mettee

  35. Comparative analysis of solar energy potential for some cities of Jharkhand, India: A case study 3129-3150 K. Namrata, S. P. Sharma, S. B. L. Seksena

  36. Numerical simulation on the pumping unit with varying predic motion of flow field of pump 3151-3156 C. Wang,C. Xu,G. Chen, S. Meng,M. Tian, Y. Xu

  37. The research and application of high temperature resistance plugging agent and plugging technology 3157-3166 C. Wang, Y. Sun, Z. Zhang, S. Men, C. Xu

  38. Solar radiation prediction of semi-dry microclimate in Bogota, Colombia 3167-3176 N. Marrugo, O. Ramos, D. A. Hurtado

  39. Voltage sag characteristics in power distribution system under fault conditions 3177-3192 M. Prasad, A. K. Akella