Volume (Issue) 28 (2) January 2012

  1. Effect of insulation location on the heat gain and losses for different climatic conditions 515-524 M. Ozel, K. Pihtili

  2. The modeling of temperature controlled microwave drying of bittims (Pistacia terebinthus) 525-534 A. Balbay

  3. The use of clinoptilolite as a catalyst in the gasoline engines 535-544 A. Keskin, I. Ekmekci, A. Kolip

  4. Study on thermal insulation for energy efficiencies in terms of a sample shopping center (SC) thermal insulation project 545-554 A. C. Apay, H. Caglar

  5. Coherence analysis between hydrogen flow and electricity current in fuel cells 555-562 T. C. Akinci, E. Dursun, S. Seker, O. Kilic

  6. Technical and economic analysis of the problems observed in diesel engines with common rail injection systems in Turkey 563-576 M. I. Karamangil, B. Erkus, O. Kaynakli, A. Surmen

  7. Investigation of efficiency and exergy loss in plate heat exchangers having spiral surface profiles 577-590 H. Karakaya, A. Durmus

  8. Comparison of the tensile and bending behaviors of the surface elements of formwork 591-598 A. C. Apay, T. Akgül, E. Sahin

  9. Numerical simulationand experimental studies of a biogas fueledspark ignition engine 599-610 B. A. Ceper, K. Aydin, S. O. Akansu, N. Kahraman

  10. Techno economic analysis of using solar water heaters with evacuated tubes in Khartoum, Sudan 611-622 A. A. A. Gamil, S. Mekhilef, S. M. Said

  11. An experimental study of the effects of bioethanol-unleaded gasoline blends on engine performance and emissions 623-630 H. Aydogan

  12. The effects of temperature changes on efficiency of solar panels in different cities of Turkey 631-640 M.Ustuner, T. Ustuner

  13. Determination of specific energy in cutting process using diamond saw blade of natural Stone 641-648 I. Ucun, K. Aslantas, I. S. Buyuksagis, S. Tasgetiren

  14. Investigation on Cryptosporidium and Giardia in water supplies of Ikizdere (Rize-Turkey) by immunofluorescence test 649-656 Z. Koloren, B. Tas

  15. Gasometer with the function of gas purification for the biogas systems in the rural AREA 657-668 A. Eryasar, G. Kocar

  16. Modeling and performance analysis of a house heating system with ground coupled heat pump 669-682 R. Yumrutas, M. Unsal

  17. Use of vegetable oils and animal fats in Diesel engines 683-688 I. Ekin, N. Ak

  18. Reaction kinetics and removal of COD with treatment of tce with the synthetic wastewater in UASB reactors 689-698 C. Ozdemir, N. Sen, E. Kalipci

  19. Performance and exhaust emission characteristics of a CI engine fueled with synthesized fuel blends 699-710 A. Abdulvahitoglu, K. Aydin

  20. Thermal analysis of a LHR diesel engine operating with ethanol-diesel blend 711-718 C. Hasimoglu

  21. Biofuels from micro- and macroalgae 719-726 D. Alp, B. Cirak

  22. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Demirbas’ scientometric biography 727-738 O. Konur

  23. Electricity deregulating in UK and Turkey: A comparative assessment 739-748 I. Kiyak

  24. Higher heating values (HHVs) of biomass fuels749-758 S. Acar, A. Ayanoglu

  25. Long term wind speed estimation for a randomly selected time interval by using artificial neural networks, Amasra, Turkey 759-772 H. S. Nogay,T. C. Akinci

  26. The economic importance of Sirnak Asphaltites in the next decade 773-784 F. M. Ocal, B. Darici, M. C. Okyar

  27. Technoeconomic evaluation of solar-wind hybrid power system in Kütahya, Turkey 785-798 M. A. Ozgur

  28. Comparative examination of vacuum insulation panels and classical insulation materials used for external insulation of buildings 799-810 E. Deniz

  29. Estimation of natural gas consumption using artificial neural network: A case study in Ankara 811-820 M. T. Cakir

  30. A research on site specific irrigation in irrigated maize in Cukurova region for energy and water saving 821-826 U. Turker, M. A. Dayioglu, M. C. Eroglu

  31. A microcontroller-based real time two-axes sun tracking system for maximum PV energy 827-834 C. Sungur, A. A. Altun, H. Terzioglu

  32. ANN based optimization ofa geothermal assisted hybridcooling system in Simav, Turkey 835-842 O. Arslan, M. A. Ozgur

  33. Effects of wind speed measurement interval on electrical energy generation 843-852 O. Guler, S. A. Akdag, E. Firtin, B. Barutcu

  34. Dissolution of dolomite and magnesite by catalysis of carbonic anhydrase and apocarbonic anhydrase 853-860 N. Demir, H. Nadaroglu, Y. Demir, S. Karaca

  35. Optimization process for biodiesel production from some Turkish vegetable oils and determination fuel properties 861-868 H. T. Akcay,S. Karslioglu

  36. Fecal pollution in rural water supplies of Ordu, at the Mid-Black Sea Coast of Turkey: The effect of climate and enviromental elements 869-878 Z. Koloren, D. Kaya

  37. Turkey solar potential and viability of grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant in different regions 879-890 O. Guler, S. Eyigun

  38. New methodology to define probability of buildings energy consumption 891-902 J. A. Orosa

  39. The evaluation of the research on the biofuels: a scientometric approach 903-916 O. Konur

  40. Energy efficiency classification of agricultural tractors in Turkey based on OECD tests 917-924 U. Turker, I. Ergul, M. C. Eroglu

  41. Application of speed control of permanent magnet synchronous machine with PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller 925-930 M. Dogan, M. Dursun

  42. Performance and emissions at different running condition of spark ignition engine fueled with ethanol-gasoline blends 931-940 H. Bayindir

  43. Estimation of global solar radiation on horizontal surface using meteorological data 941-948 A. E. Gürel, A. Ergün

  44. Effects of soybean biodiesel on engine vibration and noise emission 949-956 M. Ozcanli, A. Keskin, H. Serin, S. Yamacli, D. Ustun

  45. High energetic body source and strong antioxidant quercetin, morin and rutin: Their covalent grafting onto the glassy carbon electrode surfaces and investigation of surface properties 957-968 I. E. Mulazimoglu, E. Ozkan, A. O. Solak

  46. Letter to the Editor: Future fuel and energy technologies 969-970 N. Ak

  47. Genetic algorithms to determine the critical values of a power energy system for different operating conditions 971-982 O. Kandara, A. Ozturk

  48. Cost analysis for FGD units of coal-fired power plants: a case study in Turkey 983-994 I. Güney, O. Kilic, B. Acarkan, S. Ay

  49. Antibacterial activity, electrochemical modification and surface characterization of 2-((2-hydroxy-ethylimino)-methyl)benzene-1,4-diol 995-1002 A. D. Mulazimoglu, B. Mercimek

  50. The evaluation of the research on the biodiesel: a scientometric approach 1003-1014 O. Konur

  51. Multi-class support vector machines for classification of transmission line faults 1015-1026 S. Ekici

  52. Performance and emission investigation of a biodiesel fueled low heat rejection diesel engine 1027-1038 C. Hasimoglu

  53. ANN based optimization of b2 and b3 types of ORC-Binary geothermal power plant: Simav case study 1039-1050 O. Arslan, O. Erbas, M. A. Ozgur, R. Kose

  54. The evaluation of the research on the bioethanol: A scientometric approach 1051-1064 O. Konur

  55. Techno-economic analysis for a stand-alone hybrid power system: A case study, in Istanbul, Turkey 1065-1078 E. Dursun, M. Eroglu, S. Yazici, O. Kilic

  56. Using artificial neural network for the prediction of anemia seen in Behcet Disease 1079-1086 M. Dagli, I. Saritas

  57. A new stochastic approach to weather condition for wind energy applications 1087-1100 J. A. Orosa

  58. The effect using n-butanol-diesel fuel blends at different injection pressureson the performance and emissions of diesel engines 1001-1110 B. Ozdalyan

  59. Techno-economic analysis of palm oil mill wastes to generate power for grid-connected utilization 1111-1130 T. M. I. Mahlia, J. H. Yong, A. Safari, S. Mekhilef

  60. Influence of consumer behaviour and governmental policies in China, Hong Kong and India: An eco- impact assessment study o reusable shopping bags 1131-1144 S. S. Muthu, Y. Li, J. Y. Hu, P. Y. Mok, X. Ding

  61. The effect of plant density and pruning on yield and some agronomic characters of pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.) 1145-1150 I. Solmaz, K. Suyum, G. Caymaz, N. Sari

  62. Statistical analysis of soil heavy metals of Istanbul children playgrounds 1151-1158 N. Ak, E. Eroglu, I. Guney

  63. The effects of injection pressure on the engine performance characteristics of a CI engine fueled with canola oil-diesel blends 1159-1166 H. Aydin

  64. The effects of the use of different catalystin the cotton seed methyl esters production on the engine emissions performance 1167 -1174 C. Bayindirli, M. Acaroglu

  65. Waste management:Some energy recovery processes 1175-1182 N. Ak

  66. Investigating the effect slotted conical ring elements placed in a heat changer have on heat transfer 1183-1190 R. Behcet, M. Ibek

  67. Investigation of temperature dependent kinematic viscosity variations of animal fat methyl ester and its blends 1191-1198 T. Eryilmaz

  68. The effect of ignition timing on performance of LPG injected SI engine 1199-1206 B. Erkus, A. Surmen, M. I. Karamangil, R. Arslan, C. Kaplan

  69. The effect of yttria-stabilized zirconia coating on the performance of B-type stirling engine 1207-1212 Y. O. Ozgoren, F. Aksoy