Volume (Issue) 26 (1) October 2010

  1. An approach to estimate the life-cycle cost of energy efficiency improvement of room air conditioners. 1-11 T. M. I. Mahlia, R. Saidur, M. Husnawan, H. H. Masjuki, M. A. Kalam

  2. Biofuels for future transportation necessity. 13-23 A. H. Demirbas

  3. Performance evaluation of a 250 L household refrigerator. 25-36 Y. Cerci, A. B. Ekin

  4. Biomass business and operating. 37-47 B. Demirbas

  5. Energy and economic evaluation of fixed focus type solar parabolic concentrator for community cooking applications. 49-59 P. Rajamohan, R. V. J. Rajasekhar, S. Shanmugan, K. Ramanathan

  6. Parasitic energy savings in engines using nanolubricants. 61-74 R. Saidur, Y. K. Lai

  7. Application of passive solar architecture for intelligent building construction: A review. 75-85 R. V. Ralegaonkar, R. Gupta