Volume (Issue) 29 (1) April 2012

  1. Optimal power flow using genetic algorithm based on similarity 1-10 U. Guvenc, B. E. Altun, S. Duman

  2. The estimation of average areal snowfall by conventional methods and the percentage weighting polygon methodin the Northeast Anatolia region, Turkey 11-22 R. Acar, S. Sengul

  3. Energy and environment strategies of a Chinese prototype of solar house Introduction of an Entry of the SDE 2010 Competition 23-30 X. Yang, H. Gao

  4. A hot-button societal issue: Biodegradation studies (soil burial test) of grocery shopping bags 31-40 S. S. Muthu, Y. Li, J. Y. Hu, P. Y. Mok

  5. Estimation of the probability of failures in a power distribution line by using regression analysis 41-50 A. Unsal, A. Cepe

  6. Effect of tannic acid on coagulation and flocs morphology 51-58 X. Wang, Z. Chen, B. Wang, J. Shen

  7. Effects of slurry parameters on the leaching rate of coal pyrite in scrubbing SO2 with coal slurry 59-66 W, Sun, R. Liu, F. Yue, L. Yang

  8. Tribological performance of Quinazolin-4-ones derivatives as lubricating oil additives in liquid paraffin 67-74 P. Ouyang, X. Zhang

  9. Numerical simulation on the effect of pilot injection on combustion and NOx emission characteristics of light-vehicle diesel engine 75-82 H. Jia, S. Liu, B. Yin, Z. Xu, T. Guan

  10. Influence factor analysis and assessment of water quality in national nature reserve in Ruoergai Wetland, Sichuan, China 83-90 Y. Tia, J. Wang

  11. Oilfield produced water treatment by ozone-enhanced flocculation 91-98 L. Cheng, X. Bi, Y. Ni

  12. Determination of Cr, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Pb in kelp by an optimized and validated ICP-MS method with microwave digestion 99-108 G. Zeng, J. Peng, C. Zhang, N. Ai

  13. Energy and exergy analyses of thin layer drying of seedy grapes in a forced solar dryer 109-118 G. Cakmak, C. Yildiz

  14. Water environment protection of the four-lake watershed via integrated management 119−128 J. Q. Zhu, G. Li G

  15. Simplified adaptive neural network-based maximum wind energy capture control for wind generator system. 129−138 Y. Zuo, Y. Wang, Z. Hou, Y. Zhang, Z. Chen

  16. Effect of traffic-related pollutant on indoor air quality in buildings along main roads 139−148 L. Jing, M. Fei, L. Yimin

  17. Research of rare earth coagulants of magnetized coagulant 149−156 K. Yan, G. Li, Y. Zhang, D. Shi

  18. Variations of fatty acid contents in selected tissues of freshwater mussel Corbicula fluminalis (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from Tigris River 157-164 I. Ekin

  19. The correlation of non-Darcy flow coefficient of broken coal and rock 165−174 Y. Liu, Z. Chen, S. Li, J. Zhang, J. Gao

  20. Comprehensive reuse of aged refuse in MSW landfills 175−184 H. Zhang, H. Huang, X. Sun, Y. Zhao

  21. Effect of different types of illuminants on indoor lighting comfort and energy-saving 185−192 Y. Ding, Z. Ding, X. Shi, B. Li

  22. Exhaust emissions and electric energy generation in a stationary engine using blends of biogas and natural gas 193−200 J. Guo, C. Qin, F. Ma, C. Tong

  23. Sulphate reduction optimization by sulphate-reducing bacteria in a glucose-fed anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor 201−208 S. Chai, L. Gao, J. Cai

  24. Research on in-situ purification technique of mine water in Shendong mining area 209−216 Y. Yang, T. Kang, X. Hao, T. Zheng, A. Wang

  25. The experiment study on ventilation air methane enrichment by vacuum pressure swing adsorption 217−226 Y. Liu, X. Yang, Y. Li, H. Yang,C. Zhang, Y. Men

  26. Synthesis and characterization of insecticidal sucrose octanoate 227−234 Z. Song, S. Li

  27. Research on runoff discharge and treatment system of expressway across water sensitive areas 235−246 G. Qian, Z. Qin, J. He, R. Tang

  28. Application of coupling model in optimizing city scale 247-258 C. Gao, D. Wang, J. Dong, J. Cai

  29. Catalytic ozonation of mineral processing wastewater containing Butyl Xanthate 259-266 Y. Zhang, C. Wu, R. Peng, Z. Lin, J. Li

  30. Utilization of drinking-water treatment sludge in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles 267-276 M. Xie, Q. Shen, X. Liu, D. Gao

  31. Sources and pollution of mercury in Li River System 277-288 J. Qian, L. Zhang, Y. Niu, G. Liang, M. Xu, S. Jiang

  32. Reduction in the cost for ammonia removal by struvite precipitation technology 289-298 H. Huang, Q. Song, X. Zhao, Y. Chen, C. Xu

  33. Characteristics of MSWI fly ash solidified by clinker- activated semi-dry flue gas desulfurization residue 299-308 D. Zhang, J. Yang J, J. Zhnag

  34. The evaluation of the research on the biohydrogen: A scientometric approach 309-322 O. Konur

  35. The evaluation of the research on the microbial fuel cells: A scientometric approach 323-338 O. Konur

  36. Thermal inertia and ISO 13790 –Have its effects on future energy consumption been fully considered? 339-352 J. A. Orosa

  37. Experimental investigation of a farm scale biogas reactor aided ground source heat pump system 53-366 A. Akbulut

  38. PFC control techniques education for electrical and electronics engineering students using computer software and experimental application 367-380 A. Karaarslan, I. Iskender

  39. A new validation tool of weather forecast for engineering applications 381-394 J. A. Orosa

  40. Prediction of moisture dependent some physical properties of wheat using artificial neural network and fuzzy logic 395-406 A. Taner

  41. Environmental impact of energy transmission lines: a case study concerning with occupied forest areas in Turkey 407-418 K. Rifat, I. Guney

  42. Product yields and kinetics of pyrolysis of sawdust and bagasse particles 419-426 L. Kapoor, A. S. Chaurasia

  43. Modeling of an HCCI engine by using CFD and detailed chemical kinetic model 427-432 S. Toksoz, G. Coskun, C. Celik, E. Buyukkaya, H. S. Soyhan, F. Halici

  44. Biodiesel from anchovy oil with supercritical methanol transesterification 433-434 M. F. Demirbas

  45. Eco-functional assessment combined with life cycle analysis: Concept and applications 435-450 S. S. Muthu, Y. Li, J. Y. Hu, P. Y. Mok

  46. Determination of effect of slot form on slot leakage flux at rotating electrical machinesby the method of artificial neural networks 451-462 H. S. Nogay, T. C. Akinci, E. Guseinoviene

  47. Performance of a direct diesel engine using aviation fuels blended with biodiesel 463-474 B. Gokalp, H. S. Soyhan

  48. Annual extreme precipitation trends for western Turkey in associated with north Atlantic oscillation (NAO) index 475-486 R. Acar, S. Senocak

  49. Numerical solution of scattering problem from a dielectric object via finite difference frequency domain method 487-494 S. Kuzu, N. Akcam

  50. Surplus of energy for time-domain waveguide modes 495-506 E. Eroglu, S. Aksoy, O. A. Tretyakov

  51. Estimation of passive heat gaın of traditional buildings in Turkey using artificial neaural network 507-518 F. S. Kazancioglu

  52. Feasibility study of off-shore wind farms in Malaysia 519-530 S. Mekhilef, A. Safari, D. Chandrasegaran

  53. A new understanding of building energy consumption 531-542 J. A. Orosa, A. C. Oliveira

  54. Humic acid produced by low quality lignite: Samples from Konya province 543-548 S. Acar

  55. The role of nuclear and hydropower energy in Turkey energy policies 549-562 E. Aras

  56. Evaluation of adsorbents with passive sampling and their analytical methods to determine volatile organic compunds emitted from vehicular exhaust 563-576 M. Yilmaz Civan, G. Tuncel

  57. Statistical analysis of plant parasitic nematodes and chemical subtracts in soil for Turkish graduate studies 577-582 H. C. Akgu

  58. Permeable coverings as a sustainable solution for indoor air thermal comfort and energy saving 583-596 J. A. Orosa, E J. García-Bustelo

  59. Energy and thermodynamic performance of LPG as an alternative refrigerant to R-134a in a domestic refrigerator 597-610 J. U. Ahamed, R. Saidur, H. H. Masjuki, M.A. Sattar

  60. Assessing wind energy potentiality for selected sites in Malaysia 611-626 M. R. Islam, N. A. Rahim, K. H. Solangi, R. Saidur

  61. Determining the limit values in end-to-end secure communication within satellite network with FNBDT/SCIP 627-642 O. Dilli, N. Akcam , M. Koyuncu

  62. Energy use in transportation and the effects on road accidents of improvement in the highway safety systems 643-648 A. Ahiskali

  63. Energy and cost savings of optimal thickness for selected insulation materials and air gaps for building walls in tropical climate 549-662 T. M. I. Mahlia, H. M. Ng, T. Olofsson, A. Andriyana, I. Hasanuddin

  64. Total factor efficiency of Turkish state railways 663-678 A. Sozen, I. Alp, B. Kurt

  65. Analysis of wind turbine blade deformation with STFT method 679-686 S. Varbak Nese, O. Kilic, T. C. Akinci

  66. Key issues to consider in microalgae based biodiesel production 687-700 A. Singh, D. Pant, S. I. Olsen, P. S. Nigam

  67. Fuels for petroleum, coal and biomass 701-705 A. Demirbas

  68. Errata 706-706