Volume (Issue) 29 (2) July 2012

  1. How does the ground response affect the stability in underground operations 707-714 I. Sel

  2. CT liver tissue segmentation using distance regularized level set evolution based on spatial fuzzy clustering 715-720 U. Kutbay,F. Hardalac

  3. Spatiotemporal analysis of land cover change patterns in western part of the Sakarya River Delta and its surroundings in Turkey 721-730 B. Ustaoglu

  4. Theoretical and experimental analysis of open-slotted axial-flux permanent magnet electrical machine 731-740 C. Akuner, E. Huner

  5. The effects of slaughtering methods on physical and biochemical changes in fish 741-748 Z. Selamoglu Talas, A. Duran

  6. Investigation of controller effects of SVC and STATCOM on power systems 749-760 S. Tosun

  7. An approach of transportation cost optimization in biomass collection for biopower plant 761-770 Shuangjie Li, Jingchun Sun, Yuan Zhao

  8. Comparative analysis of some collection strategies for industrial buyers in agricultural biomass supply market 771-784 Jingchun Sun, Jue Guo, Shulin Liu

  9. Experimental investigation on V-form flame holder for afterburner in hot state 785-792 Wenhua Tang, Renzhang Qian

  10. The optimization design and experimental research of electro-hydraulic proportional technology in mill loading system 793-800 X. Ji, X. Qi, G. Liang, T. Song, J. Liang

  11. Determination of heating-cooling periods and annual energy requirements variations with respect to years 801-810 O. Kaynakli

  12. Nickel hydroxide sulfate nanobelts: Hydrothermal synthesis, electrochemical property and conversion to porous NiO nanobelts 811-818 Z. Jia

  13. Cooling of cylindrical ANSI 1025 steel bar under quenching conditions 819-826 H. Serin, A. Yilmaz, T. Yilmaz

  14. Thermodynamic analysis of a beta type Stirling engine 827-836 Y. O. Ozgoren, H. Karabulut, S. Cetinkaya, C. Cinar, H. Bayrakceken, F. Aksoy

  15. Clay content effects on triaxial swelling characteristics of clay-bearing samples 837-850 M. E. Bilir, Y. D. Sari, Y. V. Muftuoglu, S. Donmez

  16. Assessment of greenhouse production performance of Turkey compared to use of her main energy sources 851-858 F. S. Kazancioglu

  17. Modeling study of ignition characteristics and oxygen migration pathways of methyl butanoate 859-870 Xiangli Wang, Zhong Wang, Peiyong Ni, Gongping Mao, Shengli Wei

  18. Importance of data preprocessing for neural networks modeling: The case of estimating the compaction parameters of soils 871-882 Fatih Isik, Gurkan Ozden, Mehmet Kuntalp

  19. Role of the construction industry in economic development of Turkmenistan 883-890 S. Durdyev, S. Ismail

  20. Analysing land cover change with RS and GIS methods in the Elmacik Mountain and its surroundings, Turkey 891-900 C. Ikiel, D. E. Kilic, B. Ustaoglu, A. Atalay Dutucu

  21. A new evolutionary optimization algorithm for optimal power flow in a power system involving unified power flow controller 901-912 T. Niknam, M. R. Narimani, E. Farjah, B. Bahmani-Firouzi

  22. Passive cooling methods for energy efficient buildings with and without thermal energy storage – A review 913-946 N. B. Geetha, R. Velraj

  23. A global review of success story on implementation of fuel economy standard for passenger cars: Lesson for other countries 947-972 T. M. I. Mahlia, S. Tohno, T. Tezuka

  24. The effect of washing process on fuel properties in biodiesel production 973-978 M. Celik, A. Kahraman, M. Acaroglu

  25. Measurement of OSPF line transitions and data losses 979-988 N. Akcam, M. Ogul

  26. Prediction of noise pollution from construction sites at the planning stage using simple prediction charts 989-1002 Z. Haron, K. Yahya, Z. Jahya

  27. Multi-objective dynamic optimal power flow through the ε-constraint method with non-smooth 1003-1014 and non-convex fuel cost functions A. Lashkar Ara, A. H. Rahmani, E. Parham, M. Behshad

  28. A model for sizing potential impact areas of pipelines associated with natural gas containing H2S 1015-1024 C. Li, X. Wu, K. Liao , W. Jia

  29. Artificial neural network model for material removal rate of TI-15-3 in electrical discharge machining 1025-1038 M. A. R. Khan, M.M. Rahman, K. Kadirgama

  30. A hybrid approach for improving the accuracy of classification algorithms in data mining 1039-1054 O. Akgobek

  31. Investigation of the effects of weld lines on the mechanical properties and energy consumption for injection moulded thermoplastics 1055-1062 A. Demirer,S. Deniz

  32. Weight optimization of a dry type core form transformer by using particle swarm optimization algorithm 1063-1072 H. Demir, A. Ozturk, L. Kuru, E. Kuru

  33. Comparison of some fuel properties of biodiesels produced from vegetable oils 1073-1082 T. Eryilmaz, S. Bacak, E. Ozrahat

  34. The application of instantaneous reactive power calculation methods to a real power system 1083-1092 M. Yumurtaci, G. Gokmen, O. Kilic, T. C. Akinci

  35. The control of magnetic filters by FPGA based fuzzy controller 1093-1102 I. A. Ozkan, I. Saritas, S. Herdem

  36. Comparison of exhaust emissions of biodiesel-diesel fuel blends produced from waste oils in Turkey 1103-1114 R. Behcet

  37. Computation of loss of load probability using a Markov Chain with two–day memory 1115-1124 A. H. Ergonul, G. Kahraman

  38. Fingerprint classification based on gray-level fuzzy clustering co-occurrence matrix 1125-1132 N. Topaloglu

  39. A new induction water heating system design for domestic heating 1133-1138 H. M. Unver

  40. Energy saving in a fridge designed with a variable speed compressor that has a brushless DC motor 1139-1146 M. Yagci

  41. Design and comparative analysis of high power led with fluorescent lamp in laboratory lighting systems 1147-1158 I. Kiyak, B. Oral, V. Topuz

  42. An analytical study, involving irreversibility of the gas power cycles 1159-1166 M. Duranay, K. Pihtili

  43. Electrochemically grafted poly-chrysin to glassy carbon electrode for Cu(II) determination in lake water sample 1167-1176 E. Yilmaz, A. Demir Mulazimoglu

  44. Implementation of DSP-based fuzzy neural network-PI controller for PMSM 1177-1182 Cetin Gencer

  45. Effects of using blends of melon kernel oil methyl ester and Diesel fuel on the engine performance and emissions 1183-1192 A. Aktas

  46. Man’s vital energy requirements endanger eight land snail populations from Yontukyazi hill due to agricultural and livestock activities 1193-1198 I. Ekin

  47. Estimation of coal import years in Turkey with multiple linear regression analysis 1199-1202 S. Yerel, T. Ersen

  48. Effect of pyrolysis temperature on burning reactivity of lignite char 1203-1216 H. Haykiri-Acma, S. Yaman, S. Kucukbayrak

  49. A multiple variables data analysis on the relationship between Turkey’s socio-economic and transportation indicators 1217-1232 M. Darcin, A. Sozen, F. Cipil, B. Kurt

  50. Panel data analysis for the CO2 emissions, the industrial production and the energy sector of the OECD countries 1233-1244 F. Ozkan, O. Ozkan

  51. Investigation of the temperature distribution in fuel rod in a fusion-fission reactor 1245-1252 Esref Baysal

  52. Harmonic analysis and passive power filter design for a medium voltage power system according to IEEE standards 1253-1262 M. M. Ertay, H. T. Duru

  53. Performance evaluation of Turkish electricity distribution market using a combined FAHP / TOPSIS method 1263-1276 A. Celen

  54. The evaluation of the biogas research: A scientometric approach 1277-1292 O. Konur

  55. Dynamical system modeling with power flow oriented methods 1293-1306 G. Komurgoz

  56. The effect of electronic module’s shape on heat transfer in electronic equipment 1307-1312 I. Kilicaslan

  57. Parametric optimization on exergy analysis of a thermal power plant using Taguchi design method 1313-1326 Esref Baysal1,*, Alptug Kazim Bilginsoy2, Adem Acir

  58. Analysis of cascading failure scenarios in Turkey interconnected energy system 1327-1342 N. Pamuk, Y. Uyaroglu

  59. Performance and exhaust emissions of a spark ignition engine with methanol blended gasoline fuels 1343-1354 S. Saridemir, T. Ergin

  60. Assessment of water quality using multivariate statistical techniques in Terkos water basin 1355-1366 F. I. Turkdogan, I. Demir, G. Kanat

  61. Pressurized fluidized bed combustion and gasification based of a combined cycle power generation system: application for Turkish lignite 1367-1380 I. Atilgan

  62. Enhancing accuracy of frequency estimation in power systems with a new hybrid model 1381-1386 B. Cengelci, A. Ferikoglu

  63. Use of geographic information systems in iron and steel industry 1387-1398 I. R. Karas , S. Demir

  64. Modeling of SI engine for duel fuels of hydrogen, gasoline and methane with port injection feeding system 1399-1416 M. Kamil, M. M. Rahman, R. A. Bakar, K. Kadirgama

  65. A comparative study of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing for solving the operational fixed job scheduling problems 1417-1430 O. Akgobek

  66. Prediction of circular jet streams with artificial neural networks 1431-1436 I. Ekmekci, A. T. Inan, H. Oner, A. Onat

  67. Determination of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Pb, and Cd) using MAPPT as a new extraction method in sewage sludge polluted soil 1437-1444 E. Yilmaz, E. Ozkan

  68. Transient stability investigation of a power system with multiple SVC and TCSC 1445-1456 M. K. Dosoglu,A. Basa Arsoy

  69. Artificial neural network based on predictive model and analysis for main cutting force in turning 1471-1480 S. Tasdemir