Volume (Issue) 28 (1) October 2011

  1. Effects of coarse particle addition on solids distribution of CFB with air-staging. 1-8 Z. Wang, S. Sun, X. Meng, S. Wu, Y. Tan

  2. Biodiesel production from animal fat–palm oil blend and performance analysis of its effects on a single cylinder diesel engine. 505-514 I. Sugozu, T. Eryilmaz, I. Ors, O. Solmaz

  3. Decentralization of energy generation in Turkey in the future. 9-17 M. F. Demirbas

  4. Experimental study on interchangeability of multi-source natural gas in Shanghai. 17-26 W. N. Dai, C. Q. Qin, Y. J. Zhang, X. C. Yang, Z. J. Lu

  5. The development of FGD DCS simulation system on a 300MW thermal power unit based on the virtual technology. 27-36 H. Xianming, Z. Qin

  6. Recent renewable energy developments, studies, incentives in Turkey. 37-54 F. C. Kilic

  7. An object linking and embedding process control-based interconnection method for distributed control system and simulation system in Power station. 55-62 Z. Yucai,Z. Huimin

  8. Features of AC system energy consumption of one hotel in Chongqing (Southwest district, China) and suggestions on its operating management. 63-70 D. Yong , Z. Xiao-wei, G. Ya-feng, L. Bai-zhan

  9. D modeling of the thermal effluents disper-sion from power plants in the Xiangshan Bay. 71-82 G. Zeng,W. Guan, J. Zeng, Q. Chen, N. Ai

  10. The impact of determination of optimum insulation thickness on energy saving for different climatic regions of Turkey. 83-94 Y. Cay

  11. Multi-information fusion diagnosis of lubrication oil contamination using fuzzy distance. 95-104 Y. Zhang, X. M. Zhang

  12. The effects of reducing compressor suction inlet refrigerant vapor temperature on performance parameters for a household refrigerator. 105-116 Y. Cerci, M. Okur

  13. Study on grid capability to accommodate wind energy based on power balance. 117-124 D. Jicheng, C. Yongning, Z. Lin, K. Sandholt, L. Bregnbæk, L. Yan

  14. Neural network-based adaptive control for variable-speed variable-pitch wind energy conversion systems. 125-132 Y. Zuo, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, Z. Chen

  15. The effects of using preheated animal tallow biodiesel on engine performance and emissions in a diesel engine. 133-142 H. Bayrakceken

  16. Research on regression model of pulverized coal ignition temperature. 143-150 Xiang Gou, J. Zhou, J. Liu, K. Cen

  17. The emission of characteristics LPG-ethanol blend as a fuel in a SI Engine. 151-160 M. Cetin

  18. Research of steam boiler using high temperature heat pipe based on metal phase change materials. 161-168 M. L. Bo, Z. R. Yuan, L. Feng, C. G. Sheng, L. S. Dong, W. C. Hong

  19. The effect of the different mustard oil biodiesel blending ratios on diesel engines performance. 169-180 T. Eryilmaz, H. Ogut

  20. Total factor energy efficiency based on stochastic frontier analysis. 181-188 L. Li, L. Weikun

  21. The effect of peanut oil methyl ester on the performance and emissions of a diesel engine with a pump injection fuel system. 189-200 H. Aydogan, A. E. Ozcelik, M. Acaroglu

  22. Modeling and experimental analysis of vibration-impact characteristics for shrouded blades with tip constraint. 201-210 X. X. Lu, S. H. Huang, L. P. Li,Z. Q. Liu, Y. Wang

  23. Total for the horizontal surface of the city of Konya solar radiation comparison of predicted and test values. 211-220 B. Yelmen, M. T. Cakir

  24. Advantages and disadvantages of biodiesels. 221-226 A. Ulusik

  25. Lightning recognition by transmission line currents‏ of power system. 227-238 C.-Y. Lee, P.-H. Chen

  26. The effect of rotary type turbulator placed in entrance of heat exchanger on heat transfer and frictional loss. 239-248 R. Behcet, A. K. Yakut, Z. Argunhan

  27. Power system economic dispatch considering environmental constraints. 249-260 P.-H. Chen, H.-C. Chen

  28. The effects of bioethanol-diesel fuel blends on the performance and emissions of a turbocharged pump injection diesel engine. 261-270 H. Aydogan, M. Acaroglu

  29. Controller design of proton exchange membrane fuel cell for sustainable energy. 271-284 H.-C. Chen, P.-H. Chen

  30. Second Law analysis in concentric heat exchangers with vortex flow generators. 285-292 Z. Argunhan, R. Behcet, C. Yildiz, G. Cakmak

  31. Microwave heating-based analysis method for the coal moisture content. 293-300 F. Huilin, S. Zhongli

  32. The impact of methanol fuelled spark ignition engines on engine performance and exhaust emissions. 301-310 I. Korkmaz, Y. Cay

  33. Application of a novel, optimisation-based toolkit (“syncity”) for urban energy system design in Shanghai Lingang New City. 311-318 L. Hao, J. Keirstead, N. Samsatli, N. Shah, W. Long

  34. Bloom and eutrophication of Hydrodictyon reticulatum (Chlorophyceae) at Civil and Kacalı Stream, Ordu, Turkey. 319-330 B. Tas

  35. Thermal and electrical mechanism of thermoelectric generation chip and its performances in solar energy thermal power system. 331-338 C. H. Wang, Y. Chen, J. Huang

  36. Using artificial neural networks for prediction of alternate depth shaped on rectangular channel in open channel flow. 339-348 S. Donmez

  37. The characteristic flow area and its application in performance analysis of off-design conditions for steam turbine. 349-356 H. P. Qiao, X. X. Lu, Y. M. Wang

  38. Techno-economic and environmental analysis of PV power plants in Northern Cyprus. 357-368 S. Abbasoglu

  39. Performance and emissions characteristics of biofuel blend in a CI engine. 369-378 C. Ilkilic

  40. Sustainable computing: Concepts and issues. 379-392 A. Onan

  41. Determination of phenol in soil sample as an environmental pollution using aminophenol modified glassy carbon sensor electrode. 393-400 I. E. Mulazimoglu

  42. Experimental implementation of a split-type air conditioner for fault detection and diagnosis. 411-461 M. Bilgili, A. Teke, A. Yasar, E. Simsek

  43. Synthesis and characterization Li4Ti5O12 for Li-ion batteries. 411-461 M. Yilmaz, S. Aydin, G. Turgut, M. T. Yurtcan, Y. Demir, M. Ertugrul

  44. Investigation on photosynthetic pigments content of lotic systems (Blacksea River Basin, Ordu-Turkey). 417-426 B. Tas, O. Can, Z. Koloren

  45. Effects of different sowing times and plant densities on bolting, yield and bulb parameters in onion. 427-444 H. Saygi, N. Sari

  46. Dijkstra algorithm interactive training software development for network analysis applications in GIS. 445-452 I. R. Karas, S. Demir

  47. Sustainable biomass-to-energy business. 453-458 B. Demirbas

  48. Performance analysis of a turbocharged diesel engine using biodiesel with back propagation artificial neural network. 459-468 H. Aydogan, A. A. Altun, A. E. Ozcelik

  49. The effect of raw corn oil and diesel fuel mixture on engine performances and emissions. 469-474 R. Kus

  50. Experimental research of turbulator that stated on air inlet of gasoline engine on emission effect. 475-484 I. Can, C. Oner, I. Sugozu

  51. A theoretical study about factors affecting conformational stabiltiy order of glyoxime. 485-496 O. Dereli, H. Cavusoglu, E. Turkkan, A. Ozmen, A. Ilik

  52. Effects of some operational parameters in combine harvesters on grain loss and comparison between sensor and conventional measurement method. 497-504 M. C. Eroglu, H. Ogut, U. Turker