Volume (Issue) 30 (1) October 2012

  1. Predicting size reduction of shell and tube heat recovery exchanger operated with nanofluids based coolants and its associated energy saving 1-14 K. Y. Leong, R. Saidur, T. M. I Mahlia, Y. H. Yau

  2. Forecasting of Turkey’s natural gas demand using artifical neural networks and support vector machines 15-20 M. O. Olgun, G. Ozdemir, E. Aydemir

  3. An application of heat recovery in an air compressor system of a textile plant using SCADA 21-32 M. Sekkeli, O. F. Kececioglu, K. Celik, M. Salihmuhsin

  4. Diversity of phytoplankton and trophic status in the Gaga Lake, Turkey 33-44 B. Tas

  5. Wind speed estimation for missing wind data with three different backpropagation algorithms 45-54 M. Luy, U. Saray

  6. Relationship between deep, maximum and minimum temperatures and their locations in one layer grounds in Turkey 55-64 A. Ozbek, T. Yilmaz, O. Buyukalaca, A. Yilmaz

  7. The comparison of exergetic performance of a vapor compression refrigeration system for various refrigerant fluids 65-74 Y. Basogul, A. Kecebas

  8. ST and LSSVR-based the fault location algorithm for the series compensated power transmission lines 75-88 M. Uyar

  9. Biodiesel production from leftover olive cake 89-96 A. Aktas, S. Ozer

  10. The effect of TiO2 layer annealing medium on efficiency in solar cells in inverted structure prepared by TiO2 97-102 O. Ornek

  11. Energy saving of power battery by liquid single-phase convective heat transfer 103-112 Z. Rao, Y. Zhang, S. Wang

  12. A Temperature prediction model for high pressure natural gas through chokes 113-122 C. Li, W. Jia, E. Liu, X. Wu

  13. Tribological characteristics of amine phosphate and octylated/butylated diphenylamine additives infused bio-lubricant 123-136 M. Shahabuddin, M. A. Kalam, H. H. Masjuki, M. Mofijur

  14. Usage level of educational technologies of students at electronic computer department in technical high school 137-142 S. Ersoy, Y. Karatepe

  15. A review of energy regeneration capabilities in controllable suspension for passengers’ car 143-158 N. H. Amer, R. Ramli, H. M. Isa, W. N. L. Mahadi, M. A. Zainul Abidin

  16. Power enhancement of GaN-based light-emitting diodes with double roughened surfaces 159-164 L. Yang, J. Hu, J. Zhang

  17. Enhanced photocatalytic performance of highly dispersed TiO2 Nanosheets with high percent (001) face in acid solution 165-170 Z. Jia, Y. Zhang

  18. Intelligent fusion control technique application research for biochemical wastewater treatment 171-178 Y. Liu, Y. Liu

  19. The design and research on a gas-water mix-type marine fire hydrant 179-188 H. Sun, N. Ye, J. Han, Z. Wang, Y. Yu

  20. Synthesis of (R)-2,7-dibromo-9-(tert-butylsulfinyl)-9H-fluorene: A novel organic light-emitting material 189-192 X. Sun, X. Zhuang, Y. Hu, M. Hu

  21. Diffusivity, solubility and permeability of water vapor through a supported liquid membrane with glycols 193-198 J. Li, J. Gao, G. Sui, A. Ito

  22. Research on falling-film performance of new solar LiBr absorption refrigeration system 199-206 Y. Gu, Y. Guan, Q. Meng

  23. Study on energy saving and emission reduction of china’s logistic industry based on game theory 207-214 D. Zhang

  24. Effects of green coating technology on microstructure and transmittance of optical attenuators 215-222 H. Tang, J. Zhang, F. Wang

  25. Removal of ammonia from aqueous solution using copper-incorporated chitosan 223-230 C. Li, W. Li , L. Wei

  26. Analysis of the composition of electrical fixtures and microbial communities in electrical dehydrators 231-238 L. Wei, C.-Y. Li, W. Qin, G.-C. Zheng, Z. Zhao

  27. Study on preparation of bi-based oxides and their photocatalytic degradation performance 239-244 J. Sheng, Y. Shan, C. Liu

  28. Water replenishing boundary treatment in SPH modeling of surface outlet discharge and open channel flow 245-252 D. Li, L. Bai, Z. Wang

  29. Microstructure and thermal insulation property of sepiolite mineral nanofibers 253-258 F. Wang, J. Liang, Q. Tang, C. Chen, Y. Chen

  30. Research on exhaust ejector for marine gas turbine 259-266 T. Sun, Y. Zhang, Z. Wang, Y. Xu

  31. An efficacious method to solve the water shortage risk in metropolises: water option 267-274 Y. Pan, Y. Zhang, X. Xia

  32. Temporal and spatial variation of typical desert grassland vegetation index 275-280 J. Wu, J. Li, K. Guo, S. Miao, B. Xu, J. Wang

  33. Real-time PCR-based, quantitative detection of sulfate-reducing bacteria in oilfield sewage using a TagMan-LNA probe 281-286 J. Zhang, L. Wei, C.-Y. Li, B.-S. Wang

  34. Experimental study on mesophilic biogas fermentation of tobacco leaf residues 287-292 P. Sun, B. Yang, W. Zhang, X. Zhao, R. Xu, S. Liu, Y. Chen, F. Yin, J. Li

  35. Study of the environmental management schema for mixedresidential areas near extra-low-permeability oilfield based on PVC-blend hollow-fiber membrane wastewater treatment 293-302 B. Xue, L. Wei, T. Li, C. Li, J. Hao

  36. Assessment of eutrophication types of lakes and ecological risk of heavy metals in Riparian soils in lower reaches of the Yellow River, China 303-308 A. Wu, S. Chen, J. Zhang, H. Deng

  37. Arsenic in waters and sediments of Yangzonghai Lake, China 309-316 Y. Zhang, J. Liu, X. Chen, J. Sun

  38. Carbon dioxide transport in a slit silica nano pore 317-324 Q. Zhang, D. Qi, Z. Dai

  39. The research of biomagnetic effect on Ganoderma lucidum fermentation gathering germanium 325-330 G. Cheng, G. Zhang, G. Zhang, X. Zhang, L. Yan, Y. Bao

  40. Flue gas desulfurization programming model for coal-fired generating units based on total emission control policies of SO2 in China 331-340 Y. Li, C. Li

  41. Study on capabilities of owners as large hydropower development enterprises 341-348 J. Wang, W. Tang, Y. Li, Y. Shen

  42. The toxicity test with insecticidal and bacteriostasis as well as active ingredient analysis of ragweed extracting solution 349-354 X. Zhang, G. Zhang, C. Zou, Y. Bao, B. Zhao, Q. Zhang, G. Cheng

  43. Investment portfolio analysis on Chinese electricity combination variety 355-364 Y. Li, J. Sun, Y. Zhao

  44. Applying 454 pyrosequencing technology to analyze bacterial communities with operation time in cattle dung-fed microbial fuel cell 365-374 G. Zhao, F. Ma, T. Sun, G.-D. Zhang, H.-J. Zheng

  45. Survey and control system design and key technology research of combined power plant experiment-rig 375-384 C. Xie, R. Sun

  46. Courtyards as solutions in green architecture to reduce environmental pollution 385-396 Z. Zamani, M. Taleghani, S. B. Hoseini

  47. Environmental mutagenic effects of some synthetic azo dyes in textile industry by using Umu-Test 397-408 U. Senel, M. Demirtas

  48. Environmental performance of the polypropylene nonwoven shopping bags: LCA study of manufacturing Technologies 409-424 S. S. Muthu, Y. Li, J. Y. Hu, P. Y. Mok, X. Liao

  49. Indirect sliding-mode-control scheme of a PWM switching power factor correction boost pre-regulator 425-436 I. Iskender, E. Ciftci

  50. Education of artificial ant colony algorithm and usage in analysis of substance corner 437-444 M. Dirik, A. M. Dirik

  51. Distributed treatment of domestic wastewater using an integrated equipment. Part-I. Pilot study on the treatment of domestic wastewater by sequencing batch biofilm reactor 445-458 J. Fu, X.-J. Yang , R.-Q. Chen, Y. Luo, C.-C. Wu, H.-T. Jia, H.-L. Zhu

  52. Engineering aeroheating prediction for hypersonic quasi-waverider vehicle considering entropy layer effects 459-466 X. Cheng, T. Yang, Y. Ma, Z. Feng

  53. Experimental study on mechanical characteristic of weak interlayer in red-bed soft rock slope 467-474 H. Lu, Q. Liu, C. Chen, Y. Wu, J. Li

  54. Fabrication and bio-tribological properties of medical polyurethane/carbon nanotubes composites 475-480 G. Yu, X. Li

  55. Investigation on water-jet guided laser cutting of titanium alloy thin sheets 481-488 C. Li, L. Yang, Y. Wang

  56. Literature review of organizational form in biomass supply chain and outlook of research in future China 489-496 Y. Zhao, J. Sun, B. Cao

  57. Moisture comfort property of fine denier polypropylene fiber in different environmental relative humidity conditions 497-504 K. Yang, M. Jiao

  58. Research on the long term characteristics of unsaturated and saturated mudstone 505-512 H. Yu, W. Chen, X. Tan, G. Wu, Doudou Liu

  59. The analysis of weld and static torque on OD sun gear assembly strength 513-520 X. Liu, Y. Cao, Y. Wang, L. Zhao, Y. Xing

  60. The stability control theory of deep coal mine roadway 521-528 Q. Liu, Jinlan Li, B. Liu

  61. Vacuum glazing heat transfer, modeling and calculation 529-536 Z. Zhang, S. Zhang, C. Xu, Z. Wang

  62. Visualization of flow structures around a spherical cone with supersonic film cooling based on NPLS 537-544 Y. Zhu, S. Yi, Z. Chen, L. Tian

  63. The use of anaerobically digested slurry combined with natural zeolite for rapeseed production 545-552 G. Kocar

  64. An Enhanced hybrid particle swarm optimization and simulated annealing for practical economic dispatch 553-564 T. Niknam, R. Azizipanah-Abarghooee, R. Sedaghati, A. Kavousi-Fard

  65. Thermochemical characterization of separated swine manure utilized as an available energy source and its preliminary benefit analysis in Taiwan 565-576 W.-T. Tsai, S.-C. Liu

  66. AHUX: A knowledge-based expert system to teach troubleshooting of a typical air hand 577-590 N. Kocyigit, M. O. Isikan

  67. Utilization of artificial neural networks for the prediction of emission levels in a dilution air jet forced combustor 591-602 O. Tuncer

  68. Correlation between thermal conductivity, physical properties and, UPV of basalt 603-612 H. Canakci, M. Yildirim

  69. The evaluation of the global energy and fuels research: A scientometric approach 613-628 O. Konur

  70. Investigation of short-circuit and ground faults in a system fed with a wind turbine 629-636 A. Nayir

  71. An investigation into the usability of straight light-pipes in Istanbul 637-644 N. Ekren, S. Gorgulu

  72. Current facilities of shaft construction 645-650 D. Ciragov

  73. An unconventional supersonic liquefied technology for natural gas 651-660 C. Wen, X. Cao, Y. Yang, W. Li

  74. Wind energy potential estimation and evaluation of electricity generation in Kahramanmaras, Turkey 661-672 M. Imal, M. Sekkeli, C. Yildiz, O. F. Kececioglu

  75. Modeling optimal investments with portfolio analysis in electricity markets 673-692 F. Cucchiella, I. D’Adamo, M. Gastaldi

  76. The comparative analysis of boost DC/DC converter used in hybrid electric vehicles 693-700 M. Tuna, A. Ergun Amac, M. Ak

  77. Flow modeling in a DI diesel engine combustion chamber using CFD 701-714 E. Buyukkaya

  78. Utilization of volcanic slag in cement industry from Manisa in Turkey 715-718 A. Aslan, A. Demirbas

  79. Special functions in transferring of energy; a specific case: “Airy function” 719-726 E. Eroglu, N. Ak, K. O. Koklu, Z. O. Ozdemir, N. Celik., N. Ere

  80. The effects of ethanol–unleaded gasoline blends in a single cylinder SI engine performance and exhaust emissions 727-736 S. Saridemir